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«Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1256: That’s The Crux, And It’s Going To Be Tested!

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Chapter 1256: That’s The Crux, And It’s Going To Be Tested!

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the bedchamber of the royal palace in Moon Nation, the king looked at the queen who tossed and turned with a worried expression. He hugged her shoulders, and consoled, “Don’t worry. Babla is a clever child and an 8th-tier spatial magic caster. No one can harm her.”

“Your Majesty, this child has never left the palace, and has no idea about the evil in this world. She has disappeared for months without any news, and we didn’t receive any connection from her. How can I go on living if something happens to her?” the queen said chokingly, her eyes reddening again.

The king’s expression became severe too, but he still gently said, “Don’t worry. The royal instructor is already hastening the repairs of the teleportation portal. They’ve also found a sealed spatial stone mine, and I have already ordered them to mine it as soon as possible. Once the teleportation portal is repaired, I will bring an army to get our child back.”


A minister entered the royal palace late at night, and loudly said to the guards at the gates, “Quick, report to His Majesty! An anomaly happened at the teleportation portal. It could be the princess trying to contact us!”

“Yes!” the guard quickly replied. Princess Babla’s disappearance had become the most important matter in Moon Nation. The urgent report was passed on, and soon the whole country knew about it, but the princess was still not found.

A eunuch at the door knocked, and respectfully said, “Your Majesty, the royal instructor reports that an anomaly happened at the teleportation portal. It could be the Princess trying to contact us.”


The king and queen almost sat up in bed together at the same time. The king couldn’t even bother to get dressed. He let a maid cover him with a cape, and quickly strode out of the door. He said to the eunuch, “Summon the royal instructor in quickly!”


To the north of the goblin territory. A troop made up of thousands of elves silently entered the vicinity of the underground cavern, and met up with the elven army that was surrounding it.

In a big tent, Helena ordered an adjutant in a cold voice, “Pass my orders on. The army shall rest in place and prepare for the combined attack on the underground cavern tomorrow.”

“Yes.” That adjutant swiftly strode out with his order.

In the brightly lit tent, only Helena and Sally were left.

Sally hesitated for a moment before asking Helena, “High Priestess, if Princess Irina and the Night Elves refuse to surrender when we attack the underground cavern tomorrow, what is going to happen then?”

“Since they refuse to surrender, the only outcome will be death,” Helena replied calmly.

Sally clenched her fists subconsciously.

“I know you pity them.” Helena turned to look at Sally. “But if you are to become the new elf princess and perhaps the ruler of Wind Forest, you have to cast away this kind of useless pity. As a ruler, you need to have a strong power and tough means. If you cannot let your people fear you, you can’t make them listen to you.”

“But they are still our people, after all,” Sally said with a frown.

“From the moment they chose to rebel, they were no longer our people, but the enemies of Wind Forest.” Helena smirked. “Anybody who tries to shake our rule will be our enemy. And for an enemy, death is the best way for them to leave the stage.”

“However, if the Queen leaves her seclusion and finds out about this, she…”

“Since the queen agreed with my policy to make the elf species a species so powerful that no other species dare to trifle with, she is not going to say anything with regard to the correct choice that we make because of her personal feelings. The interests of the elf tribe are above everything. The queen believes that too,” Helena said with a cold expression.

Sally pursed her lips and suddenly felt a little sad. Helena’s words seemed to be proven since the queen had allowed Helena to act out against the princess’ child.

But was this really the correct choice?

The so-called interests of the elf tribe were only the interests of the several big families.

To the normal elves, they had lost their freedom, and were exploited. They had never really gained any interests.

“You are a clever child. I know you will understand my efforts for the elf species.” Helena gazed at the crystal ball that was hovering in front of her. There was also a vast starry sky in the crystal ball with numerous stars shining brightly. One or two became shooting stars every now and then, and one of the bright stars had a black shadow over it and was flickering.

Sally lowered her gaze and ceased talking. Her fingernails were already embedded deeply in her clenched fists’ palms.

She couldn’t change anything in her current condition, and could only hold everything in until one day when she could lead the elf species, when she could finally plot on changing everything.

This was her promise to Blour.

They had chosen two completely different paths, but they were meeting here once again.

When they saw each other tomorrow, they would be in different camps. She could even watch him and those respectable elves die.


At the peak of the mountain, two figures were standing together, one behind the other.

“Why are you not leaving?” Irina turned and looked at Shirley who was standing behind her. Her exquisite face was still the rare beauty among the elves even after she went through the many tough battles.

“Even if I left, I couldn’t blend in with the normal elves, so why don’t I follow Your Highness and take part in this epic battle that is going to be recorded in the history books of the continent? This is rather good too,” Shirley said to Irina with a smile.

This elf was the only one that he acknowledged to be prettier than him. Even though she didn’t know he was that little boy who always chased after them, to be able to follow her into battle for one last time and fight for the freedom of the elves, even death no longer felt scary.

“Yes. People as beautiful as us sometimes have such trouble.” Irina nodded, feeling very understanding.

A smile appeared on Shirley’s lips. The princess was still so humorous. However, her heart had long belonged to that powerful man.

“But, why is this the last battle?” Irina’s gaze landed on the allied camps below, and she smilingly said, “This will be the first battle that we started for the fight for freedom. Our motive is not to die heroically, but to let our people see our determination and the hope in the resistance. We will spread the embers of freedom throughout the Wind Forest, and when the autumn winds start to blow, they will become a raging fire and ignite the entire forest.

“Remember that. That’s the crux, and it’s going to be tested.”

“I’ll remember it.” A gleam appeared in Shirley’s eyes. She seemed to have found a career that she could devote her whole life to!

Irina turned around and gravely said to Shirley, “Therefore, you cannot die tomorrow. If I fail to leave here, you will bring Firis away from here. Back to Chaos City.”


“Ah Zi, you’ve got to go to the north by yourself tomorrow. This position. Can you remember it?” On the top of a mountain peak at the northwest of Chaos City, Mag was teaching Ah Zi to recognize a position with a map.


The magic potion shop.

Krassu took a sip of his wine while staring at Urien who was sitting across from him. He pursed his lips. “I feel awkward when I am reminded that I have to ride on the same flying bird together with you tomorrow.”

“I am afraid I might kick you off.” Urien smirked too.

“I am not scared. I can fly.” Krassu was smug.

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