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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 328: Capital Envoy! Poisonous Devil’s Snare Flower

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Chapter 328: Capital Envoy! Poisonous Devil’s Snare Flower

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“Kanita, my friend, we meet again.”

Chen Rui and Kanita were quite familiar with each other now, so the title was more casual, but Kanita did not know that “Charles” used the same title of friend to his sworn enemy brother.

“In addition to the first phase of the 5 million, this time I brought you the third phase of the first investment rebate, a total of 9 million black crystal coins. By the way, you do not look very well. Why are you upset?”

“Sir Charles is really a trustworthy friend.” When Kanita heard the number of 9 million black crystal coins, his eyes flickered with light. After receiving the huge sum of money, he regained his calm, “There is a very bad news. The cooperation between us was reported to the capital, and the capital has sent an envoy to investigate this matter now. She reached Red Spirit City 4 days ago.”

“An envoy from the capital has arrived? Who reported it? The cooperation between us should be very confidential. Did the people around you leak the news?”

“Very few people around me know about this matter, and it can’t be them.” Kanita showed his teeth, “Although there is no evidence, I have identified the biggest suspect! It must be that guy!”

Chen Rui frowned, but he gave thumbs up to Joseph in his heart. Not bad, his actions are faster than I expected. This drama has finally reached the most critical part.

“I don’t care what kind of grievances you have with anyone, but I’m disappointed with this. In my plan, you and your father are both long-term partners, and it is just the beginning now, yet we have already encountered this kind of thing. It seems that I need to consider changing partners.”

Kanita quickly explained, “Sir Charles, please don’t get me wrong. In any case, as long as you are willing, our cooperation will definitely be closer and will never change because of this matter. For now, please follow me to Red Spirit City to meet this envoy.”

“Meet the envoy?” Chen Rui showed obvious vigilance.

“Father told me to tell you to just be honest with the envoy. In fact, this matter is not harmful to your plan, but our Red Spirit Estate’s benefits may be largely turned to the capital. By then, I hope that you can sign a plan for additional cooperation with the Red Spirit ”

Chen Rui asked with a thoughtful look, “I need you to provide information on this capital envoy, especially the power level. As you know, it’s better to be safe than sorry in many cases.”

Kanita nodded in agreement, “This envoy is Lady Isabella, the empire’s financial adviser, who is known as the Devil’s Snare Flower. This madam is resourceful and clever. She won the trust of the Regent Royal Highness, and it is said that she has true control of the financial power. Even the finance minister has to listen to her. As for power… she should not exceed my father.”

The envoy is actually Isabella! Chen Rui was a little surprised. He had personally experienced this woman’s viciousness. If it wasn’t for his strange power, he would have been victimized by this woman’s evil voodoo. Not only that, Isabella’s appearance was almost exactly the same as Sabrina who was killed by him. She was probably related to the secret force.

Roman had set out for the capital a few months ago, and his purpose was exactly this Lady Isabella because this woman was most probably his aunty, but most importantly, she knew the whereabouts of the Belphegor royal artifact, Breeze Shadow Boots.

He only learned this from Delia during his return to the Dark Moon this time. Roman had been out of contact for a long time, and nobody knew what happened. Chen Rui knew that Delia was worried, so he could make use of this opportunity to investigate the matter.

Chen Rui thought for a moment and asked despite knowing the answer, “A person’s nickname tells a lot of things. What is the Devil’s Snare Flower?”

“Devil’s Snare is a unique poisonous flower of the Demon Realm. It seems to be delicate, but it contains venomous poison. After being made into a kind of potion, it makes the person addicted and unable to extricate oneself. This madam looks beautiful…” Kanita recalled the moment he saw Isabella 4 days ago and was slightly absent-minded. “It’s just that her ex-husbands didn’t seem to live long, and she is still a widow.”

“Since she’s called Devil’s Snare, this woman must be a cruel and merciless character. No wonder I didn’t see Samuel. He is likely being taken to the Red Spirit City as a hostage. Hmph!”

Kanita didn’t expect the other party’s judgment to be so accurate, and he didn’t know what to say for a moment, “I have tried my best regarding Mr. Samuel’s matter, but I can guarantee his safety…”

“You aren’t qualified to make this guarantee, but… this is not your fault” Chen Rui sneered, “Let’s go and meet this Demon Realm’s poisonous flower.”

Kanita did not dare to be negligent and hurried toward Red Spirit City with Chen Rui.

Red Spirit City, the lord mansion.

Chen Rui once again saw the Devil’s Snare Flower. She was still the charming appearance with brown curly long hair, blue eyes and purple lips, exuding an alluring charm of maturity and beauty. In terms of beauty and temperament, even Sabrina who looked like her was also inferior.

However, Sabrina had already died in Chen Rui’s hands. For Chen Rui, he was more vigilant even if Isabella was more beautiful.

“Sir Josh.” Chen Rui lightly saluted, “I came here this time to bring some of the promised benefits you deserve, but I want to meet my brother, Samuel, first. As a partner who has signed an equality contract, I’m doubtful and regretful of sir’s behaviour, which will directly affect the sincerity of our future cooperation.”

“This must be Sir Charles.” Before Josh answered, Isabella on the side said, “Regarding Samuel, I think you have misunderstood.”

“This must be the madam envoy that Kanita mentioned.” Chen Rui’s eyes lit up as a pure destructive breath radiated out. The air began to be filled with this kind of violent, fiery and terrifying breath.

Josh was secretly shocked. When he first interacted with this human, the opponent only defended, but he could already feel the pure destruction power. As “Charles” exuded his murderous breath now, the true power of this human was even beyond his expectation judging from the terrifying level of this breath…

Facing the terrifying destruction breath, Isabella’s eyes flickered, but her facial expression remained unchanged. Instead, she revealed an attractive smile, “I heard Sir Charles’s story from Sir Josh. If… sir is really such an impulsive and quick-tempered person, then the so-called cooperation plan should also be rediscussed.

“Oh?” Chen Rui gradually converged his breath as he re-assessed Isabella for a while, “No wonder you are the Devil Snare’s Flower, you resolved my condemnation with one sentence.”

“It seems that you have learned some information from the little Kanita, then Isabella will not introduce myself.” Isabella said with a smile, “Precisely, Sir Samuel’s current situation is not only safe, but very good. Because after my indications, he got some important revelations, and he may be one step closer to Saint.”

Chen Rui nodded indifferently, “If Sir Josh and Miss Isabella really use this kind unwise move of taking hostages, then I have to reconsider the cooperation.” In [Analytical Eyes], Isabella’s comprehensive strength had always been shown as B+, which was Great Demon King. However, from her performance and “indication” to Samuel, her real strength should be Demon Emperor level whichw as similar to Sabrina. It seemed that this woman was not easy to deal with whether in terms of wisdom or strength.

“Sir really doesn’t want to suffer any loss at all.” Isabella smiled charmingly, “However, I really like your title of ‘Miss’. I don’t know if it’s destiny, I always feel like we have met somewhere before?”

“If it is not this special case, this sentence should be for me.” Chen Rui was secretly vigilant. [The Eye of Evil] of the Belphegor royal family was nothing short of extraordinary. Although his two evolutionary skills, [True Breath Holding] and [Camouflage], couldn’t be seen even by Roman, the great world was full of extraordinary things. His [True Breath Holding] was once exposed by Samuel. He said calmly on the spot, “I’m very sorry. As a man, it’s very rude to let an attractively beautiful lady like Miss Isabella take the initiative to say this.”

A strange expression flashed past Isabella’s eyes while she remained smiling, “Sir Charles is really a very interesting man. It seems that this time I will not be lonely on my accompanied trip to the capital.”

“Accompanied trip to the capital?” Chen Rui frowned and glared at Josh, “This seems to be inconsistent with our plan.”

“This is not my plan.” Josh sighed and did not say much.

“I have heard Sir Charles’s great plan from sir lord. The capital’s Regent Royal Highness is also very interested in this. This is my true purpose of coming here.” Isabella’s tone changed, “Cooperating with an empire requires far better than an estate, but the prerequisite is that sir must let the Regent Royal Highness really approve this plan. If the Regent Royal Highness who represents the highest authority of the empire does not approve this, then it will not be possible to obtain permission to even work with an estate of the empire.”

Chen Rui’s glance gradually became cold, “Can I take Miss’ words as a threat? Then, I will also say that this empire is not the only empire in the Demon Realm. I heard that Dark Shadow Empire, the neighboring country that is the west of the Fallen Angel is controlled by a powerful sage. I believe I will get better courtesy there.”

Seeing that the words of both sides gradually became rigid, Josh quickly said, “Sir Charles, don’t get me wrong, madam envoy just stated the empire’s system, and she didn’t mean anything else. In fact, the situation of the Dark Shadow Empire is more complicated. Even if sir can succeed, it will consume a lot of time which is very unfavorable to your plan. I believe that with the wisdom of Obsidian Royal Highness, he will make the best choice.”

With that said, Josh winked at Chen Rui. Chen Rui looked at him and frowned, “I need to think carefully about this matter including some future directions.”

Isabella didn’t want to be too forceful and said, “It’s not that I threaten sir, but according to the order of the Regent, I must return to the capital tomorrow. I hope… the journey back will not be lonely.”

“Miss, please rest assured that a man with true manners will not make the same mistakes.” Chen Rui’s expression calmed down, and he replied politely, “Of course, the prerequisite is that we can give each other a chance to… truly know each other.”

“Of course.” Isabella smiled charmingly and turned away.

“Know each other”, hmmm, in what way?

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