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«Demon Hunter (Web Novel) - Book 6, Chapter 34.2 - What Was

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Book 6, Chapter 34.2 - What Was

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A three meter tall giant dropped from the sky, the tremendous force of impact making the great earth tremble, also making his feet plant deeply into the ground. However, his knees only buckled in, and then his body was stabilized, displaying just how terrifying his strength was. When the giant landed, sound waves spread in all directions. A blurry figure immediately appeared from the shadows, precisely the woman who had just entered a stealthed state. Her complexion was deathly white, the corners of her mouth carrying wisps of blood and foam, the powerful impact clearly leaving her with quite some injuries. Her reaction speed was also extremely fast, immediately leaping up, throwing herself towards the shadows in the building ahead. As long as she could jump into the darkness, she could enter stealth once more. However, when she only jumped halfway into the air, her body suddenly froze! A large hand already grabbed the woman’s head, her expression instantly distorting, yet she couldn’t even cry out. That giant who really did create a seismic wave, forcing her out of stealth, reached out another hand, grabbing her waist. The woman was extremely slender, which was why her slim waist could be completely surrounded by the giant’s palm.

The giant’s hands crossed. The woman’s body was immediately twisted to an unnatural state, and then she was flung aside like a tattered rag. During the entire process, there was no expression to be seen on the giant’s face at all, but there was a bloodthirsty radiance in his eyes.

The great earth trembled continuously. Giants descended from above one after another, just the seismic waves enough to make the guards who rushed out sway unsteadily from side to side, to the extent where one couldn’t evade in time, his head and shoulders crushed under the sole of a giant. Blood crazily gushed out, yet that giant seemed totally unaware, instead looking around in search of new prey. However, the result left him disappointed, the dozen or so giants in the courtyard were all searching for new prey, as the guards who rushed out from the buildings had long turned into corpses, moreover turned to pieces. A giant who was clearly a bit taller walked over to the gate. He reached out his hand, casually grabbing at it, and then the black metal courtyard gate was torn apart! It flung it aside, then knelt down on one knee, waiting for Serendela’s arrival.

Serendela walked slowly into the manor, the corners of her eyes twitching slightly, expression extremely complicated. With a wave of her hand, the flesh puppets immediately scattered, occupying various important locations in the manor. Meanwhile, Serendela herself walked towards the main building. The flesh puppets were all roughly three meters in size, their bodies massive, so it would be extremely difficult for them to squeeze into the corridors and passageways designed for humans.

After entering through the entrance, an elder who wore butler clothes was currently standing there, calmly watching Serendela, the silver pocket watch in his hands more like a handicraft article than a tool for murder.

“This is private territory, we do not welcome outsiders. However, it is already too late even if you wanted to leave now.” The elder raised the pistol in his hands. The muzzle fired out a weak blue flame, but the two bullets left the barrel with initial speeds exceeding a thousand meters per second, flying towards Serendela’s eyes with absolute precision! The pistol’s recoil was inconceivably great, but the elder’s hand remained extremely steady.

A layer of gold appeared from the depths of Serendela’s eyes, and then they turned into violent radiance, as if two streams of flames sprayed out from her pupils! The alloy bullets’ speed suddenly slowed, struggling to move forward before the golden radiance. They began to deform and warp along the way, ultimately turning into two streams of liquid before falling.

When he saw this scene, the elder’s pupils rapidly contracted, firmly pressing down on the trigger, the muzzle sending out blasts of blue flame again. A bullet evaded the golden radiance flames, rushing at Serendela’s upper lip. Even though that area wasn’t a vital point, it could still inflict sufficient injuries. This time, the bullet landed firmly on Serendela, but it was as if it hit a steel plate, deforming, and then falling. Meanwhile, her sensual lips weren’t damaged in the slightest, not even turning a bit red.

This bullet could blast through a centimeter thick uniform steel plate!

The elder’s expression immediately changed. After a pause, he flung aside the pistol and then released a muffled low roar. His body suddenly swelled in size, his rapidly growing tissues instantly making the meticulously crafted swallow-tailed coat burst to shreds. In the blink of an eye, the old man already became a frightening, muscular robust man!

Serendela’s eyes finally landed on the elder’s body, moreover surprisingly stopping for a moment. For her, spending even this amount of her time on this type of small insect’s body was already extremely wasteful. The moment Serendela’s eyes landed on his body, the elder’s expression suddenly changed greatly. The veins on his neck swelled, seemingly transfering all of the strength in his body. However, he couldn’t utter a sound, nor could he move. Under Serendela’s gaze, his body slowly floated into the air. A hint of resolution flashed past the elder’s eyes. His body swelled up once more, the blood vessels on the surface popping one after another, exposing blasts of bloody mist. He already transferred every bit of strength he could, but Serendela’s eyes were like an invisible prison, locking down all of his movements. Even after igniting his own life, he was still only able to move his arms and legs slightly.

Serendela continued to look at the elder. She slowly walked past him, casually grabbed his head, and then made a twisting motion. With a kacha sound, the elder’s face moved to his back.

With a plop sound, the elder’s lifeless body collapsed, but it still continued to twitch involuntarily. However, Serendela was already walking towards the end of the hall, not giving the elder’s corpse another look. This was only a small insect, not worth any further attention. Even if this small bug was Prison Number One’s warden, even if he had eight levels of strength, he was still only a bug.

At the end of the hall was originally a staircase that led upstairs, behind the staircase a small door that led to the rear court. However, when the back door was pushed open, it was a path that winded downwards, deep as if there was no limit, unknown just how far it went. Serendela didn’t hesitate in the slightest, directly following the passage down, as if she was extremely familiar with this place.

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