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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 329: Condition

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Chapter 329: Condition

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Chen Rui looked at the graceful figure walking away and lamented, “This woman is not easy to deal with.”

“Of course it’s not easy,” replied Josh. “These few days, she was clear of the Red Spirit Estate details. I originally wanted to cover up this matter, but when she just gave a few detailed numbers, I have nothing to say. When it comes to power, this woman is slightly inferior to me, but when it comes to shrewdness, I’m afraid that not many in the entire empire can be on par with her, especially her cruel and vicious means. The Devil Snare’s Flower can be said to live up to her name.”

“I brought the first rebate this time, and our cooperation initially had a good start, but unfortunately the plan could not keep up with the changes,” Chen Rui nodded sympathetically, “Sir Lord, you should understand that in this matter …I don’t have much choice,”

“I understand. Actually… I don’t have either,” Josh sighed, “Mr. Charles is resolute and honest. Although our contact and cooperation time is not long, you left a very good impression on me. I will make a guarantee for Mr. in front of the Regent. Hopefully, Mr. would remember your old friends of the Red Spirit Estate in your future plans.”

Once Prince Obsidian truly approved the plan, he would definitely take up the biggest share of benefits. Most of the endless wealth would then flow into Obsidian’s pockets. Perhaps there would only be a few bites of leftovers for the Red Spirit Estate - Just as Isabella said, the cooperation conditions that an estate could provide couldn’t be compared with an empire.

“Relax, I will definitely consider it. Don’t forget that we also have the corresponding equality contract. In addition to the rebates brought today, I can guarantee that the number promised earlier will appear in front of sir one by one. As for my younger brother… I’ll leave him to Sir Josh to look after him. He is only one step away from Saint. I hope sir can give him some indication whenever appropriate. If Samuel can really break through to Saint, I will list additional items to work with sir alone as a thank you note.”

Josh’s eyes lit up and nodded. Chen Rui secretly laughed, With this “promise” Josh will surely treat Samuel like a king. It will also be an important opportunity for Samuel to reach Saint.

Chen Rui thought of an idea, and added, “I don’t know why, I have a hunch that this trip to the capital will not be easy. Maybe sir lord has any good suggestions?”

Josh introduced the capital situation without hiding anything. The capital had a large number of long-established families whose power was deeply rooted. Even the Regent King Obsidian had to be slightly careful. Prince Obsidian has two confidants. One was Isabella, who was in charge of finances, and the other was Rommel, the current military affairs minister. The military of the Demon Realm Empire consisted of the traditional three generals. The first general, George. Wales, currently stationed in the Northeast Warlock Fortress; the second general, Doron. Rus, the commander of the imperial guards and the most elite red devil legion; the third general, Gerant. Brian, stationed in the Northwest Tekula Fortress.

Chen Rui met Toren’s son Sergey who had coveted Athena previously. Chen Rui set him up with the capital’s Finance Minister, Legu. Karon’s son, Alan to kill each other, making General Doron and Legu enemies. Sergey was relieved of the red devil legion’s official position, and he left the capital for Tekula Fortress to become Gerant’s garrison guard. This was equivalent to a kind of distribution which was mainly to calm Karon Family’s anger.

In addition, there were two palace guests with unfathomable strength. One was Krobelus while the other was also a human like “Charles”, Nero.

Even Josh knew very little about these two people, but Josh emphasized that the most important thing for this plan to be recognized and approved by Prince Obsidian was to obtain clearance from Isabella who controlled the empire’s finances.

Chen Rui frowned, this woman’s mind is even above Sabrina. Judging from the attitude shown earlier, this matter is definitely not easy.

Josh even vaguely said that although this capital Devil’s Snare Flower had a wide circle of acquaintances, it was said that no man had really conquered her so far. If “Charles” could work hard in this regard, he might receive miraculous results.

A handsome guy strategy? Chen Rui shook his head with a wry smile. He didn’t have the ability yet and Isabella was probably acquainted with Azgalor. Judging from her strength alone, she had a Demon Emperor-level strength, so it was not suitable to use the God-Eating Mask. It seemed that he could only think of another way.

The next day, Chen Rui followed Isabella on a carriage to the capital.

Along the way, Isabella didn’t ask about Chen Rui’s plan or Kemplot Family. In fact, she was silent on this aspect, but she asked about unrelated matters such as the local customs of the human world.

Chen Rui knew that at this time, the more anxious he was, the easier it was to be exposed. He calmed his mind and handled it carefully. The fragments of his memory about the human world appeared to be very vague, but before implementing the whole plan, Chen Rui deliberately spent a few days listening to Samuel about the related things of the known human world in detail. It could be said that 80% of his knowledge of the human world came from Samuel, while the remaining 20% originated from Arthur.

Isabella elegantly tasted a sip of the red fruit wine and asked, “Has Mr. Charles been to the Holy Mountain of the Light Divinity Temple?”

This carriage was similar to Christina’s previously, it was a space prop, but there was only one room inside. The facilities were quite complete and no bumps were felt at all.

“The Holy Mountain of the Light Divinity Temple is the highest belief in the human world. Only the priests of the temple or pilgrims and devotees with permission can enter.” Chen Rui smiled self-deprecatingly, “I’m just a typical businessman who is not qualified to be blessed by the holy power yet.”

“So what if I want a Snow Dallet flower from the Holy Mountain?”

“Snow Dallet? The Holy Flower?” Chen Rui frowned. Samuel once mentioned that when he was introducing the Light Divinity Temple. The Snow Dallet flower of the Holy Mountain had the magical power of light and was known as the Holy Flower.

He didn’t know where Isabella heard the name from, but the key point was that Chen Rui’s “return to the human world” was purely a scam. If Isabella really wanted this flower, he would definitely not be able to give it to her, so he immediately frowned without saying anything.

Isabella smiled slightly when she saw Chen Rui’s helplessness, “If this requirement cannot be fulfilled, should I doubt the true power of your family in the human world?”

“If it was previously, this request is difficult, but it is not impossible with the power of the Kemplot Family.” Chen Rui had an idea suddenly, “It is just that the situation is special these days, and we are cooperating with the Demon Realm, so we must not attract the attention of the temple. I don’t like to make empty promises, but I can promise to miss that when the conditions permit in the future, I will definitely bring the most beautiful Holy Flower to miss.”

“In the future? That means it is not possible now? But my heart still feels very comfortable. It seems that Mr. does have the skills for dealing with women. I believe there should be a lot of women attracted by your charm.” Isabella leaned lazily on the sofa behind, and the two plumps of richness on her chest slightly changed the arc with this movement. The end of the black stockings revealed her snow-like thighs. Her casual movement was full of temptation.

“It’s embarrassing to say that I only have two wives and a fiancee so far.” Chen Rui shook his head. “As the heir to the family, my energy needs to be focused on more important matters.”

“I like men who know how to self-discipline,” Isabella smiled charmingly, “I will remember your “future” promise, and I will give you an unforgettable gift when the time comes.”

“Miss Isabella,” Chen Rui hesitated a little and said, “I believe you have learned from Lord Josh about the plight of my family and my overturn plan. Sir Josh has hinted that miss is the key for me to get the Regent Royal Highness’s approval. I sincerely ask miss to help me now. After all, the current situation is still not optimistic, and there is not much time left for me.”

Isabella was not easy to deal with. In the case of Charles, if he was too careless, it would cause suspicion, so Chen Rui directly said the request.

“Sir Josh overestimated me, I’m just a widow with little strength.” Isabella sighed, “Plus, don’t Mr. Charles thinks that something that was easily obtained felt unreal; just like …Mr.’s plan?”

This seemingly unintentional sentence made Chen Rui heart race, but he remained calm on the surface. He said lightly, “So I have to pay a considerable price to make miss feel more realistic?”

“Or it can be called a sense of fullness.” Isabella flirted with her charming blue eyes. “For a woman who had been empty all day long, this feeling is really too precious.”

These words were full of teasing hints. If it was another man, it was likely that he would immediately pin her to the ground and fill the woman’s emptiness fiercely, letting her taste what it meant to be full and satisfied.

Chen Rui knew the background of this woman, so he had no delusion at all. His eyes were cold, “What is your condition?”

“Straight to the point now?” Isabella chuckled lightly, “I thought you want to do a foreplay. Shouldn’t a fun man be more patient with a woman?”

Chen Rui shook his head, “It is undeniable that the charm of miss makes it almost impossible for me to hold myself. However, compared to having fun, responsibility is more important to me.”

“Mr. Charles is really an admirable man,” Isabella said with a smile, “Unfortunately, men are usually only responsible for themselves… As for women, it should be your irresponsible subject, isn’t it?”

Despite Isabella’s alluring smiling smile, Chen Rui clearly saw the passing sarcasm and said nothing.

Isabella saw that he was silent, so she did not continue to beat around the bushes and said the condition, “Well… Since Mr. Charles is a fairly responsible man, then do go to a place and bring a person back for me.”

“Where? What is that person’s name and characteristics?” Chen Rui did not refuse or bargain, showing a very outright look.

Isabella was satisfied with his attitude, “The place is in the underground ruins of Trevante, and we will pass by there shortly. Don’t ask that person’s name. As for the characteristics… it’s nasty, very nasty… No matter what the guy becomes, just bring him to me, even if it’s his corpse.”

It has been a while since Chen Rui came to the Demon Realm. He hadn’t heard of the underground ruins of Trevane, so he asked affirmatively, “Go to the underground ruins of Trevante and bring back a nasty guy regardless of life or death?”

“Yes, there should be only one person in the whole underground ruins, and even his corpse should be very fresh, so you don’t have to worry about finding the wrong person. In fact, this guy offended me some time ago and I tricked him to get there. Suddenly I wanted to see if he died or became a lunatic now. Maybe I’ll do a new trick for him to play with.” Isabella’s tone was plain as if it was just a trivial matter.

Chen Rui showed a shocked look, “Is miss suggesting that if I offend you, I will suffer a terrifying consequence?”

“Mr. is overthinking, but… women are very vengeful, so don’t simply offend them.” Isabella elegantly tucked a curl on her forehead to her ear and smiled, “However, if Mr. Charles accomplished this task, not only Isabella will not hate you, instead… I may even really like you…”

Chen Rui read between the lines. If I couldn’t accomplish it, I would become a person she hated. This woman is quick-witted and vicious. It is the critical moment of the plan now, so I can’t let her spoil the major plan.

“I will try my best to win miss’ favor… and help.”

Isabella smiled cheerfully and nodded. After going out to instruct the coachman, she returned to the space and said, “The ruins are a little dangerous, but it is definitely not a problem for a powerhouse like Mr. Charles. According to the current itinerary, we may reach in half a day’s time. The coachman, Jardel will take you there. I will wait for your good news in Town Rod in front. According to the request of the Regent Royal Highness, I only have 3 days of extra time. I believe that Mr.’s plan does not allow too much time as well, right?”

The “a little” danger which Isabella said should be absolutely extraordinary. The underground ruins of Trevante should be a very risky place, and he only had 3 days, but this trip was perhaps inevitable.

“By the way, do kill Jardel later. Recently, I suddenly hated his obsessive look.” Isabella added a statement lightly.

“I’m willing to serve you, beautiful lady.” Chen Rui smiled slightly, but there was a chilling feeling in his heart. The coachman is more or less a close person around her, but this woman simply said to kill him; she really is an indelible poisonous flower.

“Then, I wish you an early success, Charles.” Isabella smiled and raised her glass. “Forgive me for removing the customary title without your permission.”

“It’s my pleasure… Isabella.” Chen Rui also picked up his glass, and as two touched the glass, although each had their own ulterior motives, they showed a tacit smile at the same time.

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