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«Demon Hunter (Web Novel) - Book 6, Chapter 34.3 - What Was

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Book 6, Chapter 34.3 - What Was

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The passage was deep with no end in sight, winding to and fro. In addition, it forked at certain areas, complex like a labyrinth. Moreover, the indispensable traps of labyrinths were naturally not missing, quite a few set up. This was a vast and massive project, unknown as to what it was first used for, everything now seeming rather old-fashioned, with many installations damaged due to lack of maintenance. However, even though an extremely long amount of time had passed, there were still many mechanisms that could be used, the crucial areas even more so having some new era installations added by the Blood Parliament, their power several times greater. The designs were ingenious, yet they were still somewhat inferior to the olden era ones.

However, Serendela advanced boldly through the darkness, the golden flames in her pupils firing a meter out, illuminating the entire passage! Regardless of whether it was the mechanisms or traps, nothing could hide from the golden radiance, exploding one after another. Accompanying Serendela were rumbling explosions, only large areas of embers left in her wake.

This was originally a path filled with danger, yet it was crossed by her like level road.

Finally, she reached the end of the passage, individual prison cells emerging before her one after another. There was a name plate in front of almost every single cell, some locked, some opened. Looking through the opened prison doors, there would usually be a set or multiple sets of bones or corpses. Serendela’s eyes swept over the name plates, the words able to more or less stir up some ripples in her mind. There were many shocking names among them, even though this was according to the human standard. However, if it was switched for Serendela’s evaluation system, these individuals still separated themselves from the category of bugs.

Before a certain name, Serendela stopped for the first time. The carving on the name plate was extremely simple, only written Julius, no family name, nor was there any crime mentioned, let alone any other information. However, Serendela, after absorbing Valhalla’s database, knew that this wasn’t a normal name. Julius, was the name of a woman, but what the people remembered was instead her nickname, Bloody Mary. The prison cell door was opened, but there were no bones inside. There wasn’t anything here, the cell completely empty.

Bloody Mary had enjoyed glory, yet also experienced a tragic history. However, the suffering and glory she had previously brought about wasn’t much at all in Serendela’s eyes. Yet, for some reason, she stood in front of this name, moreover stood there for a whole half minute. All of her thought centers were operating at high speed, trying to find the reason for her interest in Bloody Mary from the sea of information. However, there was just too much information, the possibilities too many, the amount that had to be processed clearly exceeding Serendela’s abilities. She shook her head, not continuing to think about it.

Before leaving, Serendela saw a small line of annotations from the corners of her eyes, documenting when Bloody Mary escaped. However, with her abilities, how could she have escaped from this place? Serendela couldn’t help but develop a bit of interest in Julius. She calculated things a bit inwardly, and then knew that Bloody Mary escaped roughly seventeen years ago. However, even after the golden radiance illuminated every corner of this place, she still wasn’t able to find any abnormalities, nor were there any clues. This was extremely abnormal. One had to understand that under Serendela’s Clear Sight ability, there was no chance of any valuable information being overlooked. This could only mean that either too much time had passed, thus causing all of the clues to disappear, or the one who rescued her was too powerful, powerful to the point where not the slightest trace was left behind. The likelihood of the former wasn’t great, and the same could be said about the latter.

Serendela shook her head, not thinking any further about this, this wasn’t her goal for this trip. She continued forward, after arriving at the end of the hall, she turned around, her eyes stopping on a name for a second. Lafite Waltz, another name that separated from the realm of insects, entering the level of mice, but that was as far as it went.

Serendela finally stood before the final prison cell. The cell’s door was tightly locked, the one inside still alive. The metal door was extremely thick, the lock also rough and crude. However, compared to the person inside, the prison door was actually incredibly weak, as long as he wished, he could smash apart the door at any time, and even this entire Prison Number One if he so wished! However, after many years had passed, he always remained in here. Even now, Serendela didn’t understand why. 

She was right in front of the prison door, yet she couldn’t take even the slightest step forward. She reached out her hand, gently caressing the name plate, as if she wanted to engrave every single letter into the bottom of her heart. She clearly only had to call out lightly, and then the person in the prison would hear her, yet she could only stroke the words on the nameplate.

At this time, Serendela was quiet, and was also gentle.

As if he sensed something, a low and rough male voice sounded from inside the prison cell. “Who?”

When she heard the male’s voice, Serendela’s hand trembled lightly, inadvertently leaving behind a few deep fingerprints on the nameplate. She lowered her hand, wanting to knock on the door, yet her hand was only raised halfway, not tapping on the door in the end. Only, like this, the nameplate finally came into view. Even though there were now a few fingerprints, one could still barely make out the name.


Prison Number One’s defense could be said to be extremely strict, and it could also be said to be extremely lax. The number of guards wasn’t many, ability users not strong enough, of course, that was with the post-war standard. Before the war erupted, even if the three great influential families tried to break in, they would have to attack at full strength. Meanwhile, the greatest threat that made people too scared to get involved with Prison Number One wasn’t these guards, but rather Bevulas, as well as the giant shadow behind him, the Spider Empress.

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