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«Dark Blood Age (Web Novel) - Chapter 716 Please come with us

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Chapter 716 Please come with us

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Translator: Doggotranslation


The gray shadow stretched out his hand and swung the arm horizontally. The Great Pyramid was lifted up slowly, with the soil, dirt, and dust falling off from it.


Old Youling entered the last inscription command, then the energy that had been accumulated over thousands of years was infused into the coffin.


The black-armored woman flew out of the black clouds with three hundred purple flaming figures in the sky like meteor showers.

“Surround it!”

No. 2 Heaven’s messenger gathered all the remaining warships into the attacking formation before a sea of battle flags.


The woman in the rainbow-colored celestial dress was holding a heavenly book. In the purple glow, characters in the book emerged one by one, and the soldier of the netherworld steered the chariot and rushed towards the swarm and fleet.


The Ice Race and the Fire Race arrived on the battlefield; staring at those battle flags, there was only a deep hatred in their eyes.

Amidst the chaos, a cold shout swept over Cairo:


Three black shadows holding lightning bolts in their hands appeared in the sky. Pressing their hands down, they forced the land and the Great Pyramid lifted by the gray shadow back to the ground.

Their gazes looked at the gray shadow coldly. These were the cold eyes that they had inherited from the Lord Insect. Even if the gray shadow had the power of Cardinal Source Gate, so what? He could lift them up, they could make him drop it again!

The gray shadow man snorted coldly, held out his hand with an open palm, aiming at the three black figures, and suddenly grasped something in the air. In the sky, a large hand of light grid suddenly appeared, sweeping across the battlefield and grasping the three dark shadows in the palm like an energy cage.

All other creatures, as soon as they touched the thin grid of the giant hand, they would be firmly trapped, and none of them could escape.

Three black shadows, one of them flew up steadily, and said coldly: “I will go to see the master. B, cut it off; C, go to the Shadow Being.”

That big hand was enormous. Although it had a boundary, no matter how high other creatures flew, they still could not escape it.

But that flying black figure only climbed a short distance before turning into a black line, leaving the center of the big hand, and shooting into the great pyramid.

Immediately, the black figure called C also flew away and shot toward the direction of the black-armored woman.

The Gray Shadow didn’t seem to care that they had split up. He suddenly squeezed his big hand, and firmly grasped the last black figure. The thin line grid tightly held the black figure’s body. Every time it tightened, the bones of the black figure would make a cracking sound.

It raised its head, under the pitch-black pointed mask, it appeared even colder. Then its wings suddenly opened, and the lightning spear in its hand made an electric arc, flying out of its hand and levitating above its head. In the cold gleams reflected by the armor, the lightning spear was stabbed hundreds of times in succession in an extremely short amount of time.

The spear was like a real lightning bolt, and the attack was like lightning flashes. They were densely stabbed at the key point of the giant hand. In an instant, the giant hand received hundreds of consecutive heavy blows.

After the lightning attack, the thin line grid on the giant hand was riddled with holes, and could no longer maintain its form. It collapsed on the spot and dissipated quickly.

The grey shadow took a cold look at it. Breaking the sky’s restraint, it made the first step out of the sky. However, in the next second, it fell heavily and spit out a mouthful of blurry blood,


In his shout, the originally dispersed dust on the ground gathered again, forming many human shapes, and then was inhaled into his nasal cavity. Then the blood gradually stopped.


The gray shadow poked his finger across the air, and lightly tapped the black figure called B.

The space around B was suddenly solidified together as if it had been frozen by something, no matter how it attacked, the surrounding space only appeared horrifying cracks repeatedly, but it just didn’t break.

“The power of Cardinal and the law of Source Gate are not something that you all can contend against!”

The gray shadow swept his gaze towards the Great Pyramid, faintly said towards the battle flag formation behind him, “Go, and kill him.”

Chu Yunsheng was inside the pyramid, but the Gray Shadow seemed to be restrained by the sky; it seemed like he would have to pay a heavy price for every step and every move he made.

Meanwhile, in the Great Pyramid, Chu Yunsheng was still madly impacting the door of Yuan Tian stage three. As long as the Gray Shadow did not enter, he would not stop.

At this time, a black line made of many afterimages broke into the Pyramid. Along the way, the Egyptians who could not dodge were all killed by the black fire of the black line and turned into dust.

“I, Guardian A of the Forbidden One have come to meet you, master!”

As soon as the black line entered the king’s chamber, it stopped; holding the lightning spear and kneeling on one knee, its form slowly took shape in the air, cold and murderous.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t move. He heard it, but he didn’t respond to it. At this moment, his progression has reached a critical moment, and even just a little distraction would be catastrophic.

Chu Yunsheng did not speak, so Guardian A remained motionless, maintaining a solemn posture of kneeling down on one knee, as if even if its outside companions were killed by the grey shadow, it would not move a bit.

For insect A, the master was its god, so it didn’t dare to show any disrespect.

However, Aphro suddenly ran out of the secret chamber at this moment. Probably due to excessive nervousness, she did not see Guardian A who was kneeling on one knee in front of Chu Yunsheng and said in a low voice. “Gai Yi Si, Lord Youling has activated the-”

“How dare you!”

Seeing Aphro ran directly to Chu Yunsheng without any sense of “respect” that she should have, Guardian A immediately raised its head, its ice-like eyes in the pointed black mask flashed with countless black lightning arcs while gazing sharply at Aphro as if it wanted to kill her in an instant.

At this time, Aphro finally discovered that there was one more person in the king’s chamber. Moreover, this person was extremely powerful, and his eyes seemed to contain endless power. By simply looking at her, it made her panic like she had fallen into hell. Even the strongest servant of the temple would not be able to achieve something like this.

Such a powerful man only existed in the records of the temple; only the true descending God had this kind of power. However, at the moment, this man was kneeling before Chu Yunsheng respectfully as if without Chu Yunsheng’s permission, it would continue to kneel until he died.

After another second, she felt that her soul was weak as a small candle in the wind, it was almost about to be wiped out by the black eyes behind the pitch-black mask.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly raised his right hand, waved it lightly, and then put it down, still not opening his eyes.

“Yes, master.”

Guardian A lowered its head solemnly, and the black lightning arcs in its eyes disappeared instantly. Master’s will was the rules it lived by, so it would not ask for reasons. It simply let go of Aphro.

“Master, please come with us. We will use our lives to escort you to our singularity exit. The Venerable Forbidden One is willing to sacrifice itself, surrendering its life force, body, and the Primal Diety to resurrect master.”

Insects would not lie, especially to the Book Of The Insect or their master. Guardian A said heavily, showing that the situation has reached a point that Dark had to sacrifice itself!

Chu Yunsheng didn’t speak, nor did he open his eyes. He just shook his hand gently and firmly. He wouldn’t exchange Dark’s life for his own life, so he didn’t even want to consider it.

“Master, please come with us!”

Guardian A said firmly again as if this was its mission. It bowed its head again and pleaded.

“Master, please come with us!”

The second black figure entered the Great Pyramid with another woman, and knelt on one knee in the king’s chamber, pleading.

On the other hand, the woman looked at Chu Yunsheng with endless tenderness and love in her eyes while tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Master, please come with us!”

The third black figure made a bloody path from the outside and knelt in the king’s chamber. The huge wound caused by the cracked space was vaguely visible around its body!

Immediately afterward, many purple flaming figures flew in, kneeling one after another.

“Master, please come with us!”

“Master, please come with us!”

“Master, please come with us!”

The small king’s chamber and the corridor leading toward it was full of “human” figures at this moment. All the “human” figures were begging him to come with them.

The survived Egyptians all stepped aside and looked at them in shock, wondering who was in the king’s chamber, and who could have made so many terrifying creatures to kneel on one knee and plead.

Even Old Youling was terrified. Especially when it heard the word “Singularity”, it immediately walked out in shock. But all it saw was that Chu Yunsheng suddenly raised his head, looking at the sky blocked by the pyramid stones. Then the cube he got from the giant head suddenly appeared, and countless formulas and strings of data began to pour down like a waterfall…

All the insects were gathered in front of the Great Pyramid and desperately tried to stop the crystal-dressed warriors and the soldiers of the netherworld with their bodies.

On the battleship of the Duo Neng race, No. 2 Heaven’s messenger looked at the battlefield on the screen coldly, his hands clenched fists as he said with hatred,

“They say we are just broken machines, they say we are not qualified to be living beings. Fine! Turn all our weapons around and attack The Dragon Chapters and the soldiers of the netherworld!”

“No.1 is dead! My order is now the highest command! Do it now! Kill them all!”

The battleships of the Duo Neng race turned one by one, aiming all their cannons at the soldiers of the netherworld!

“No.2, I am warning you, if you do this, we will all die!” The shadow that once appeared in the yellow mountain appeared on the screen and warned robotically.

No.2’s face was filled with madness, “Do you think anyone can survive today? I have died once for their promise already! So you think that I am scared to die again? We do not have souls, but we have pride. Today, I will represent all our people and take it back from them! Even if we are going to die!”

“No.2, according to the simulated battle deduction, unless we all attack it with the power from the self-destruct, the success rate is zero. Moreover, even if we self-destruct, we can’t destroy it. We can only seriously damage the holder of The Dragon Chapters.” The shadow on the screen said.

No.2 laughed madly, “Then do it! No.1 said that we still have No.5, and one day we can kill them and bring back the lost pride! ”

All the people behind him all had the same determined look on their faces. Those who could rush had already made up their mind on the way here. Those who did not want to die had all escaped on the way. Not everyone was fearless. There were always people who had other ideas, but No. 2 did not chase them.

“In the age of sorrow, all spirits grew; the Southern Kingdom had herb Yi Wei, the Northern Kingdom had herb Su Ping; only I lone had nothing.

In the age of sorrow, all spirits grew; beings in the east had their children, creatures in the north had their kids; only I lone had nothing.

In the age of sorrow, all spirits grew, …

In the age of sorrow, all spirits grew, my heart is full of sorrow, but who can understand it!”

“I would rather die than regret!”

“I would rather die than regret!”

“I would rather die than regret!”

While singing the song - “Longing For Soul” with grief, the rest of the people from the Duo Neng race rushed to the woman in the rainbow-colored celestial dress…

All the battleships were moving at their maximum speed, smashing at the glowing energy barrier created by The Dragon Chapters, and blossoming out a gorgeous light in the night sky.

In the bleak air, the sorrowful singing of the Duo Neng race reverberated everywhere…

It was at this moment, a colorful light soared into the sky from the top of the Great Pyramid!

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