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«Daoist Master of Qing Xuan (Web Novel) - Chapter 556: Sun Vanquishing Arrow

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Chapter 556: Sun Vanquishing Arrow

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The plum blossoms forest in the mountain was created by Shen Lian’s spell and became the Mountain Defense Formation. Hence, whenever the Wuzhong’s went into the mountain, they could hardly reach the Qing Xuan Cave like Guzhu.

Once an opportunity was missed, it was hard to find.

The purpose Shen Lian laid the formation was not to stop the person who tried to kill him. It was merely just using the plum blossom forest to lay footprints in this mountain.

The mountain was not high but it was famous due to the celestial. The water was not deep but it would be spiritual if there was a dragon.

As Shen Lian stayed on this mountain, the mountain would be well known. Hence, the people who came into the mountain would make the place into a pandemonium.

In order to prevent this, Shen Lian decided to lay the Mountain Defense Formation.

The Wuzhong’s would not give much thought. As the whole mountain was covered with plum blossom trees, it was given the name, Mount Mei.

If the white plums would survive another thousand years, the name of the mountain would not change.

Thousand of years later, there would be many fables and tales being told due to the plum blossoms and Shen Lian. It would become a beautiful story and the place would be one of the sources for Shen Lian to journey the path of Shen during his practice and cultivation.

The Wuzhong’s slowly got less curious about the strange occurring on the mountain.

Without causing suspicion, an unexpected person came from the east side of the mountain, and that was Feng.

As he returned to Fenghou’s, he planted the yarrow seeds and went into a solitary retreat. His heart and soul entered into a state of concentration. He was the almighty god archer. As he adjusted his state of mind to the most relaxed and natural state, his shots never missed.

Shen Lian was the most famous person in his list of targets. Honestly, when he made up his mind, he felt an unstoppable sensation. All the incense showering did not help much. He could only calm down by solitary retreat after the snow melted and spring began.

He made the decision to come to the surroundings of this mountains after much consideration. The final battle between Emperor Xia and Yunyang was about to begin.

If Yunyang won, nothing would matter. But if Yunyang lost and at the same time, if Feng killed Xia’s High Priest, Feng would obtain an incomparable reputation. He would become the person Dongyi depends on. The accompanying luck and fortune would enable him to become the genuine ‘Hou Yi’.

If Feng became ‘Feng Yi’, although he could not kill Emperor Xia, it was enough to overawe most citizens in Xia. Then, he would become dominant in Dongyi, accomplishing his wishes and obtaining the throne.

These thoughts were highly possible. He did not believe the augury Wupeng interpreted.

No matter how frightening Shen Lian could be, Feng treated him as a large obstacle. This time, Xia’s High Priest must die in his hands, even though they did not meet before.

Feng could ensure that Emperor Xia would not notice him within the distance of one hundred kilometers. With this distance, he would make use of the arrow that he was always reluctant to use, the ‘Sun Vanquishing Arrow’. According to the legend, the greatest god archer, Hou Yi, used this skill to shoot the nine suns. There were initially ten arrows and Feng was holding the last ‘Sun Vanquishing Arrow’.

For an instant kill, Feng had to use this.

The east wind blew and the plum blossoms gently fell. From afar, Feng could smell a hint of the plum blossoms. But he could not use his spiritual sense to pinpoint Shen Lian’s exact location because it would alert Shen Lian.

Therefore, he imagined the environment that Shen Lian was in and looked for his existence.

This was a god-known spiritual sense. It was also a state he well tempered and trained, a state of the god archer.

The plum forest was within his field of vision. The picture of the whole mountain was clear in his mind. Feng closed his eyes and endorsed into the magical state.

The sound of water gushing rang in his ears. That was the bottom of the spring water. The water sounded cold. It seemed like the residue of the cold snow remained. The falling plum blossoms were blown towards the water by a gust of wind. As there was no one in the plum forest, the place seemed like it had been cast aside by the world.

There was a hardly noticeable music of stringed instrument among the sound of the wind, water, and the fallen plum blossoms. It was divine music, not artificial. This reminded Feng of the north arctic, the ocean he saw behind the Youdu was not water from the Netherworld but he did not know the origin of the water. The place was dead quiet so it was named ‘Ming’ and as the location was in the north, it was named as ‘Bei Ming’, as ‘Bei’ means north.

Bei Ming was too large that Feng had not finished exploring. However, he saw a huge demon beast, called Kun.

The Kun was a length of a few thousand miles. When it float resting on sea level, it formed a huge island. Kun produced a strange sound was not earth-shattering, but it was similar to the music of nature. It seemed like it was a voice of a human’s heart and also the hidden rhythm of the path of Dao.

Feng listened to the sound of Kun for a month. It was the reason behind his success in becoming the strongest god archer in Fenghou’s. He comprehended the undying interrelation between gods and humans.

Upon hearing the similar divine music from Mount Mei, Feng was shocked. There was no one else in the mountain. Hence, the only source could be Shen Lian. This changed his perspective of Shen Lian to the better.

Thousand of thoughts passed through his mind. Finally, he followed the music and climbed up the mountain.

Mount Mei was not high but Feng ‘saw’ a light mist in front. The mist was like the ones that had always surrounded the high mountains. The source of the music originated from the mist.

He was not mortal and this time around he was in a magical state. Hence, he could see through the mist and obtained the truth.

At the same time, he took action. He raised his bow and laid the Sun Vanquishing Arrow.

As he ‘saw’ Shen Lian, the Sun Vanquishing Arrow shot out from his bow.

A figure of a young man playing the instrument appeared in front of Feng. He sat by the cliff, against the cave with the name ‘Qing Xuan Cave’.

By his side was a black tiger, quietly asleep surrounded by the music.

As he saw the whole picture, the young man looked into his eyes and said, “I have been waiting for you.”

Feng was shocked. Little did he know that he would face this situation. His strong mind and soul suddenly snapped.

Without hesitation, he pulled the arrow and fired the Sun Vanquishing Arrow.

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