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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 439: Teacher and Competition

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Chapter 439: Teacher and Competition

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In Office 4 of the assessment center, Master Turia frowned as he looked at the strange apprentice who appeared in front of him again. Oh yeah, he should be a mechanic now. I was the one who let him pass the assessment just now.

I have a little impression of this guy. His mechanic skills are messy and just barely pass. Uh… but his wine is not bad.

The question is why is my daughter, Beluan, with this guy?

At this time, Beluan walked toward Turia and whispered a few words. Before his daughter finished speaking, Master Turia’s nose became even redder. He activated his Great Demon’s talent to appear in front of Chen Rui instantly. He grabbed Chen Rui’s robe, “You damn liar. What method did you use to actually deceive my precious daughter in such a short time…”

In Turia’s impression, her daughter was a prudent and assertive girl. She would never recommend someone to me easily, and she knew exactly how bad was the level of the recommended guy in front of him. He could imagine that he must have used some special means.

Is it seduction? This time is too short! And this guy’s appearance is not very good…

Due to the effect of the alcohol, Master Turia was about to ask furiously when he heard an angry voice from his precious daughter, “Father! Can you let me finish my words?”

Seeing her daughter’s flushing face who seemed to be really angry, Turia quickly let go of his grasp and gave Chen Rui a threatening look, “Brat, don’t you think of running away! You’ll see how I will settle you later!”

Chen Rui was speechless for a while being spat by Turia’s alcohol fumes. Beluan dragged Master Turia to the side and said a few more words. Turia’s eyes suddenly brightened and his drunkenness became much sober. He came to Chen Rui and carefully scanned Chen Rui.

Chen Rui had some goosebumps while being scanned. Then Master Turia took out a cloak, “Tell me the attributes and materials of this equipment.”

Chen Rui quickly said the answer, “It increases movement speed by 32%, reduces magic damage by 20%. It used 11 materials. I only know striped ratfish and silver shell powder, but I don’t know what the main material is. The attribute should be able to automatically recover a certain degree of damage. This equipment should be considered as quasi-legendary grade right?

“What ‘considered’! It is!” Turia was surprised and delighted when he heard that the attributes and the number of materials were accurate. He couldn’t help but scolded, “The main material is magic cicada wing line! Your teacher is such a bastard! He didn’t even teach you this basic material knowledge!”

“Master! Although I really want to get your advice, please don’t insult my dead teacher! Otherwise… otherwise I would rather give up asking Ms. Beluan!” Chen Rui looked angry. He knew that once this ability was shown, Turia would never let him go. Generally speaking, equipment appraisal required special equipment and master level eyesight to accurately determine various attributes, not to mention the more difficult material appraisal.

“Good! Very good!” Turia was not angry, but he rejoiced instead. He is able to possess such an outstanding talent, and his morality does not seem to be bad. At least, he is very grateful to his deceased teacher. He is indeed a good candidate to be my apprentice. As long as this Richard can master more knowledge of materials, even if his mechanics stay in this bad state, he can still at least become a master-level equipment appraiser. He is even very likely to be the best appraisal master in the entire Mechanic Association and the Demon Realm in the future!

To be a teacher of the best appraisal master… Turia’s eyes lit up, “From now on, you are my apprentice! I will declare to the association now!”

“Declare to the association? Father, are you planning to accept a formal apprentice?” Beluan showed a pleasant surprise. “Yes, let’s gather Trus and Roger in a moment, and we will have a meal together.” Turia walked out happily, then he suddenly turned around, “Uh… Richard, remember to prepare the wine to honor the teacher!”

Before Chen Rui could speak, Turia had walked out of the office.

Beluan happily held Chen Rui and left, “Great! Richard, Trus and Roger are the other 2 students of the teacher. Let’s go and meet them.”

Wait! Why do these people make decisions directly without asking my opinion? Actually, I just want to be a registered apprentice so that I can go to the library to check some information… Chen Rui secretly smiled bitterly, but things seemed to go smoother than he expected. Right, Student Richard?

Soon, the news of Master Turia’s acceptance of a new official apprentice spread. Master Turia’s vision has always been very high, and he is very strict in accepting apprentices. Even if President Nate once recommended his nephew, Aebew, to be his apprentice, he did not accept it. He actually has a new apprentice now. I heard that he is just a rookie mechanic who has just passed the certification assessment?

For a while, there were a lot of discussions in the Mechanic Association. Some believed that Richard was talented and intelligent, and he was appreciated by Master Turia during the assessment, so he was accepted as an apprentice. Others believed that Richard had plotted this to be acquainted with Master Turia’s daughter, Beluan long ago. He finally achieved his goal triumphantly. This guess was not groundless because more than 1 person saw Richard and Beluan staying on the first floor of the library for a long time.

All in all, this guy named Richard was definitely an enviable lucky guy who could be Master Turia’s apprentice. The most jealous person was Aebew who had been pursuing Beluan without success.

Chen Rui turned a blind eye to these rumors. His biggest goal was the information in the higher-level of the Book Collection Hall. It was just that Master Turia valued ​​Chen Rui very much. He was more about cultivating the “foundation” of Chen Rui. Chen Rui didn’t know whether to smile or cry at this. However, his mechanic knowledgewere very proficient due to the Super System. Although his foundation was complemented in time through self-study, it was not quite strong, after all. He could be considered to be re-consolidating his foundation now.

However, in front of Master Turia, Chen Rui certainly could not show his true level. He only showed his amazing memory. As for his comprehension, he still showed horrible performance. Master Turia was often furious as he was impatient to see improvement. For the two, this was undoubtedly a very agonizing thing.

With the help of Beluan, Master Turia finally agreed to take Chen Rui to the second floor of the Book Collection Hall to take a look. Just in case, Chen Rui had an agreement with Beluan to keep secrets about Mountain Seckred and Fertile Yuan Soil so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. During this period, Chen Rui also mentioned these 2 things or related issues casually in front of Master Turia, but Turia did not have a special reaction. Perhaps, he did not know about it. Fortunately, he could finally explore the second level now.

Turia also brought Chen Rui to the second floor due to his own considerations. This disciple’s talent is very strong. Perhaps because he stayed in a small remote place for a long time and encountered a half-qualified first teacher, so he has not been able to get enlightenment. It’s really hard to change in a rush. It’s better to let him slowly feel and improve under the influence of this great environment.

To be precise, I need to increase his reading volume now. Regardless of whether he understands it or not, get him to remember it first now. One day he will be able to grasp the true essence of mechanic independently. Taking a step back, just the accumulation of knowledge from that kind of material books can make the function of the “magic eyes” more accurate and complete. Turia was quite dedicated to nurturing his apprentice.

Masters could bring their disciples into the second floor of the Book Collection Hall to browse for free while ordinary mechanics needed to spend contribution points. As for the third floor, even masters needed to spend a lot of contribution points.

The second level had fewer books and materials than the first level, but the content was relatively more formal, incisive and advanced. Chen Rui was still flipping through every book he came across at high speed. Although this bizarre sight had attracted the attention of many mechanics, with Master Turia by his side, most of those people thought it was a “special task” arranged by him, so they did not step forward to ask. They watched him for a while and didn’t pay too much attention after that. After all, they were spending contribution points to be here.

“Turia, this is your new disciple?” A cold voice sounded. It turned out to be a woman in a black robe who was wearing glasses. Her face was pretty, and she was tall and thin. However, her face was cold, as if everyone owed her millions of black crystal coins.

Chen Rui glanced at the master level badge on the woman’s chest, then he looked at the girl who followed behind her. She was actually Beluan. Beluan once mentioned that in addition to leather, she had a higher talent of proficiency in accessories, so she worshipped another master of the Bloody Empire Mechanic Association, Mavinna, as her teacher.

The registrant Anracca was good friends with Chen Rui now. The self-proclaimed “enthusiast”, who claimed to be the association’s know-it-all, had revealed a lot of gossip news. Mavinna, a veteran master of accessories, was well-known for her cold face and weird temper. She was one of the most difficult people to deal with.

When Turia saw Mavinna, he quickly got up from his seat and smirked, “It turns out to be Master Mavinna .Richard, come here and meet Master Mavinna.”

Chen Rui walked up and bowed to Mavinna, “Master Mavinna.”

Mavinna ignored Chen Rui. Her gaze turned to the wine bottle in Turia’s hand, and she frowned in disgust, “The smell of wine on you seems to be getting heavier!”

For some reason, Turia, who was usually carefree, seemed timid in front of Mavinna. He said with guilt, “This is the Dark Shadow Empire’s specialty purple berry wine brought by Richard…”

Mavinna glared at Chen Rui and snorted. Just as she was about to speak, another eccentric voice sounded, “I see. No wonder Master Turia will accept an apprentice. It turns out that you have accepted his wine.”

This voice made Turia’s face suddenly become cold, “Juliet, how I accept my apprentice is my business. Who are you to give pointers?”

The situation seemed to become more interesting. Chen Rui had heard of this Juliet. He was also a senior master in the association who specialized in metal proficiency. Judging from the gossip of the enthusiast, Juliet was interested in Master Mavinna, but unfortunately she wasn’t interested at all. Perhaps due to Beluan, the cold-faced lady seemed to show special attention to the Alcoholic Turia.

There was no room for 2 tigers in one mountain unless one was male and another was female. There was obviously one more male tiger now. Between the 2 males with normal orientation, they naturally were deadly opponents who fought with each other.

“It really doesn’t matter to me how you accept apprentices, but as you know, I also accepted an apprentice, Aucklo, recently. There should be some competition between young people to make progress. Why not let them compete and learn from each other. Well, if I lose, I will give you 5,000 contribution points… Oh, I almost forgot, it seems that you only have a little more than 1,000 contribution points left as you have been drinking in the past few years. Poor fellow… How about you only need to pay 1,000 points if you lose. I let you take advantage of me. How about that?”

Juliet’s words were full of sarcasm. He intended to belittle Turia in front of everyone, especially Mavinna. Turia was so angry that his nose became redder, but he knew that Aucklo was a genius who had been praised by President Nate. “Richard” could not compare to him at all. It seemed that he could only swallow the bitter pill.

“Why? Are you so timid that you dare not even to compete?”

Juliet was still aggressive. Beluan squeezed her fists angrily when seeing her father being humiliated like that. Her face flushed, but even she was not Aucklo’s opponent, let alone “Richard”.

At this time, Chen Rui suddenly said, “By the way, teacher, didn’t you say you want to take me to the third floor of the Book Collection Hall? Someone just happened to give us the contribution points now!”

Earning contribution points was not easy even for a master. Turia promised to bring Chen Rui up to check out the third floor for a few days after some time. It seemed that he was willing to sacrifice for this apprentice. Chen Rui was not a person who didn’t know how to differentiate the good from the bad. He still knew the principle of gratitude to “repay more than received”. Since Juliet had offered his points now, he could just borrow it to win Turia’s favor.

Turia was taken aback as his newly-accepted disciple continued to say, “Then Master Ju , I have only become a disciple for a short time, so my teacher only taught me a little equipment appraisal. Do you dare to compete with this? Sorry, I came from a village and I am not eloquent. Please forgive me, master.”

In fact, if Chen Rui demonstrated his true abilities, he would definitely humiliate Aucklo and even Juliet himself. He was only limited by his current identity. However, the talent of his “magic eyes” alone was enough to teach them a lesson.

“Hmph! If your teacher has the guts, let us see your newly-learned appraisal technique!” Juliet sensed this bold little mechanic’s rude attitude seemed intentional. He is a villager indeed. He has never heard of Aucklo’s name.

Aucklo is an uprising metal and accessory duo-specialized mechanic genius. He has a very unique understanding of materials. Appraisal is originally one of his strengths. This little mechanic who doesn’t know the world suggested to compete in appraisal, he is really digging his own grave.

The eyes of the father and daughter of Turia were bright at the same time. I never expected that “Richard” actually has this kind of quick-witted means. All of a sudden, he dragged the competition to the only aspect that he is best at. With remarkable magic eyes talent, we will surely earn 5,000 contribution points.

Turia was not a fool. He rolled his eyes and pretended to blame Chen Rui with a look, then looking at Mavinna again. He gritted his teeth, “Who has no guts! Bring it on!”

“Okay! Master Mavinna and everyone present today are witnesses of this competition!” Juliet was overjoyed, but he didn’t know that he had dug a hole for himself, and he was going in step by step.

Ju is the same pronunciation as pig in Chinese.

Hmm… they didn’t know this “Richard” would disappear again once he achieved his objective…

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