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«Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1396: Women…

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Chapter 1396: Women…

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“Boss Mag, I’m here,” Vanessa said with a smile. She and Lola stood by the door of the restaurant as Mag opened the door and walked out.

Mag had never seen Vanessa behave so adorably. He nodded with a smile, and said, “Come on in, I’ll call Xixi over.”

“Alright.” Vanessa nodded and brought Lola into the restaurant.

Mag heard them greeting the others, and closed the door behind him, making his way to the magic potion shop next door.

There was nothing going on between him and Gloria, but once a woman started suspecting something, no amount of explanation would clear your name.

Luckily, Irina was not an unreasonable woman, and there was nothing questionable about his conversation with Gloria.

However, that also reminded him that as a married man, he should be more mindful when having tea with Gloria in the future.

He should be careful not to let people chance upon it.

Mag walked into the magic potion shop, and was greeted with a waft of faint potion smell. Xixi had her back towards the door, standing among a pile of glass beakers, and mixing her potions with full concentration.

Ever since Xixi started working at the magic potion shop, the business had skyrocketed, and the flow of customers that Mamy Restaurant brought also contributed to the magic potion shop’s business. Their shop’s hot seller was the recovery potion, which had twice the effectiveness of potions of the same price, and it was always running out of stock.

Urien successfully became an owner who didn’t have to do anything. Of course, it did not matter to him how much the shop was making.

Mag stood at the side for a while, waiting. Xixi only noticed Mag was standing in the shop after she poured the turquoise liquid from the beaker into a small bottle, and then capped it up to put it on top of the display.

“Boss Mag, when did you come?” Xixi exclaimed. She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was already 2.05 pm. She apologetically said, “I’m sorry, I tend to forget the time when I start mixing potions. It completely slipped my mind that we had a meeting.”

“It’s okay, I’ve just arrived, and you need to focus when mixing your potions. Are you done now?” Mag said with a smile.

“Mm-hm. Let’s go over now. It would not be nice to be late.” Xixi put the potion on the display rack, and walked to the restaurant with Mag.

Mag brought Xixi to the restaurant. Meanwhile, Vanessa was chatting happily with Irina.

Xixi greeted Irina with a smile. Then, Mag introduced Vanessa to her.

“Since we’re all here, we can start the consultation with regards to Miss Vanessa’s dental fillings.” Mag sat beside Irina. Vanessa sat in front of the three of them, and opened her mouth to show her teeth.

Mag used a chopstick to point at Vanessa’s teeth as he said, “Firstly, let me briefly talk about Miss Vanessa’s teeth. Half a month ago, her teeth were practically covered by this black substance, and she had very serious gum problems at the same time. After using the Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste to brush her teeth, her gum problems are under control, and the amount of black substance on her teeth is also significantly smaller. This shows that brushing your teeth can help to clean and control the growth of such substances.

“The main problem right now is the cavities resulting from the teeth decay. How should we clean the dental plaque on the inside of the holes, and how to fill the cavities so that the teeth can go back to their normal state? After that, brushing every day would be the way to maintain a set of healthy teeth.”

“Life magic and light-type magic have no effect on cleaning the dental plaque. However, I can soften elephant tusks and then use them to fill the cavities. This is how the elves do the dental filling,” Irina said.

“That’s not a bad idea. But if we don’t clear the black stains, the remaining teeth will still be corroded from inside out.” Mag looked at Xixi.

“I can give it a try.” Xixi nodded. She took the chopstick from Mag, and a faint green glow surrounded the chopstick. The bamboo chopstick became green very quickly. A stalk grew out from the chopstick, followed by leaves.

“That’s impressive.” Vanessa and Lola watched in awe.

The bamboo had become a thin bamboo shoot way faster than when she first showed it to Mag. It was obvious that after receiving help from Irina, Xixi’s World Tree had recovered a lot.

“Miss Vanessa, please show me your teeth.” Xixi stood up and went to Vanessa.

Vanessa opened her mouth immediately. If her dental problems could be treated, she would be able to eat all the food in the world without any worries.

The cavities were on almost every tooth, and some seemed to have drilled a hole into her teeth. One could only imagine how painful it had to be. The black stains around the cavities made the teeth look very unpleasant.

Xixi placed the bamboo shoot, which was as thin as a toothbrush, on Vanessa’s teeth gently. The bamboo disintegrated, and small spots of green light landed on the teeth, covering the surfaces of the cavities with black stains. The stains that were in contact with the green glow melted away as though they were cleaned by a very strong detergent.

“It seems effective,” Xixi said with a smile. She continued maneuvering the bamboo, gliding it across Vanessa’s teeth to effectively remove the stains at every hidden corner.

“Is it really effective?” Vanessa asked incomprehensibly as her eyes lit up. She could only feel a cooling and refreshing sensation on the parts of the teeth that the bamboo touched. If it weren’t because the bamboo was still in her mouth, she would really want to take a look at how her teeth had changed immediately.

“It’s a very big change.” Mag smiled. He made the right decision to call Xixi. Normal magic would have no effect on these black stains. However, Xixi was probably the last dryad in this world who knew nature magic. Nature magic was really effective on these black stains.

“Yes, Your Highness, the stains were really removed,” Gloria said agitatedly, without realizing what she said.

About three minutes later, the bamboo in Xixi’s hand completely disintegrated, and Vanessa’s teeth had a complete makeover. They were very white and stain-free.

“Take a look.” Mag passed Vanessa a mirror.

Vanessa held the mirror in both hands. When she saw her pearly white teeth, she was dumbfounded for a good one minute before she put the mirror down. She leaped off her chair and hugged Xixi as tears welled up in her eyes, gratefully saying, “Thank you, Big Sister Xixi, thank you…”

“You’re welcome, think nothing of it.” Xixi smiled and patted Vanessa gently on her back. She could imagine how much pain and troubles the teeth must have been for such a beautiful lady.

“Now that the stains are removed, we can begin with the filling.” Irina took out a clean and white elephant tusk and a paring knife. While looking at Vanessa, she said, “Do you want to fill your teeth up or have a complete set of ivory dentures?”

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