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«Dark Blood Age (Web Novel) - Chapter 727 God Of Death Chi

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Chapter 727 God Of Death Chi

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Chu Yunsheng did not curse it, nor did he get angry. After what he had been through, he learned to stay calm about anything he heard from other people. He would not believe everything other people said. All he could trust was his own analysis, even if the information was insufficient, he would not be impulsive and reckless.

So what if he was a “supporting character”? So what if he was still an ordinary human being? He didn’t care about it at all. He even separated the godhood that the senior practitioner gave him, so there was nothing else in this world that could tempt him.

Therefore, he only said indifferently: “You trapped me on an island for twenty years, and used the heir of the Seven Nails to force me to enter the node. Then you locked me in the zero-dimensional space for an entire era. Because of you, I couldn’t stay with my family and friends; because of you, all the people I knew in the past have now left me. You think you can easily make up for it with just one deal?”

He said with an extremely calm tone. However, the calmer his tone was, the more murderous it felt to other people.

The ancient voice said: “Since I chose to tell you this, I have naturally expected that you will have soaring resentment and endless hatred, but I must come out and tell you, otherwise you will destroy the seventh era. Moreover, you will not refuse the deal. You are in an urgent need to reconstruct your body, I can tell you the method, and the condition is that you need to leave the earth as soon as possible.”

Chu Yunsheng smiled lightly and said: “You are really funny. My body was destroyed because you lured the master of the Seven Nails here. Now you want to use this as a bargain. Do you think I am stupid or you are very naive?”

The ancient voice said: “If you can’t reconstruct your body, you will die soon. Even if you want to take revenge against me, you will not be able to get out of the zero-dimensional space.”

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said: “Guardian, you have underestimated me, maybe you have never understood me. After stepping out of the node, I have figured out a lot of things, you really think I care a lot about having a body? Yes, I want to reconstruct my body, otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here. But that’s because I want to find the people that I care about. But you locked me in the zero-dimensional space for an entire era, completely destroying my hope.

I’m not smart, but I’m not a fool. Yes, I will die soon if I don’t reconstruct my body, but since I will die soon, why should you be afraid of me destroying the seventh era? You are so eager to make a deal with me. Obviously, my existence here somehow threatens you. Although I don’t know the reason, I don’t mind waiting it out. Maybe you will die before me.”

The ancient voice was silent for a long time before it said sternly, “Even if you died, I would not disappear. But before you die, you will inadvertently destroy the seventh era by communicating with the humans of the seventh era. They will get power from you that they can’t control with their current abilities. The technology and power you brought from the Sixth Era will bring destruction to them. It will be as dangerous as barbarians mastered nuclear weapons. A civilization can only control and master the weapons corresponding to the knowledge they have accumulated. Before the advent of the atomic bomb, there were decades of academic papers and cruel world wars. If there were no such things as foundations, and the atomic bomb suddenly appeared, what do you think would happen?

But this is not the worst. There are many civilizations in the universe, as long as they were discovered, they would either be regarded as test subjects by more powerful civilizations, or be ruled by the darkness, or be used as life supply. As long as they were not completely exterminated, they would still be able to survive. So I am not worried that other civilizations would come to earth during the time the three-dimensional space around earth is unlocked. After all, they have to leave before it is locked again, otherwise, they will all die here.

The worst thing is that the science and technology of the seventh era has developed to the same level as the sixth era before the Great Darkness. They have already found many unexplainable phenomena and contradictions in the universe. If you tell them the truth with the scientific and technological facts you know at this time, what do you think will happen to them?

They will not be able to get out of the locked space. They will fall into despair. Then the entire era will fall into chaos until it is destroyed.

I know you may not care about the seventh era, but I care about it, this is my duty. So I have to rush to make a deal with you and let you leave here as soon as possible.”

Although Chu Yunsheng didn’t know how true this explanation was, it was understandable why the voice would explain it. Because the explanation itself was one of the conditions of the deal, if the guardian didn’t say it in advance, Chu Yunsheng might actually do it. This was also the reason why the Guardian had to appear.

“Sound like you shot yourself in the foot.” Chu Yunsheng said: “If you didn’t lock up me in the zero-dimensional space, you think this would happen?”

The ancient voice said: “I just didn’t expect that you would break through the seal. Only the era leader can do this. Although you are very powerful, these are two different things. I don’t know what happened to you in the node, I could only make the best choice for the Sixth Era based on the situation at the time. ”

Chu Yunsheng said: “It’s too late for you to say anything. It is my call now and you are not qualified to negotiate terms with me. I am the one who is making conditions here. ”

The ancient voice said: “It’s not too late, I did lock you up, but the time is not that long as you think. After the space near the earth is locked, it is equivalent to forming a space-time pit. It will move like a huge space-time twisting vortex. The center of the pit is static relative to the outside world; over there, time shrinks and moves extremely fast. The entrance of the pit, where you once stayed, spins extremely fast; over there, time expands and moves very slowly; while the universe is still moving at a normal speed outside the pit.

It can be described in an even simple analogy. Outside the pit is like the sky, inside the pit is like the earth, and the entrance of the pit is like heaven. One day in heaven equals one thousand years on Earth, and one year in the sky.

That’s just an analogy, the actual difference in time and space is much larger than those numbers. If you set out now, you may still be able to catch up with the humans who escaped from the sixth era. Although I don’t want you to catch up with them, I think this is the only reason you can leave.”

Chu Yunsheng frowned and said, “Where are they now?”

The ancient voice said: “I don’t know. After leaving the earth, they followed the era leader to wander in the universe. But I believe that you will be able to meet their descendants. Their spacecraft should also be flying at high speed and their time is also expanding. So if you can catch up with them, maybe they will be still young. The universe is very mysterious, time is only a direction, it is not constant.

I can provide you with a spaceship and tell you the method to reconstruct your body. You can’t find what you want if you stay here, so it’s better to leave.”

Chu Yunsheng pondered for a moment and said: “You and I can’t believe each other at the moment, but I have the upper hand in this negotiation. Therefore, you must first tell me the method to reconstruct my body first. I will decide whether to leave or not. You only can choose to trust me.”

The ancient voice said: “No, I can provide the spacecraft first. The method will be kept on the spacecraft, once you leave, it will be handed to you.”

Chu Yunsheng immediately said: “I am not negotiating terms with you, you have no choice.”

The ancient voice was silent for a few moments and said: “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you first. The way to reconstruct your body will require you to kill lives, a lot of lives. Originally, I wanted to find a way to use this method to create my own body, but then I realized that I couldn’t use it at all. I can’t kill any lives. This is the rule set by my creator.

If I tell you now, can you guarantee not to slaughter the humans of the seventh era? Even if you promise, I will not take risks.”

Chu Yunsheng said coldly: “If you are telling the truth, you shouldn’t worry that I will slaughter humans in the seventh era. You have never really understood me since the great darkness of the sixth era. Have you ever ‘seen’ me slaughtering humans willingly? Even with the request of making the Cambrian soul, I also refused it.

I don’t care if you don’t want to tell me first, I just want to tell you that as a guardian, you are a failure!

Do you know why? You didn’t have to suppress me in order to clear the way for the sixth era leader. As long as you showed up in front of me like what you are doing now, and told me who the era leader was and what he could do, you think I would refuse to work with him? I never once wanted to be a leader.

The glories you mentioned, you think I want those things? Do you not know my pain behind those glories? You knew it, yet you ignored it. Do you think I liked to do those things?

After all, you keep saying that you can’t kill anyone, but apart from the era leader, you don’t give a sh*t about other people, do you? I can guarantee that if you can kill people to create your body, you will not hesitate to slaughter the entire planet, but I won’t. I understand the importance of life better than you, and I respect it much more than you.”

The ancient voice was suddenly silent and did not speak for a very long time.

Chu Yunsheng said calmly: “Do you know why one of the era leaders called you guardian instead of ‘father’? I believe that he is a man of affection. You have protected him. He was grateful to you for being a guardian, but you are not worthy of being a ‘father’!

The father is kind and fair to human beings and loves every child. Even if he is biased, he will not harm other children and ignore their lives.

And what did you do?

Do you think you can still be called ‘father’? ”

Chu Yunsheng’s voice was flat, but every sentence pierced the ancient voice like a knife.

After a long time, its voice came slowly: “I’m just an incomplete deity program… I can tell you first, and then give you an exploration type spaceship.”

“Although there is an automatic control system, it still requires more than a hundred humans to work together onboard. So you can recruit anyone you like, and I will not interfere with it. However, you have to promise me that you must do it secretly. This is my only request. You can appear as the god of death like that American called you. As long as it fits the culture, and doesn’t reveal anything extra.”

Chu Yunsheng didn’t care about the title, he frowned and said, “Why is it an exploration type? Why not space battleships?”

The old voice said: “The probability of encountering enemies in space is almost zero. What is the use of having a battleship? Moreover, whether it is you or the human beings of the seventh era you will be recruiting, it is the first time for you to enter the universe. The biggest crisis for you is survival, not battle. Only the exploration-type spaceships are the most suitable. Otherwise, once you used up your energy and finished all your food, would those weapons help you? You would only die while sitting on those weapons.”

Chu Yunsheng thought about it for a moment. The senior practitioner had also said this before, so what the ancient voice said made sense. But he was still confused about another thing the voice said, “I can choose anyone at will? Are you afraid that I will take away the era leader from the seventh era?”

The ancient voice said: “the era leader is not selected. It can be anyone. In a big crisis, they need to stand out on all fronts and emerge from thousands of competitors. I’m sorry that you might have been eliminated in the first round of the competition. You don’t have the qualities that an era leader needs to have. Otherwise, you and I wouldn’t have been like this today…”

Chu Yunsheng’s eyes moved slightly and said, “Who is the era leader of the sixth era? You can tell me now, right?”

“You are indeed qualified to know, but I don’t have the authority to tell you. Once all the information about an era leader is confirmed, it will be kept as a top-secret.” The ancient voice said slowly: “Actually, why do you need me to ask you, you should know.”

“It really is him?” Chu Yunsheng’s eyes became colder and said,

The old voice changed the subject and said: “You are not an era leader, what I can tell you, I have already told you. What I can’t tell you, it is useless to ask me. Even if I want to tell you, it will be limited by the system to protect the safety of era leaders from your enemy.

So, gather your men and come to the graveyard of spaceships to find me. I will prepare the spaceship. To escape from the space-time pit, you still need my help. This is not a zone that can fly out only by spacecraft. ”

Seeing that it was unwilling to say more, Chu Yunsheng stopped questioning, and said quietly: “I will verify it first, and then make a decision.”

Several days later,

“Jacob, how is your recovery?”

“Oh my god, it’s amazing, I am feeling a lot better now!”

“With me, you won’t die, but you must leave today.”

“Do I have to go? God of death, Chi, I’m just a high school student, not a Spider-Man, such a bloody thing…”

“Your pronunciation… Don’t you want to hear the screams of beautiful women? Don’t you want to be the hero in the eyes of the girls? Why are you such a coward now? Don’t worry, with me, you just need to assume a pose.”

“It sounds easy, but… Oh right, God of death, Chi, last time you talked to me about money, I have figured a method. There is a blond girl in our school who is the goddess in the minds of every boy in the school. Her father is a wealthy businessman, and her aunt married a rich European man. If you help me chase her, the money will not be a problem…”

“Shut up, am I here to help you pick up girls? However, if she is really that rich…”

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