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«Dark Moon Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 98: Hope Barrier

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Chapter 98: Hope Barrier

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although curiosity towards the machine was high, no one was able to answer Yang Kong’s question. After all, what exactly was defense? The question covered a vast topic and was difficult to explain in such a short period of time.

Fortunately, Yang Kong did not pick on the young New Moon Warriors. He explained in the next moment, “Many of you would think that a real defense should be impenetrable, but what is impenetrable? Is it an iron cover over everything that protects it from harm? Is that it?”

“No, the old civilization already has a very clear definition of true defense. It’s a sustainable spacious area without any blind spots and strict surveillance over the head. In order to achieve that, the old civilization invented satellites. You guys can go and read the books left behind by the old civilization about satellites, so I’ll skip the explanation here. In short, true defense is a pair of eyes that will never close and has clear insights into the area that needs protection. On top of what I’ve said and using that as a base, the concept of defense extends to being able to precisely provide suitable countermeasures in time the moment any kind of anomaly is discovered.”

Yang Kong was not turned off by the young warriors’ desire for knowledge. In fact, those truly powerful people in this era did not just flex their muscles.

Moreover, lacking the understanding of knowledge as a starting base, they would not become powerful in the slightest. At least, they would not be able to cross the rank-3 threshold.

One had to admit that the way Yang Kong explained things was very captivating. It even increased Tang Ling’s admiration of knowledge, the miraculous power that could transform bad into good.

Just think about it! That pair of eyes must exist somewhere because Tang Ling had experienced the night of the zombie.

He knew how fast the people of Safety Sector No. 17 had reacted that night.

So, would this large-scale super-advanced machine be a…

“That’s why the machine that you guys saw is related to our defense system. Creating illusions is just a concise branch of all the functions it has. It’s definitely not the only thing it can do.”

“It is also that pair of eyes you mentioned!” Orston was slightly interested now. He did not expect Safety Sector No. 17 to have something like this.

Yang Kong smiled approvingly.

“It can also judge any kind of situation accurately.” Christina was hyped up by this new influx of knowledge.

Yang Kong continued beaming.

After a short silence, Yang Kong said, “Generally speaking, it’s a pair of eyes and can provide the most accurate and correct decision based on intricate calculations. On top of that, it can also create illusions and shield the sector from threats. Lastly, it can also provide precise responses like the precision of an impact or an extremely powerful precision strike.”

“Its full name is the Level 2 Defense Fortification Body, also known as the Level 2 Sector Protection Machine.”

It was powerful, so powerful that one could only feel despair in front of it.

It was the first reaction that popped up in Tang Ling’s head. If Safety Sector No. 17 had something like this and he was forced to go against the sector one day, would he even have a chance of winning?

He recalled the incident that erupted that night, including the glares that blazed in the night sky, and how all the hatred and grudge had non-severable ties with the sector. Even after over a month and somehow acknowledging some of the good people inside the sector, Tang Ling would never forget the grudge that was buried in his heart.

His point of view had changed. Some of the high ranking people in the sector had their hands tainted with the blood of the settlement.

What if this machine was used for the sake of those high-rankings?

Anger and despair thundered furiously in Tang Ling’s heart. Although he might look calm on the outside, he curled his fists tightly in his pockets.

No matter what, all he could do was move forward.

He still had Uncle Su Yao by his side!

No one knew how violent the emotions were in Tang Ling’s heart were at the moment. Everyone was just overwhelmed by the revelation.

Since the veil over the real world had been lifted, the shocks came frequently and slowly, so one would get used to it.

Observing how interested the young warriors were in the Level 2 Sector Protection Machine, Yang Kong appropriately added more details, “This Level 2 Sector Protection Machine is one of the secrets of Safety Sector No. 17. After you guys know about the existence of this machine, you’ll also know why the battlefield behind the cliff exists. All of you will eventually understand it.”

After he mentioned the war, exhaustion rose from the bottom of his heart. When would the endless battle end? He was still unable to see the silver lining behind all this.

How long would the curious teenagers before his eyes be as exhausted as him?

Three months? Half a year?

While Yang Kong was in deep thought, Orston and the others were already discussing the battlefield excitedly. At that instant, the iron cage trembled when it finally landed.

Had they reached the battlefield? Everyone stood ramrod straight after the iron cage landed.

The excitement from the Level 2 Sector Protection Machine made them temporarily forget about reality, but after it landed and they remembered what they had seen at the top of the cliff, the New Moon Warriors swiftly picked the harshness of reality up again.

Are we going to fight those enormous monsters?

Are we going to fight them right away?

How are we going to fight them? What should we do? Will we die?”

Inevitable thoughts popped up in their minds. Even Tang Ling could not fight his nervousness.

Yang Kong seemed odd when he saw the reaction on the New Moon Warriors’ faces, but at the same time, he did not open the door. Instead, he stood at the door with a strict expression and gazed at them.

“Now, I’ll officially introduce myself. I am Yang Kong, the introductory knowledge instructor of the First Reserved Camp. When I open the door, you’ll start your first lesson on the First Reserved Camp. I’ll be giving you a lecture about the Hope Fortress and all sorts of basic education about Safety Sector No. 17. This is what the reserved warriors that bear the title of New Moon Warriors must know in the First Reserved Camp. The lecture runs for an hour. And now, let us begin.”

As he introduced himself, Yang Kong reached out to the safety hatch and opened the door of the iron cage.

“Ah…” Vian unconsciously grunted. She closed her eyes and shrunk behind her friend, fearing that she would see a bloody warzone or some scary monsters running towards her.

The others were also very nervous, so they unconsciously took a step backward.

Although Tang Ling stood closest to the door, he gulped nervously.

Yang Kong could not help but chuckle. It was the same little farce that would happen every year. Even the best New Moon Warriors were no exception.

Chuckling, Yang Kong simply walked out of the iron cage, his hands tucked in his uniform pockets as he waited for the newbie warriors to walk out.

Tang Ling slightly flushed. Since when did he become so afraid? He tried to maintain his calm and he followed Yang Kong out of the cage eagerly as if he could not wait for another second.

The moment when he walked out of the iron cage and saw what was before him, he was completely floored on the spot.

Other than a scarce area opposite the cliff, everything was covered by a white light. Nothing was visible as if the little area was an isolated world.

“Welcome to the Hope Barrier.” Yang Kong raised a hand and snapped his fingers. The iron cage behind Tang Ling and the others then slowly rose up.

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