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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 744: Escape

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Chapter 744: Escape

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Catherine took a deep look at Chen Rui as if to engrave this figure completely in her heart. From the time when the [Flame of Nirvana] was deliberately revealed just now, she knew that he would not change his decision.

Despite the grin on his face, the expression in his eyes was unshakable and determined. It was not the first time she had seen this kind of expression.

When he took Broc desperately to teleport in the Silent Night Wetland; when he crushed his heart in the Crystal Valley.

It was the same eyes.

“If your persistence is to protect everyone, then my current persistence is just to protect you.”

Persistence that had never changed.

In her mind, the scenes of the past were slowly emerging, and the outside world was just a flash of light.

Catherine laughed suddenly; just a faint smile, but the calmness in her misty black eyes was long gone.

“I don’t know the name of that song yet.”

After finishing this inexplicable sentence, she had already activated the Dark Shadow Cape and disappeared in place.

As the ‘script’ said, staying here would only die together. Only by fleeing quickly could she attract Raizen to catch up.

Raizen was ready for it. It was the same trick; the purpose was to use a wide range attack to find the location of the Dark Shadow Cape. All of a sudden, a huge black hole appeared in front of his eyes, and the kingdom power seemed to be quickly devoured by this black hole.

However, compared with the entire kingdom, [Galaxy Territory] and the black hole only affect a small area. Raizen had spotted the fuzzy figure in the distance. With a purple glow on his fist, he threw a punch.

The figure trembled slightly and seemed to make a muffled sound. Raizen was about to pursue, but he suddenly felt that his movements had slowed down inexplicably. Not only his body, but the speed of his thinking also quickly slowed down as if time was slowly paused.

Then, within the territory kingdom, a secret technique that focused on 1 point seemed to have forcibly torn a space opening. Before the opening closed back automatically, the figure had escaped.

By right, Catherine might not be able to escape from the kingdom. Even if she activated the secret technique to escape, Raizen could also catch up immediately. However, at this time, the area around the center was affected by the black hole and [Galaxy Territory], so its control was greatly weakened. What was even more incredible was that the flow of time had changed!

Time returned to normal in a blink of an eye. The figure in the kingdom disappeared. Catherine had obviously taken the opportunity to escape. Raizen yelled, and the kingdom’s power surged. As he punched the huge black hole in front of him, the surrounding force field was suddenly distorted; a violent tearing occurred. The black hole that exuded the powerful devour force only persisted for a few seconds before it disappeared in this blow.

The power of this punch was terrifying. After destroying the black hole, Raizen rushed toward Chen Rui.

The oncoming fist strength was extremely fast with a tracing ability, which made Chen Rui unable to teleport. Almost subconsciously, his hands showed water ripples which circled toward the fist strength. As soon as he touched it, he felt the mountainous pressure. If it was an ordinary Demon Overlord-level strength, the person would have already lost his usual reaction ability or even immobile under such high-level pressure. Chen Rui once had the experience of facing a kingdom-level powerhouse, so momentum alone could no longer suppress him. However, he was restricted by the Shackles of True Flame and couldn’t activate the [Pole Star Transformation]. As far as current strength was concerned, he was definitely not Raizen’s opponent.

Under the strong fist impact, Chen Rui’s figure moved backward involuntarily. The water ripples shook violently, and he retreated more than 10 meters before stopping. Chen Rui’s facial expression was a little pale, and bloodstains were visible at the corners of his mouth. Just the after wave already caused his internal organs to be injured; even the profound mystery of water almost collapsed.

Although Raizen’s comprehensive strength level was not as good as the SS-level Isyorul, his attack power was not below Isyorul; it could be called as terrifying. There were more powerful people in the world and kingdomized was only the start of Demi-God, but at the same level of power, the top powerhouse was not just a false name. If both were SS-level, Isyorul was definitely not Raizen’s opponent.

With Chen Rui’s current strength, the gap was too big compared with the kingdom-level Raizen. No matter how good his skills were, it was just useless under the suppression of absolute strength. This feeling was like walking on a tightrope high in a scenic area. If he was careless or had bad luck, he would fall into an abyss. In fact, with the current strength of both sides, every hit of Raizen would make Chen Rui linger on the edge of life and death.

Raizen identified the strength of the opponent with just a punch. He is at most the peak stage of the Demon Overlord; not as good as Catherine, but his skills are very strange. Especially that terrifying ‘talent’ that seems to control time.

Since the Dark Shadow Cape has the characteristics of concealment and space transfer, she must be hunted down as soon as possible before she has escaped far. As long as Catherine is killed, the Dark Shadow Empire will definitely be in chaos. For Raizen, who was preparing to unify the Demon Realm at one go, there was no better opportunity than this, so he must not miss it.

Kill this mysterious ‘Asmodeus Royal Family’ member immediately and find Catherine!

As soon as Raizen thought of this, his kingdom power suddenly skyrocketed. Purple gas flashed past his eyes. Chen Rui felt a sign of extreme danger in a horrified manner. In the blink of an eye, there was only 1 thing left in the whole world. Fist.

“[Thunder Emperor Seal]!”

This punch was simple without any fancy or overbearing momentum. The speed was not fast, but it seemed to temper all the spirits at 1 point. It contained a ‘must hit’ mysterious law which made it impossible for Chen Rui to evade.

The power of this blow was far greater than the after wave just now. If Chen Rui was hit, even if his physique was special, he would definitely be completely annihilated.

This was no longer a category that could be resolved by the profound mystery of water. Chen Rui activated the [Star Diversion] skill without hesitation. With faint starlight in his hands, he stepped forward. Once he touched it, he felt a sense of tremendous pressure. Chen Rui concentrated his mind, and his hands continued to draw the mysterious trajectory, diverting the power away.

The unremarkable punch caused the surrounding ground to crack and collapse. The 10 seconds of [Star Diversion] was about to end, yet the strength of this punch still showed no signs of weakening. Chen Rui could not hold it. His body was torn apart and scattered into countless fragments.

No, it was countless demonic flies.

Although the fist momentum was extremely powerful, it was unable to destroy the scattered demonic flies. After leaving a terrifying mark on the ground, the power finally dissipated, and the demonic flies just regrouped into Chen Rui’s figure.

Raizen didn’t expect the other party to actually escape his [Thunder Emperor Seal]. His eyes fell on the mask that appeared out of thin air, and was slightly emotional, “The God-Eating Mask! Beelzebub Royal Family!”

Chen Rui used the 2 skills of [Star Diversion] and [Demonic Flies Transformation] in succession just now and barely avoided the terrifying punch, so he still couldn’t recollect his mind from that. Hearing Raizen’s misunderstanding, he did not explain as his figure appeared in the distance instantly. He fled without hesitation in the direction that was just the opposite of Catherine’s.

When Raizen thought of Azgalor and the wounds on the soldiers he had encountered earlier, he was even more sure that this mysterious person was not from the Asmodeus Royal Family, but the Beelzebub Royal Family. He might be able to use some item to activate Nirvana’s power even if he is not particularly proficient with it, but the God-Eating Mask, 1 of the 7 artifacts, absolutely cannot be faked.

This person with the God-Eating Mask should even be the king of Beelzebub!

It turns out that the Beelzebub Royal Family actually took refuge in Catherine!

Raizen’s thoughts turned, and he did not chase Chen Rui. His body moved, shifting to the position of the kingdom gap opened by Catherine, and disappeared.

Chen Rui had another warning sign. He only felt a terrifying wind pressure from behind. It turned out that before shifting, Raizen had already struck another blow in the air. This punch was clearly hundreds of meters away, but it felt like it was in front of him. Chen Rui’s hand instantly held a dark golden shield, and he turned around abruptly.


Chen Rui’s body suddenly flew out, and the Demon Shield in his hand buzzed. The turbulent strength almost made him unable to grasp it. He flew straight for a few hundred meters, then he landed and staggered for a few steps before he barely stood firm. As his blood was surging, the previous internal organ injuries worsened again. He vomited a mouthful of blood.

At the same time, Raizen, who was catching up quickly, paused with an inexplicable irritation in his chest. He was slightly surprised, but he quickly suppressed the discomfort and continued to rush forward.

[Punishment] (Passive characteristics)- Reflect all the damage suffered (can set the damage being reflected), the Blue Pole Star Level activation probability is 30%, reflect intensity 30%-50%.

After Raizen disappeared, Chen Rui did not continue to escape, but he walked in the direction of Raizen and stopped somewhere.

“I can’t imagine that you are still here.”

Catherine’s figure gradually emerged, “Neither did I expect that you could see through the Dark Shadow Cape.”

That location was actually the place where Catherine was forced to show up by the kingdom power before. When the Raizen’s kingdom was broken, both Chen Rui and Raizen would subconsciously think that Catherine had escaped from the danger. No one would have thought that she would actually stay in place!

This trick had been used by Raizen before. It stood to reason that it should not be repeated. However, Catherine did just that, so both Raizen and Chen Rui were deceived. If it weren’t for the discovery of the [Analytical Eyes] just now, Chen Rui had indeed been deceived, so he chose to escape decisively in order to confuse Raizen’s judgment.

“You should have taken the opportunity to escape just now. Although this is a smart move, it is too risky.”

Catherine’s move was actually taking a huge risk. Once Raizen launched a wide range of attacks, she would be forced out.

Catherine said lightly, “I just want to save my life, and also… look at your so-called script.”

“The one where we died together? It’s a little touching, isn’t it? Your Majesty Empress?”

“It’s running away together.” Catherine said lightly, “I advise you to spend your time with flowery speech on escaping. Raizen will soon find that something is wrong. Before he returns to search, we must escape to the east.”

To the west was the Dark Shadow Empire, and the nearest was the Jergal Fortress. On the other hand, to the east was the Bloody Empire. The most dangerous place was the safest place.

Raizen flew for a while, and finally found what had previously broken through his kingdom. It was actually a puppet. He hurried back to the plain at full speed as soon as he discovered that he had been deceived, but the plain was empty. He didn’t know where Catherine had escaped.

“Catherine! It’s useless for you to run away!” Raizen’s voice containing kingdom power spread far away and sounded across the entire plain, “Just now you were hit by 2 of my [Thunder Emperor Seal]. Even if there is the Dark Shadow Cape, you won’t survive for more than 3 days!”

Azgalor, who was leading the army back to the Jergal Fortress, suddenly stopped as he showed an expression of horror. He lowered his head and glanced at his chest. The fist dent in the gold armor shone a faint purple glow, and countless veins of purple texture quickly spread to all sides. Bang, his whole body burst open on the spot.

TL: What is the artifact of the Mammon Royal Family, hmmm? Can Catherine survive more than 3 days? Is it finally the time?

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