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«Demon Hunter (Web Novel) - Book 6, Chapter 34.4 - What Was

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Book 6, Chapter 34.4 - What Was

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Su stood before Prison Number One, his eyes narrowed slightly, currently observing this seemingly ordinary manor. Right now, Prison Number One was not ordinary in the slightest, the metal courtyard gate warped, flung to the side, the deformed corpses of two guards resting at the side. There was even more so a bloodiness wafting through the courtyard covered in dismembered corpses, their manner of death all different. More than ten flesh puppets were spread throughout, turning their heads at this moment one after another, their sinister blood-colored pupils filled with ice-cold killing intent.

There were a total of eleven people and seventeen flesh puppets. Two sets of numbers instantly moved past Su’s consciousness. The instant he saw these giants, the name flesh puppets instantly moved across his mind, many of their characteristics and functions appearing at the same time. Even though it wasn’t to the very extreme, it was still precise to the point where it exceeded his Panoramic View ability’s range. Moreover, that familiar feeling could be felt again from the flesh puppets’ bodies, as if he already knew about them for several hundreds of thousands, or even over a million years.

“It’s someone I’m familiar with again!” Su sighed inwardly. His eyes didn’t land on the slowly moving flesh puppets, but were rather sizing up the entire manor. In his eyes, it was as if there was an incomparably large spider currently occupying this manor.

He gave that spider that didn’t actually exist another look, and then after a chuckle, he began to walk into the manor. He didn’t wish to stand against it, nor would it be his enemy. Since it wasn’t his enemy, then there was no need to feel too much misgivings. This was something he believed the Spider Empress also understood.

A strong gust of wind blew over from the back, carrying fine crackling sounds. This was the phenomenon produced by extreme power, a fist that instantly tore through the sound barrier, no adjectives too excessive when used to describe it, almost exceeding the limits of what the flesh could accomplish. Su didn’t need to turn around to sense that a flesh puppet’s body had flashed behind him like a demon, instantly erupting with all the power its flesh could exert, a fist smashing at him! Purely in terms of power, this fist already exceeded a ninth level power strengthened individual, but this was only the power, not including the other supplementary effects.

Su’s body leaned slightly to the side, his elbow moving up, bumping the bottom of the flesh puppet’s giant elbow. When the elbow and fist collided, there was immediately a muffled sound that ran out. Right now, Su’s strength would only be above the flesh puppet’s. This strike immediately made the flesh puppet lose its balance, the fist moving towards the sky. Meanwhile, Su had already closed the distance between the two, his right hand grabbing its left fist, unexpectedly starting to wrestle with this giant opponent! The flesh puppet released a world-shaking roar, the dark red solid scales covering the surface of its body relaxing and expanding, revealing the pink new flesh underneath. In that instant, its body increased roughly thirty percent in size, hundreds of tons of power crushing down on Su’s small body!

Su’s hand turned, and then the flesh puppet’s arm was immediately jerked perfectly straight. An expanse of concentrated cracking sounds rang out, the bones inside its body forcibly twisted to pieces! Regardless of how the flesh puppet screamed, Su still raised it up, and them smashed it down onto the ground. Then, with a single stamp, he crushed its head.

He tore off a piece of flesh from the flesh puppet’s body, and then brought it to the edge of his nose, taking a light sniff. As expected, it was an extremely familiar smell, with even more information quickly surfacing.

Flesh puppet: high-level biological weapon, automatically modified to adapt to this world’s environment. Mid-level intelligence, mid-level combat strength, ability includes Eruption, Flash Movement, Roaring Leap, High Level Defensive Force Field, and other things. Its special property was that it could be cloned.

However, when he read the flesh puppet’s long list of abilities, Su instead revealed a hint of a ruminate smile. In his memories, the flesh puppet’s ability list should be several times longer, as this was but a high-level ability user. The greatly lacking ability list could only mean one thing, which was that the master who created them hadn’t completely revived yet. What the flesh puppets excelled at wasn’t their abilities, but rather their ability to be duplicated. Su knew that these flesh puppets could be instantly produced by their master, which was equivalent to rebirth. This was what was different from the other biological weapons, as their reproduction and growth would more or less result in some changes, after several hundred, or even just more than ten generations, they would lose many of their special abilities. Meanwhile, duplication, as the name implied, was completely retaining all of the details and abilities. No matter how many eras passed, they wouldn’t change in the slightest.

However, the most important thing was that Su smelled Madeline’s aura on these flesh puppet’s bodies!

The aura was extremely weak, perhaps it had only seen her, or maybe heard a few words pertaining to Madeline. However, this was already enough, because it meant that their master, a certain apostle, should have Madeline’s information.

The flesh puppet below Su’s feet continuously struggled, power becoming greater and greater, not like it was heavily injured at all. Su knew that the flesh puppets didn’t have vital areas, the head merely the place where some perception organs were concentrated. If one wished to kill them, they had to be smashed into a bloody paste, and only then can their regeneration process be stopped. Aside from this, it wasn’t that Su didn’t have methods to deal with them, those options would just take up a bit more time.

When one’s size was too small, abilities would become restricted. His instincts reminded him again that from its perspective, it was already time for him to grow to at least ten meters, this was the bottom line. Meanwhile, as long as he didn’t exceed fifty meters, Su’s evolution degree could be supported.

Towards his instinct’s voice, Su always ignored it. He suddenly shifted several meters outwards. Under powerful winds, another flesh puppet’s fists smashed down, obviously not hitting Su, instead smashing half of its wounded companion’s body rotten. As long as the wounded flesh puppet was given enough time, it could regenerate, but it definitely couldn’t move for at least the next few hours.

Su began to run, rushing past many flesh puppets like a string of afterimages. Whenever their giant fists smashed out, his hair would fly about, the powerful winds making his skin feel a bit of stinging pain. However, they only had the chance to send out one punch at most; once that punch missed, Su already disappeared through the main building’s gates.

All of the flesh puppets instantly crowded around the manor’s main building, yet not a single one dared to get within three meters of it. Their bodies were too large, unable to go through the main entrance. Once the main building was destroyed, it would be the same as creating hindrances for Serendela, which was why she set up this restricted area.

The flesh puppets didn’t lack intelligence, on the contrary, their intelligence was greater than that of most humans. On the starship, the flesh puppets could even take the place of a fleet’s commander. That was why after making a simple judgment of the situation, they immediately issued an urgent warning to Serendela, moreover sending her all of the information they acquired from fighting Su.

The warning was already sent, but there was no reply. They all sensed the passage behind the main building, but it was as if that passage possessed life, severing all perception. When the information entered the darkness, there would be no activity that returned, so they didn’t know if it was successfully sent out or not. The flesh puppets looked at each other in dismay, but apart from increasing the alert intensity again and again, there was nothing else they could do.

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