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«Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1025 Red Braised Mermaid

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Chapter 1025 Red Braised Mermaid

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Gina’s eyes lit up immediately.

A delicious taste exploded in her mouth. She felt as though she had seen a vibrant rainbow being pulled down from the sky as a dancing kitchen knife chopped it into beautiful tiny pieces. After that, it was tossed and flipped around above a flame and finally sent into her mouth.

What a charming taste. Even her tongue could feel the happiness.

The taste of the various ingredients spread in her mouth and attacked her taste buds. Even after she had swallowed her food, the aroma still lingered in her mouth.

Gina felt that she had opened the door to a whole new world. Fresh fishes were not worth mentioning in front of such a delicious plate of fried rice.

“It’s simply delicious!”

Gina looked at Mag with admiration and let out a bewitched smile. If someone could actually create such delicious food in this world, it had to be the Chosen One.

“Then have a little more. If it’s not enough, I’ll make more for you,” Mag said with a smile. He still felt a little sympathetic towards those from a foreign land, especially when there was a language barrier, for they might feel even lonelier than him.

Gina understood Mag’s motions and nodded obediently. She held the spoon and continued eating the fried rice with a blissful smile.

Very quickly, the plate of Yangzhou fried rice was finished.

Mag reached out to stop Gina who was about to eat the plate up, and told her to wait for a while. He went back into the kitchen and made another plate of fried rice for her.

After finishing two plates of Yangzhou fried rice, Gina smiled with satisfaction. She stood up and bowed at Mag to show her gratitude.

Although she was the princess of Lantisde, she had received strict training from the high priest ever since she was young, so she had not really enjoyed any special treatment as a princess, and did not expect anything just because she was a princess.

According to Lantisde’s old teachings, she should give herself to the Chosen One in gratitude since he saved her and made her such delicious food.

Gina was an obedient child, so she decided to abide by the old teachings.

Of course, as a girl, she could not make it seem too obvious and hasty.

At least… she could only do so when it was only the two of them.

After breakfast, Mag sent Amy to school and began the busy operating hours.

Gina waited obediently in the kitchen, occasionally passing them a plate and whatnot. However, most of the time, she was just squatting in the corner, telling the fishes and shrimps little secrets that Mag and the others could not understand.

After the morning operating hours, Mag made everyone stay behind for a dialect conference. Everyone tried their different languages and dialects, and confirmed that none of them could communicate with Gina in their languages.

Everyone left the restaurant.

Maybe she isn’t from the Norland Continent, just like me? Mag looked at Gina questioningly. If he had not inherited Alex’s memories, his communicative standard should’ve been around the same as Gina’s.

Gina was also a little disappointed. She had a lot that she wanted to tell Mag. She wanted him to help Lantisde, but did not know how to express herself.

Her people were still waiting in the dark ocean for her to return, and that made her slightly anxious and uneasy.

Mag looked at Gina, who was biting her lips anxiously, and gently comforted, “Don’t be anxious, if you are certain that you’re here to look for me, I won’t chase you away. There will always be a way out.”

Gina matched Mag’s eyes and she suddenly felt a lot calmer. Suddenly, she felt a little dizzy and quickly ran upstairs. She could only maintain the human form for three hours without supplementary water. Additionally, because she used up almost all her energy to maintain her breathing yesterday, she was feeling the aftereffects of hypoxia now, and she had to return back into the water immediately.

Would the water be too little? Mag went into the kitchen and followed her upstairs with a bag of sea salt.

He knocked on the door of the bathroom first, and when he did not hear any reply, he hesitated for a while. However, he still opened the door and entered.

The sailor dress was neatly folded and placed on the clothes rack at the side, and Gina was lying quietly with her eyes closed in the bathtub, wearing the navy school swimsuit. For some reason, she did not change back into her mermaid form, and was already in a deep sleep.

Very fitting indeed. Mag’s gaze stayed on Gina for a while and he nodded with satisfaction.

Stop, stop, stop… Stop getting obsessed with cosplay! Mag forced himself to look away, and then added sea salt to the bathtub filled with water.

Having a mermaid in the bathtub would work for a day or two, but this would not do for a long time. It would be inconvenient, be it for bathing or going to the loo. Mag looked at Gina who flipped over comfortably, and turned away to walk out as he inwardly said, “System, how much does a large fish tank cost? The kind that can fit a mermaid.”

“Host, mermaids are a protected species. You cannot rear them privately. You have to hand them over to the country!”

“Tsk, do you think it’s a salamander?”

“The system thinks that as a candidate for the God of Cookery, the first thing the host should think of when you see a mermaid is how to make a red braised mermaid. That would be the fitting thought process of a qualified God of Cookery. If the host can make a delicious plate of red braised mermaid, the system can provide you with the sufficient ingredients, guaranteed to be pure, wild mermaids.

“Piss off!”

After a series of haggling, Mag spent 2,000 copper coins to buy a large fish tank that came with an automatic water filler and purifier. It was three meters long and two meters tall, so even if Gina were to be in her mermaid form, she could still easily fit into the fish tank and even roll around.

Because of the large area the fish tank took up, Mag placed it in the spare room on the second floor beside the master bedroom. Previously when the restaurant expanded, the area of the house also expanded by two times, so Mag left two rooms as spare rooms. Now, one of them could be put to use.

He had decided to let her stay for a while before figuring out why Gina came to look for him.

If he were to chase her out right now, without being able to communicate or survive on land for a long period of time, it would be akin to killing her.

Mag could not bring himself to do something like that.

In the Food Association Building, employees were hustling around.

The results of the latest Delicious Cuisine Rankings would be published in two days. After three months, the Delicious Cuisine Rankings would release its rankings after a huge reformation.

Whether the Food Association could come out with a satisfactory list this time would be the deciding factor of whether they could continue to be Chaos City’s food guide.

The vice president rushed into the president’s office with a stack of papers. Facing Robert, who was sitting behind the desk, he said, “President, most of the judges have already completed their judging for the restaurants in the Delicious Cuisine Rankings. The three independent statistical groups have undergone tallying and the preliminary results are out, but the ranking…”

“What’s wrong with the ranking?” Robert received the stack of statistical reports and looked at it. He appeared surprised, but seemed to be able to understand the results.

“President, this ranking… Should we edit it? This doesn’t seem too good, right?” the vice president hesitantly said.

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