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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 742: Surprise! The Early Meeting of the 2 Rulers

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Chapter 742: Surprise! The Early Meeting of the 2 Rulers

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Broc looked at the veiled woman in the distance with horror, and he looked at the deep gaze that seemed to see through the soul. He tried to calm down, but his body trembled uncontrollably.

He knew the identity of this woman better than anyone else in his mind. This woman was the person he hated and feared the most.

As long as this woman exists, I can only be the first general of the Dark Shadow Empire, not the king of the Envy Royal Family, Broc. Leviathan. Unless this woman is eliminated…

This was obviously an impossible task. Once, he accidentally got very close to this goal. However, he failed in the end because of a damn guy. From then on, he was forced to curb his ambitions, stay in the Jergal Fortress and make a series of life-saving precautions…

Broc’s first reaction was to escape, but when he turned his head, he found that there was already a person in front of him silently - An acquaintance.

A tall, purple-haired man wearing golden armor. He had a square face, deep brow bones, and pale golden pupils exuding a stern light which made him look deterrent without being furious.

“Azgalor!” Broc shook. He suddenly thought of the abnormality on those corpses just now and immediately realized it as he exclaimed, “You actually defected to the Dark Shadow Empire!”

“Hmph!” Azgalor snorted coldly without explaining.

When he was easily captured by ‘Isis’ in the Dark Moon back then, Catherine gave him a way to survive which was to serve for the Dark Shadow Empire for 100 years. She would give the Beelzebub Royal Family an estate as a place to survive, and the control of this estate was also 100 years. After that, Azgalor could leave with his family at his will. If he continued to serve, the control of the estate would be extended accordingly.

The rule of the Demon Realm was honoring the powerhouses. Facing the threat of life, Azgalor had no choice. Moreover, being able to give the Beelzebub Royal Family an open space for survival and development could be regarded as killing 2 birds with a stone. Therefore, Azgalor and Catherine signed an equality contract.

For the past 2 years, Azgalor had been lurking in the dark to help Catherine clean up the Bloodfall forces in the Dark Shadow Empire. This time he followed Catherine and led his army to destroy an elite legion of the Bloody Empire that came to ambush the Jergal Fortress. He was very diligent indeed. Particularly, the [Demonic Flies Transformation] of the Beelzebub Royal Family played a key role, annihilating this legion without any survivor.

Azgalor was very aware of the wisdom and means of the Demon Realm’s top sage. Since she dared to accommodate him and use him, she must have confidence for complete control. This time, she jeopardized Broc’s scheme and wiped out the force which he painstakingly accumulated at one go. It might serve as a warning. Therefore, Azgalor could only temporarily suppress his wild ambitions so as not to follow Broc’s footsteps.

Broc’s teleportation array could no longer be used. Let alone Catherine, he couldn’t cast and escape with the water element’s [Time and Space Gate] even in the presence of Azgalor. He immediately spoke up, “The lives of Frentz and Medilu are in my hands!”

Catherine smiled, “Are you that scared?”

Even at this distance, Broc could feel the contempt in her smile as he gritted his teeth, “You don’t care about the lives of Frentz and his daughter?”

“No doubt you are struck with terror.” Catherine shook her head, “If you openly threaten me, I will still have some scruples considering the people’s will and the military’s will. But here, do you think I will care about those 2 lives?”

Broc’s heart trembled. Yes! The ruler is ruthless. If it’s me, I can even abandon my own child or people of my family for benefits; let alone the Demon Realm’s top sage?

At this moment, Catherine and Azgalor’s gaze turned to the distant woods at the same time. Broc turned his head and saw that there was a figure walking toward them slowly.

The figure’s footsteps had a strange rhythm. The sound was not very loud, but it echoed through the mind. Broc unconsciously indulged in it after just listening for a while. Even his heartbeat was controlled by that rhythm. His eyes flashed black light as he struggled with the strength of [The Eye of Incubus] with great effort, but there was still an unstoppable pain in his chest. The blood in his body almost flowed backward. He was dizzy and fell to the ground.

Broc was in cold sweats. He had never encountered such an incident before. The sound of footsteps almost killed him!

The figure’s steps seemed unhurried, but he came to the small plain in the blink of an eye. This man was not tall and looked a little slender with long black hair, but his facial features were a little fuzzy. Even with Broc’s eyesight, he couldn’t see the face clearly.

Both Catherine and Azgalor were taken aback. Catherine had been staring at this person. All of a sudden, as if she recalled something, a strange expression flashed past her black eyes behind the veil. There was already a light gray cloak behind her.

The man’s footsteps slowed down as he seemed to be looking at the corpses along the way. He stopped abruptly. His eyes fixed on Azgalor, and his low voice sounded, “It’s you who killed my soldiers?”

This sentence has already pointed out his position, the people of the Bloody Empire!

Although Azgalor faintly sensed the power of this figure, he thought about his strength and even Catherine beside him. He immediately snorted and his eyes were full of murderous intent, “I don’t mind killing another commander.”

Broc was already almost hopeless. Unexpectedly, there would be such a mysterious person suddenly. He hurriedly crawled toward the figure and said, “General, I’m the newly appointed second general of the Bloody Empire. Hurry up! Cover my escape from here!”

“Second general?” The man glanced at Broc and said flatly, “Why didn’t I know that the second general had been replaced?”

“It’s true!” Broc took out a leather scroll from the space ring, “This is the appointment letter signed by the Bloody Empire’s Royal Majesty Raizen himself!”

The man waved his hand, and the scroll fell into his hand. He took a look, “Are you Broc of the Jergal Fortress? Where did this appointment letter come from?”

Broc quickly replied, “It was the confidant of Royal Highness Aleus, Elly, who came to the Jergal Fortress in secret and handed it to me personally. It is absolutely true. I’m really the empire general appointed by His Majesty!”

“Aleus… very good!” The man’s voice seemed to turn hoarse. He took a deep breath and calmed down again, “Judging from your appearance, the Jergal Fortress mutiny should have failed.”

“In any case, His Majesty’s appointment scroll is not false. Quickly cover my escape, and I will definitely repay you!” Broc did not reveal that the woman opposite was Catherine, lest the man left him and escaped alone.

Unexpectedly, the man said lightly, “If this is the case, then you can die.”

Broc didn’t expect his savior to become a killer. He was so frightened that he was about to run away. The man put a finger on his forehead, then he didn’t even look at Broc again, and he slowly walked toward Azgalor.

“Why…” Broc’s shaky voice sounded behind, “I was really appointed by His Majesty Raizen himself…”

“For the sake of telling me about Aleus, I will give you the final answer.” The man did not stop walking, “Because… I don’t remember signing such an appointment.”

Broc’s eyes widened as an unbelievable expression bloomed. His consciousness was frozen, and his whole body instantly turned into black ashes, disappearing without a trace.

At the same time, Catherine’s voice sounded, “Azgalor! Retreat now!”

Azgalor did not relax his vigilance all this while. He had already gathered his strength and was ready to attack at any time, but he did not expect that the opponent would kill the ‘comrade’ Broc first. Then, he heard the shocking answer. Like Broc, he could hardly believe his ears.

At this moment, Azgalor heard Catherine’s shout. At the same time, he was enveloped by an unprecedented sense of crisis. Even his hairs were standing up. In Azgalor’s violent shout, the accumulated strength exploded fiercely. He was not advancing but retreating. At this moment, he had already used all his strength which was even a bit more vigorous than the usual optimum state.

However, it was too late. Azgalor felt a pain in his chest as if he had been hit by something, but he managed to fly back to Catherine’s side. He looked down and saw that the chest part of the quasi-legendary grade golden armor had dented in, showing the shape of a fist mark. He was secretly relieved.

“Immediately lead the army to withdraw to the Jergal Fortress and activate on the highest defense state.” Catherine’s voice sounded in Azgalor’s ear which was exactly what he had in his mind— Serving is one thing; sacrificing life is another thing. I don’t want to face that man. The Demon Realm’s top powerhouse, Raizen. Mammon!

Raizen didn’t stop Azgalor from escaping. Instead, he set his gaze on Catherine as if he only had this woman in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect you to be here.” Catherine sighed softly.

“I didn’t expect myself to come here too, let alone meet you.” Raizen said lightly, “I was just investigating something. I have almost got the answer now. I have an excellent son, but he is too impatient.”

“Aleus?” Catherine pondered, “The ambush on the Jergal Fortress shouldn’t be your plan, but the work of this great prince, right? Or you don’t even know about it?”

“Yes, by the time I knew it, it was already too late, so I came a step later. Otherwise, these soldiers would not be sacrificed.” Raizen smiled suddenly, “However, it was indeed an unexpected gain to see you. If I remember correctly, you almost became my concubine back then.”

“Yes, almost.” Catherine also showed a light smile, “The Dark Shadow Empire was almost swallowed by the Bloody Empire, but I didn’t compromise in the end, nor did the Dark Shadow Empire.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. It’s just that there is 1 less political marriage, but 1 more respectable opponent. Unfortunately, your strength is not as outstanding as your wisdom.” Raizen’s tone was full of unpretentious regrets with an undisguised killing intent.

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