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«Dark Moon Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 356: Protection And The Present For Tang Ling

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Chapter 356: Protection And The Present For Tang Ling

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Surprisingly, the one who appeared in Tang Ling’s room was the copper-faced man.

Despite his robust physique, he was able to sneak into Tang Ling’s room without making a sound and even Boss Huang did not seem to notice his arrival.

It was drizzling outside the window, and the copper-faced man looked extra relaxed in Tang Ling’s room.

He looked around the room, touching this and that, going through the drawers and stuff. After all that, he sat in front of the small writing desk, grabbed one of Tang Ling’s cigarettes that was placed on the desk and lit it up. He then opened up the black leather notebook that he had found in Tang Ling’s drawer.

The notebook was the map that Tang Feng had left for Tang Ling.

Due to his encounters in the Ninth Ruins, Tang Ling had not completely followed the map to Darkness Port, hence there were a few pages at the end that he had not finished.

Long clouds of smoke gushed out from the copper-faced man’s nostril. He really looked like he was enjoying himself.

After he finished reading, he placed the notebook down, stood up, and gazed into the drizzling window blankly for a few minutes.

His mask veiled his true face. No one knew what he looked like and what his reaction was towards the chilly drizzle. Was it a depressed expression or a heavy one?

Dok, dok.

Soft footsteps sounded in the room as the copper-faced man walked to Tang Ling’s side and sat down.

What kind of dream was Tang Ling having? The brows on his decent-looking face were slightly furrowed.

The copper-faced man stared at Tang Ling’s face quietly as the drizzle continued outside.

Maybe because Tang Ling furrowed his brows for too long and it was an eyesore to the copper-faced man, his big hand with a black glove moved towards Tang Ling’s face and eased the furrowed brows.

He then grabbed Tang Ling’s arm and softly massaged it with a unique method until the kid’s body was completely relaxed.

After that, the copper-faced man stood up and walked to the desk. He wrote several lines of words down before leaving Tang LIng’s room via the little window.

A while after the copper-faced man left, Boss Huang came back in.

The moment he stepped into the room, he realized that there was a note on the desk. He picked the note up without any surprise and saw that the handwriting resembled the typing of a machine.

The content of the note was simple: ‘Your massage method is not good enough, so the medicinal effect was not spread evenly. For the left arm joint, you should…For the belly, you should…’

Boss Huang held his urge to curse out loud. He slammed the note on the table and grumbled softly, “I’m not massaging him anymore! What are you going to do about it?”

After that, as he pouted, he quickly looked around the window and made sure that there was no one there.

A tiny ball of ember burned above his palm and engulfed the piece of note. He looked at the unconscious Tang Ling and complained helplessly, “You little bastard, you really know how to enjoy life!”

After the drizzle, Darkness Port welcomed the night.

The night was extra cold because, after the chilly rain, the icy wind came. Even the liveliest bar street in the city was abandoned with just a few visitors lingering.

The locals of Darkness Port were not used to the cold weather. They disliked walking out, and even if there were one or two exceptions, they wrapped themselves thickly and had their collars up as they walked across the street filled with water puddles in a hurry.

They wanted to get home as soon as possible and have a big bowl of thick black pepper fish stew on their tables along with the local delicacy, the coconut wine, to satisfy their chilly stomachs.

Such a night made Tang Long’s room a little colder than usual.

A careless servant had forgotten to close the window before leaving. The window was wide open, so the icy wind fluttered the thin curtains roughly and almost killed the blazing fire in the fireplace.

Unfortunately, no one would notice the situation for a while because Tang Long’s room looked fine from the outside except for a tiny bit of illusory feeling. When looking from the street, the wide-open window was shut and only a tiny seam was left. It did not appear to be opened and the curtain did not seem to flutter.

Despite looking normal, insightful people would still notice something surreal about the room.

Only powerful masters, not all but only the masters of the law of time, could notice that Tang Long’s room was enveloped in an excellent False Time Formation upon closer study.

Without breaking the formation, no matter who entered the room, they could only see a specific scene from a specific time and the duration would not exceed 5 minutes.

In other words, if the False Time Formation was set for 9 p.m., those who did not break the formation could only see the scene in Tang Long’s room for that specific time period and the changes that happened in the room would continue until 9.05 p.m. before it returned to the starting point as an infinite loop.

Unfortunately, there were not many people with time talent in the world. Even if there were, they would be working as the essential force of some major factions. No one would have the free time to wander around in the cold night and notice the unusual situation in Tang Long’s room.

So, what exactly was going on in Tang Long’s room beneath all the illusions?

Tang Long was still unconscious on that wide and comfortable bed. Judging from his slightly pinkish face and some parts of his body that were free of bandages, his recovery was smooth.

As a matter of fact, after he was slammed to the ground, the resources he received were only slightly better than Tang Ling’s: the best cell regeneration serum and a mysterious prescription that used precious and special materials for body repairs.

It was just a matter of time before he woke up.

Despite his smooth recovery, Tang Long was unconscious about the things that had happened beyond himself.

The icy wind was blowing into his room through the opened window. All he could do was slightly shudder and clench his arms tightly, which he had exposed earlier due to the heat under the blanket.

Half an hour ago, the copper-faced man had snuck into his room with a bottle of coconut wine in his hand. He started drinking beside Tang Long’s bed and was on his third glass, but Tang Long knew nothing about all that.

It was getting colder.

The copper-faced man seemed to have noticed Tang Long’s discomfort, so he stood up and tucked Tang Long’s arms under the blanket.

Regaining warmth, Tang Long looked a lot more relaxed, but the icy-cold prince of manners, who always looked superior, looked helpless when he was asleep. In fact, he looked timid and somewhat scared.

The copper-faced man stood in front of his bed, staring at Tang Long’s face as unknown thoughts ran through his mind.

Half a minute later, he extended his hand, seeming like he was trying to stroke Tang Long’s hair, but he ultimately massaged Tang Long with that unique method. It was the same massage he had given Tang Ling.

After the massage, the copper-faced man seemed a little tired. He sat back on the single armchair and poured himself a glass of coconut wine, enjoying it sip by sip.

The empty glass was then put down and he stood up to return to the bedside. Despite hesitating for a few seconds, he extended his hand and clumsily stroked Tang Long’s hair.

He then left Tang Long’s room.

At the same time, the healer in charge of Tang Long’s health was living in the same luxury mansion. He was having a nightmare.

In the nightmare, he was massaging Tang Long with the mysterious and unique massage technique, and whenever he got it wrong, he would repeat it over and over again.

While the healer was drenched in his own nervous sweat, the nightmare caused him to bear all the massaging techniques in mind.

In Starstay City.

After Higan was gone, those teenagers who were eligible to stay in the Sky Castle were disappointed for a while.

It had been a while since they saw the beautiful scenery of Starstay City, which was Higan lingering at the edge of the castle and gazing into the sunset.

What they did not know was that the beautiful scenery was not just gone for a few days. It was gone for good and they could no longer see the scenery anymore in the future.

Higan had quietly left Starstay City four days ago.

Anyone who remembered the day when Higan had first arrived in Starstay City would never forget the scene where she appeared in Sky Castle in a witch’s black shabby robe.

No one had laughed at her or looked down on her because of her shabby robe. Instead, the strangely styled and broken robe on her granted her an exotic charm like an art piece filled with a dark, artistic sense that bore a sense of mystery and matched that lazy and unpolished style.

As a matter of fact, although it was really broken and shabby, it looked different because the person wearing the robe was out of this world.

Higan wore the same robe anyway. It might be old and broken, but it was enough to function as a cover. While it might not be warm, in this real world, anywhere was warmer than that hellish world. The robe was enough to block the wind.

She hid her wet hair under the hood and covered half her face with a black cloth, revealing only her eyes. No one was able to recognize her in her dark attire.

She said that she was done and had cleared all her debts with the council, so she only took what she brought. She did not even take a single Stardust coin or any items. She had never paid attention to those fancy dresses or the delicious food.

She would rather wear the broken robes and follow Tang Ling around even if she had to be homeless.

In her empty memories, the bitter but warm feeling was not unfamiliar to her. Higan was weak. She had never been this weak before.

She roughly calculated that she might need a very long time to recover, so she had to use some of her power to heal the injuries. She did not want to go back to Tang Ling in such an ugly state.

She had nothing with her, and it was not possible for her to get any help from the Stardust Council, but it did not matter. She would use her own legs and everything that she could do to travel back to Darkness Port in hopes that she could reach before Tang Ling and Tang Long started their Life Or Death battle.

Higan decided to travel along the coastline. It would have been best if there had been ships that were willing to ferry her. If not, she would just travel with her legs.

She wanted to collect all the beautiful seashells along the beach and make a present for Tang Ling. It might not be precious, but the seashells were proof of her persistence that she held on along the way. It was to repay Tang Ling’s trust in her all this while.

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