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«Demon Lord's Reincarnation (Web Novel) - Chapter 253 Hasten the plan

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Chapter 253 Hasten the plan

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The demonized maid was able to somehow escape from Lara's(?) entrapment after using most of her mana. Now as she was trying to distance herself from Lara(?) she could finally feel the effects of making her own mana explode to escape.

The demonized maid fell from the sky and landed on the ground with a thud. She had lost a lot of mana and blood. She was slowly losing consciousness but before that could happen she sent a signal that only Nero and Amon could sense. Once she used the last bits of her mana she fell to the ground unconscious.

Nero who was looking at various maps and Amon who was strengthening his body felt the signal the maid sent. Nero was shocked by that signal as that would mean the maid lost in battle and was in a dire situation. Even though the maid wasn't at the top 3 of the strongest demons that came with them, her combat power was still above most humans. She was also the fastest among all of them, and she could fly. So when the situation arises she should've easily be able to flee.

He already knew that in the Reschbeauch Kingdom there were a couple of strong humans. Especially those maidens that beat Amon last time. Yet based on the reports the one who went to the supply unit was the person called Lara, she was strong but the one to be wary of was the woman called Silika.

Nero thought that Lara might be strong but based on the information he gathered she wasn't supposed to be as strong as the maid. Yet now she was defeated, that must mean something that he didn't know of happened.

As he was thinking about what to do next Nero saw Amon getting ready to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Didn't you feel that? The stupid maid uniform loving idiot got herself done in. Of course, I'm going out there to either save or avenge her!" Even though Amon spoke with righteous words, Nero of course couldn't believe that was why Amon wanted to go out. Especially after seeing the smile on his face.

"Obviously you aren't going there to do that. You just want to see what kind of opponent beat her."

"Does it matter, if that's what I was going to do. Either way, we still need to get her back, right?"

"Normally I would have said yes… But… There are too many elements that we don't know about. Also, we still haven't seen even a shadow of this so called Ren. It's entirely possible that instead of facing off against the girl called Lara, she could've been defeated by Ren. If not there might be some hidden dangers that we don't know about. If you go now and lose as well, that would just lessen our forces and would make things even more difficult."

"So you're telling me to just leave it! How about the maid we leave her to die as well?"

"Don't sound like you care about her life or death. Still, you don't have to worry much about her, I have already made some preparations in the chance of her failing. Even if you expect a sure victory you must always prepare in case you somehow lose. What I'm more worried about is our lack of information. Every spy we sent to Reschbeauch has been killed. The only person we can contact right now would be Harold."

"You want to contact Harold after we kicked him out?" Hearing what Amon said made Nero think. Based on Harold's personality he would have still cooperated with them even after they kicked him out. That would've been the case with the normal Harold. But the last time they spoke Harold was saying something nonsensical like meeting the Supreme Demon Lord Kretos. He was also acting a bit strange. So counting on Harold doing what he would usually do based on Nero's past understanding wasn't the right move.

"This is getting even more troublesome. Should I ask for more assistance?" Nero mumbled to himself as he grabbed a locket from his pocket.

"So what should we do now?" Amon asked as Nero went silent. He was still itching to go, but he couldn't defy Nero's orders.

"We need to act accordingly as the situation changes. It would seem that the situation on the continent was more complex than we initially thought. We shall contact the others and see how they are faring." Nero spoke as he was finally calming down from his initial shock. Panicking as everything was going wrong wasn't going to help improve the situation.

In one of the rooms in the Grand Mage's tower, Nero and Amon were facing dozen of mirrors. In each mirror, a different person was shown. They were only a silhouette of the people on the other side of the mirrors. The mirrors were used to contact people from far away. It was one of the useful tools Nero and the others stole after killing the Grand Mage.

"Why did you call us Nero?" One of the shadowy figures in one of the mirrors spoke.

"Zela has fallen." When the other shadowy figures heard that line most of them were surprised.

"The maid obsessed freak has died?"

"We aren't actually sure if she's alive or dead at the moment. All we know is she encountered a problem in her last mission and she sent a distress signal."

"First Harold and his servant Oliver, now you're telling me we lost Zela. Is your place still doing alright? Do we still continue with the plan?"

"… The plan will continue as is. But we need to move faster than before. The humans aren't as weak as we initially thought."

"Actually I'm also having a bit of trouble with the dwarves." A male shadowy figure spoke sounding a bit embarrassed.

"Why didn't you report it!" Nero was getting a bit anxious as the control he felt when they first went out to do the plan was loosening.

"It doesn't actually hinder the plan since I already finished. The dwarves are already getting ready for a war against the humans. The only problem is some of the dwarves in the council are against this war. Still, even if they do keep on complaining nothing will actually come out of it since most of the council members agree in waging war. I just feel like these dwarves that are against the war might do something stupid."

Nero massaged his forehead as this was not what he was expecting. At this point, Reschbeauch should've fallen, and the dwarven leaders should've already gone to war but they're still at the planning phase. Not only that but the tournament that was going to be held with the elves and fairies wasn't happening yet.

"Alright, just keep on pushing the dwarves to go to war faster. As for the other parts of the plan we need to hasten them a bit. If something happens outside of the plan, immediately contact me. Do not in any circumstance make your own call. You all should tell me when something happens. If any of you go around messing up, then you will be given what you deserve."

Nero's eyes grew darker as an intense amount of bloodlust filled the air. The other demons nodded their heads, seeing their response Nero ended their conversation.

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