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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 669: Holy Lady

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Chapter 669: Holy Lady

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The extremely rich faith power of the Holy Blessing Hall made Chen Rui almost unable to hold back. Taking a bite here would be more than stealing for a couple of days in an ordinary city.

However, this place was within the territory kingdom. Although the power of this kingdom seemed to be weaker than the kingdoms of the Octopus King, the mirage, and Lich King that Chen Rui had encountered before, it seemed to be a new kingdomized powerhouse, but it was still a kingdomized powerhouse after all. With Chen Rui’s current strength, he was by no means an opponent, not to mention that this was not the time to expose his true strength.

Chen Rui suppressed his thoughts and continued to walk forward, but the closer he got to the giant angel statue, the more he felt something was wrong. The faith power surrounding the angel statue was not emitted by the statue. On the contrary, the statue also faintly revealed a special devour power that was slowly absorbing the faith power.

Due to the slow absorption rate, and the faith power was constantly flowing from some place, the statue was always wrapped in a very high concentration of faith like an intangible cocoon.

Doubts arose in Chen Rui’s mind. At this time, they came to the end of the stone steps. There was a vast square in front of him. The ground of the square was smoothly paved with large stone slabs that were smooth and square. A giant angel statue stood in the center of the square. The sculpture had magnificent features and a solemn face. It held a long sword in the right hand and a shield in the left hand. There were 12 wings behind it. It exuded a faint sacred breath which made people have a kind of impulse to worship.

As Chen Rui noticed the abnormal change of faith power, this seemingly sacred breath seemed very strange in Chen Rui’s senses.

There was a quaint hall at the end of the square with many small buildings behind it. It was one of the Holy Light Mountain’s 3 major summits, the Holy Blessing Hall.

Chen Rui followed Eliza and Paul and entered the square. When passing by the giant angel statue, the data that suddenly appeared from the [Analytical Eyes] shocked his mind.

Race: Unable to determine!

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: Unable to determine!

[Analysis]: Extremely dangerous!

Since Chen Rui entered the 6-star evolution, this was the first time he encountered an ‘unable to determine’ target, and the target was actually this lifeless statue!

With his current senses, even without the [Analytical Eyes], he could judge the level of this opponent. However, his S++ level of spirit power actually couldn’t see through this giant statue. He just sensed an abnormality in the faith power just now. If it were not for the skill of the [Analytical Eyes], he had no way to know that the statue would have such terrifying power.

What is this angel statue? Fighter machine? Or maybe inside…

Chen Rui took a few deep breaths. He quickly put away the surprise in his eyes and looked around with a surprised look while gasping in amazement.

Eliza was not suspicious. This cherub statue was the symbol of the Holy Blessing. Many people would be attracted by the magnificence and sacred breath of the statue when they first come here, and they would be amazed.

Soon, they passed the square and entered the Holy Blessing Hall.

In the hall, Chen Rui finally met 1 of the 3 giant leaders of the Holy Light Mountain, Archbishop Holy Lady Eudora.

The first impression Eudora gave Chen Rui was transcendent. It was as though she was above the material attractions of the world. The extraordinary temperament faintly exuded ethereal power which was aloof from the mundane world. It made people involuntarily have a feeling of looking up.

In fact, he really needed to look up at the Holy Lady because Eudora was extremely slender. She was taller than Chen Rui and was wearing a snow-white robe. Her long light blue hair was slightly curly, and her blue eyes were covered with a layer of translucent white gauze. One could faintly see the beautiful face that seemed to be carved.

For some reason, when Chen Rui saw Eudora, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of familiarity. He didn’t know if he had seen her anywhere, or whether it was from the consciousness of ‘Arthur’ or Chen Rui’s own memory, he couldn’t remember for a while.

However, his attention quickly shifted to the [Analytical Eyes]’s data.

Race: Human.

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: SS- (S++)

Physique: S+ (S), Power: S+ (S), Spirit: SS-(S++), Speed: S+ (S).

[Analysis]: Light attribute. Degree of danger: Very dangerous.

This data was very strange. Although Chen Rui saw the SS level for the first time, he could understand that it should be the level of the kingdomized powerhouse while S++ was the level between the peak stage of the Demon Overlord and the kingdomized. Chen Rui’s own spirit now power was S++.

The strange thing was that powerhouses normally hide their strengths. For example, Chen Rui’s S+ level strength was hidden as C, and the [Analytical Eyes] should display ‘C (S+)’. However, Holy Lady Eudora’s status was just the opposite. On the surface, her strength seemed like that of a kingdomized powerhouse. In fact, she had not yet reached the real kingdomized.

What caused this situation? Is it the 12-winged angel statue outside? Or this hall?

While Chen Rui was thinking about it, Eliza in front of him had already bowed to Eudora, “Teacher, I have brought Paul and Richard.”

Chen Rui followed Paul to bow. The Holy Lady looked at Paul, nodded, and praised, “As expected of Parsali’s genius apprentice, the famous young talent of the Dragon Bright Empire, who is only 30 years old and is about to break through Pseudo-Saint’s first small realm, or in other words, there is hope for a breakthrough in this selection. If this continues, entering the real Saint is just around the corner.”

This voice was remote and illusory at first, but it was gentle and moving which made people feel more cordial.

Paul quickly said a few humble words. Eudora spoke up, “You don’t need to be too modest. I’m very optimistic about your potential. I believe you will shine in the selection competition this time. If you can become a Divinity Temple Knight, are you willing to become the guardian knight of the Holy Family Summit?”

Each temple had its own guardian knight. Only Divinity Temple Knight was eligible to become a guardian knight. Joining a temple naturally represented the choice of standing in a team.

Paul had already made a decision when he was in the Garden City. He bowed, “Paul. Loman is willing to be a member of the Holy Blessing Hall.”

“I’m very happy with the choice you made.” The Holy Lady nodded slightly, “It’s just that this choice might upset your teacher.”

Parsali had always remained neutral among the 3 major temples and had not joined any faction. If he knew that his inheritor, Paul, whom he valued, had chosen the Holy Blessing Hall without his consent, he would definitely be very infuriated.

Paul lowered his head, “I will explain to teacher. No matter what, I will stick to my choice.”

“I have witnessed your determination, the future guardian knight.” The Holy Lady waved her hand slightly, and a small box slowly flew in front of Paul, “Help me pass this thing to him. Maybe he won’t be mad at you.”

Paul didn’t ask what it was. He respectfully took it with both hands.

Eudora’s eyes turned to Chen Rui, “Your name is Richard?”

“Yes, Your Holiness Holy Lady.” Chen Rui looked scared and lowered his head.

“I heard Eliza say that you have a soul language that only the elf tribe’s special elite has, and you can control any demonic beasts? You also tamed a thunderbird?”

“Your Holiness, I… I, to avoid offense, I didn’t bring the thunderbird, my soul language, in fact… any demonic beasts, no, I’m sorry…” Chen Rui’s tone was emotional, and he seemed a little incoherent. There was a sharp contrast compared to Paul’s steadiness.

“Don’t be nervous.” The Holy Lady’s voice seemed more gentle, “If you really have the ability as Eliza said, I will give you the best stage for you to unleash your ability, if… you want to.”

“Your Holiness, of… of course I am willing!” Chen Rui nodded quickly.

“There is new assessment content added for this year’s riding battle. Richard, as a subordinate, you will also have the opportunity to participate. I look forward to you and Paul’s performance by then.”

Chen Rui and Paul both showed surprised expressions. Subordinates will also participate? Nevertheless, they still bowed together, expressing their understanding.

The Holy Lady’s summoning was over. Eliza took the 2 of them down the Holy Light Mountain and looked back at the giant statue that should be Cherub Raphael. Chen Rui thought quickly in his mind. Although the strength of the Holy Light Mountain that he saw was only the tip of the iceberg, it was enough to arouse his vigilance. The Holy Light Mountain contains huge secrets and power far beyond imagination. It seems that certain steps of the original plan must be adjusted. No matter how, I must obtain the Snow Dallet Flower.

Eliza sent the 2 to the foot of the mountain and blinked her big eye at Chen Rui, “Richard, you must work hard!”

With that said, she nodded to Paul, and she jumped step by step up the mountain.

Paul looked at Chen Rui thoughtfully, “Richard? What are you thinking?”

Chen Rui scratched his head, “I was thinking why didn’t I see Ms. Miranda?”

Paul smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Didn’t Her Holiness Holy Lady say it? New content will be added to this riding battle, and you will also participate at that time. Don’t think too much. Concentrate on preparing. Her Holiness is looking forward to our performance.”

“En, for Sir Paul and also for Ms. Miranda!” Chen Rui lifted his spirits, raised his fist, but he shouted in his heart, “For the leader of secret intelligence, Madam Yini!”

The first category of the Divinity Temple Knight selection, martial arts individual battle, was finally over.

Paul fought all the way in the fifth group and became the winner in the group to enter the final stage, but he encountered strong opponents in the 5-man final round. He lost to 2 people, but he finally won the third place in the end.

As 1 of the 5 people who participated in the first category’s final stage, Paul obtained the qualification to directly participate in the quarter finals of the second category, riding battle.

As Holy Lady Eudora said, the content of the riding battle had changed this time. The original riding battle competition was where the candidates each rode on a mount to attack, but now the candidates would ride on the 5-horse chariot and use a specially made magic javelin against their opponents. Each candidate had 30 javelins; the 1 who accurately shot the most was the winner.

Participants could appoint an assistant to ride the mount. If there was no suitable assistant, the chief examiner would arrange a Light Knight as an assistant. Chen Rui finally understood why the Holy Lady said that he, the subordinate, would also be able to unleash his ability.

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