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«Dark Blood Age (Web Novel) - Chapter 683 Auroral Shield

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Chapter 683 Auroral Shield

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Translator: Doggotranslation

The person who stepped on Yu Xiaohai was surprised. He discovered that amongst the bullets and energy attacks, there was an arrow heading toward him without energy fluctuation, and the reason why he was able to discover it was through the vibration of the air.

However, the surprise was only a reaction within a few tenths of a second. In the next moment, the arrow entangled with black gas passed through his chest like lightning, and then went all the way forward, passing through eight shadows behind him in succession.

The person in white clothes raised his head and looked in the direction where the arrow came from. At this moment, the cold snort has not arrived yet, but he seemed to have seen Chu Yunsheng behind the arrow track smile strangely.

Time seemed to be frozen for a second, and the shadows that were pierced through by the arrow did not seem to have any reaction as if the arrow just now was a ghost arrow or an illusion.

Then that cold snort finally arrived in the dark night.

“Is it?”

There were only two words, but wherever the sound wave hit, it just caught up with the delayed power of the arrow. From the first person who stepped on Yu Xiaohai to the eight shadows behind, the front of each person’s chest exploded like a firecracker. As a series of bursts sounded, and the flower-like black mist bloomed one by one on their chests. The huge repulsive force produced was like having a pair of hands, forcibly tearing their uniforms apart, then their bodies began to shake violently, and flew backward like a broken kite.

In the eyes of other people, the eight shadows and the white-clothed person were severely injured just by that cold snort!

Is there really a person in the world that strong?

With merely a cold snort from the air, he was able to injure the white-clothed person and eight powerful masters that easily defeated Yu Xiaohai and other awakeners?

The faces of the upper echelon of the military in the observation room of the base far away instantly became gloomy, and they all fell in silence…

Even Old Youling, who knew the real reason, why they were injured, couldn’t help being taken aback. It also started to become a little envious about how fast Chu Yunsheng increased his combat power.

In the night sky, a frost-like shadow finally shot out. Due to the problem of light and vision, when Chu Yunsheng stepped out of the darkness, he was like a beam projected on the battlefield from far away, appearing in front of everyone.

The bow in his hand has been replaced with a sharp sword, and it was held in the air. The blade’s tip was emitting the cold gleam, condensing the snow-white frost and reflecting on the side of his smooth mirror-like silver cold mask, indifferent and without any expression. It made the battlefield under the night sky look particularly quiet and cold.

The white clothes of the person who had stepped on Yu Xiaohai was broken, revealing black skin-tight garment inside, which looked like some kind of uniform, the workmanship involved in making this uniform was extremely great. The blood that came out his body was flowing down the gaps that were specially designed in the uniform.

But the man did not fall like the other shadows, he just looked like a mess. He stabilized himself, stood still, and then a slight smile appeared on his face, and there seemed to be a new interest in his eyes. He then took out a remote-like device from his pocket, looked at Chu Yunsheng, and said lightly, “This is how it should be! Unlike that garbage!”

Chu Yunsheng took a glance at him, then lifted up Xu Xiaohai from the pit, took off his armor, and found that he was already in a severe coma, bleeding from five blood holes on his body, breathing weakly. He immediately cast an absorption talisman onto him, stepped back several steps, and handed him to Lin Shuiyao, who was pushing forward with Phantom Warriors, and said in a deep voice: “Take him back to for treatment. Do everything possible to heal him! The other ghost fighters carry on following the leader Fang Ju to continue to attack the base.”

Lin Shuiyao knew the importance of Yu Xiaohai to Chu Yunsheng, and so she immediately asked the two ghost warriors to lift him and retreat to the rear.

Chu Yunsheng also took all the remaining offensive talismans on Yu Xiaohai. After that, he gently tapped the ground with his toe, then his body was lifted up, and like a breeze, he flew over a pile of corpses and landed before the person who was holding a remote-like device and blocked their way.

“Old Youling, you take care of those robots! The other awakeners and Phantom Warriors immediately captured the military base, right now!”

Chu Yunsheng lifted the ice sword and then quickly assigned the task to everyone.

He just saw something strange after the arrow pierced through them. Except for the person in white clothes who was stepping on Yu Xiaohai, the other eight shadows did not bleed after they were shot by the arrow. After stripping off their battlesuit, there was a burst of crackling lightning. Obviously, they were a certain type of humanoid robot.

Different from the three-legged mechanical robots in Yellow Mountain, they were as tall as normal humans. They had hands and feet and resemble humans. The smooth metallic luster exuded the beauty of science. The black glass-like mask was cold with seriousness, and the cool white shell made them look murderous.

Their hands were weapons, and their weapons were hands. When they were still far away, they could shoot out blue beams after folding their arms. When they were close, they could activate cold lightsabers. They all had great strength and moved extremely fast.

Although the arrow Chu Yunsheng just shot out now did not reach the realm of “Howling Clouds”, it was actually shot out using the Howling Cloud’s method, coupled with the help of black energy, it was still extremely lethal. Eight humanoid robots were severely damaged. So their combat power would inevitably drop a lot. Plus the twelve ice and fire combat team members and eight phantom warriors that finally arrived, even if they couldn’t destroy them, they could still stop them for a while.

Although he didn’t know why the Duo Neng Race wanted to create such good looking but less useful robots, Chu Yunsheng did not take them lightly, especially when he saw the man in front of his press onto the remote-like device and activated an auroral energy shield.

“Xuan Bo energy shield?”

Chu Yunsheng was slightly surprised, and said coldly: “But you are not from the Duo Neng Race, who are you!”

The man sneered, drew a white light beam with two fingers together, and said: “With your strength, you are indeed qualified to know who I am, but unfortunately I still can’t tell you.”

Chu Yunsheng waved his sword and snorted coldly: “The people who like to pretend to be mysterious, except for the Duo Neng race, there are only Tzolk’in beings left. You really think that I don’t know. It’s not that you can’t say it, it is you don’t dare to say it, because you have no confidence to defeat me! Otherwise, there is nothing you cannot tell a dead person.”

The person chuckled indifferently: “You are getting smarter and smarter, but I still don’t want to tell you, haha!”

After a while, the white light beam passed through the auroral energy shield surface and shot toward Chu Yunsheng, hitting the twelve sword qi emitted by the ice sword like a raging wave hitting a rock, splashing out countless splash-like light spots. Then it was torn apart and offset in pieces. Then, the still six sword lights rushed out sharply and slammed at the person in the auroral shield.

The man was actually wearing a battle helmet, but the battle helmet could vividly display his expression. Seeing that Chu Yunsheng could already emit twelve sword qi, he seemed to sigh: “You have improved again… No.1 is right, your combat power is increasing rapidly. If we don’t get rid of you soon, you will be even more troublesome in the future.”

Then, he waved his left hand and closed his palm, and as if he had grabbed something in the air, he suddenly pulled it, then a burst of energy fluctuation appeared, disrupting the direction of the six sword qi, causing them to fly away from him. After that, a light spear appeared in his right hand out of nowhere, and it instantly lunged toward Chu Yunsheng fiercely.


An ice trap talisman was cast out of Chu Yunsheng’s palm, condensing a huge cone of ice on the way, trapping the man inside, and the six sword lights returned sharply from behind, stabbed into the ice cone one by one.

Chu Yunsheng deliberately controlled the sword qi to attack in a straight line. If he wanted to kill this person, he had to pierce the auroral energy shield first. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for him to do any damage to him.

In less than a moment, the last sword qi also penetrated into the ice, but at the same time, the ice cone cracked, bursting into countless fragments. The man’s auroral shield was dented by the first five sword qi, but with the force of the five sword qi, he was pushed toward Chu Yunsheng at an even faster speed. The spear in his hand was shaken slightly and in the next second, surprisingly, it was split into four pieces from the central axis and left from the man’s hand.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know what it was, but he was not afraid. With the heavy protection of the battle cloak, the battle armor, and the level-three energy shield talisman, he stepped forward, hacked out a dozen sword qi in a row, and then cast out five offensive talismans at the aural energy shield, ignoring the attack of the four spear pieces.

The roaring explosion sound and the ear-piercing shrill sound almost appeared simultaneously, the power of the offensive talismans was all unfolded at the same time. A dozen sword qi pierced through the bursting flames and ice roars repeatedly, aiming to kill the person in a cloud of smoke.

At this moment, the battle armor on his body was also broken. Although it was a tier-two battle armor he made in Nanjing, it still couldn’t withstand the four-piece spear’s rotation attack.

When the dust fell on both sides, the man waved his left hand to shake off the ice pieces on his body, walked out of a messy explosion point, threw away the remote-like device, and took out another one, and activated it.

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