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«Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1915: Are You Trying To Make Us Sleep By Cheating?

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Chapter 1915: Are You Trying To Make Us Sleep By Cheating?

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After the busy dinner service, the ladies returned to their dormitory. Mag, who was about to close the door, saw Mylo and Garlan standing outside.

He remembered the two of them had already had their dinner, so they had to be waiting for him.

The two of them were just ordinary folks, so Mag wasn’t in a hurry to close the door.

“Hello, Boss. Can I have a small chat with you?” Garlan came forward and smiled at Mag. “I am the chief editor of the gourmet magazine Perfect Food. I am blown away by the dishes you cooked today, and would like to have an exchange with you.

“Perfect Food?” Mag frowned a little. He had some impression of this magazine. He had flipped through the top few magazines on the Norland Continent before, and Perfect Food was among them.

It wasn’t the magazine itself that gave Mag a lasting impression. Instead, it was one of its food critics called Mylo, who used satire to diss all the merchants, that left an impression. He seemed very special in the midst of all the gourmet articles.

Of course, he mainly reminded Mag of his past self.

It was quite a shameful past.

However, compared to Mag, Mylo was slightly less sarcastic.

Mylo was more restrained with his vocabulary. He hadn’t reached the level where he could write as he pleased… Anyway, he didn’t diss as harshly as Mag had.

Furthermore, Mag was thinking that he should remind him to hold it back a little if he ever got a chance to meet him. After all, these chefs were very vindictive. He might get cursed and end up as a chef in the alternate world.

After all, not everyone was going to be as lucky as him, who ended up with a cute daughter and a beautiful wife after transmigrating to the alternate world. He might be the only person who was that lucky.

“Wait a sec. Mylo?” Mag looked at the tall middle-aged man with a square face standing at the side. The omniscient door prompted his information when he walked in earlier, and his name was Mylo. Could he be that chap?

“Nice to meet you. I am Mylo, a food critic.” Mylo could only force himself to greet Mag when he saw Mag looking at him. He observed Mag’s expression’s changes closely.

He never had a good reputation among the restaurateurs. That wasn’t a secret.

“Hello, I am Mag. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Mag nodded with a smile. He actually felt a familiarity of being in the same occupation from Mylo.

He felt very consoled that someone was finally earning money with a keyboard. What an inclusive world this was.

“Thank you.” Mylo was flattered. He mused to himself inwardly that there was actually a restaurant owner who liked him. What a surprise.

“May I know what’s the matter?” Mag asked the two of them. The two little ones were still waiting for him to tell them bedtime stories, so he didn’t intend to welcome them in.

Garlan knew Mag had a hard day, so he cut straight to the point. “Perhaps you have no idea about this. Under the promotion of many gourmet magazines, Mamy Restaurant and the dishes you created were adored by the readers all over the world. Mylo and I were impressed by your cooking after tasting your food. We hope we can listen to the stories behind your delicacies whenever you are free. We think this is what the readers would like to know too.”

“Am I already that influential?” Mag looked at Garlan with surprise. He knew some of the restaurant’s regulars were food critics. Randy, who had just got attached to a wealthy lady, was one of them. However, Mag didn’t expect the articles that they wrote to expand Mamy Restaurant’s influence all over the Norland Continent.

“Yes. No one can resist the charm of good food. Your Mamy Restaurant is already deemed a holy land by many people.” Mylo nodded. Although he had always given a snort of contempt to this so-called holy land, he wholeheartedly agreed that Mamy Restaurant should be promoted as a holy land this time.

Mag’s brain spun quickly as he looked at the two of them. Influence meant popularity, and popularity to him were people whom he could turn into fans.

“Since that’s the case, let’s have a chat after tomorrow’s breakfast service. It’s a little late now, and the children need to go to bed,” Mag replied with a smile.

“Alright. We will not disturb your rest then. See you tomorrow,” Garlan quickly said with a smile as he watched the restaurant’s door close slowly. Then, he gave Mylo a high five.

“Order whatever you like tomorrow. The funds are definitely sufficient. We’re right to come here.” Garlan couldn’t conceal his excitement.

“Hehe. I will eat to my heart’s content tomorrow.” Mylo chuckled. He was always good at eating at others’ expense.


Amy carried Ugly Duckling, which was already asleep, as she sat on barstool, swinging her legs, and asked, “Father, where’s Mother? Isn’t she coming back to sleep tonight?”

Annie was also looking at Mag at the side.

“She has something she needs to do tonight, and will be home later than usual. Little Amy and Annie will go to bed first, alright?” Mag said with a smile.

“Oh, alright.” Amy nodded obediently, and slid off the barstool.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Mag brought the two little ones upstairs, and made them wash up first. Only after the little ones washed up and changed into their pajamas did he begin telling them bedtime stories.

Mag sat on the edge of the bed, and asked the two expectant little ones, “What stories do you want to listen to today?”

Amy raised her hand up, and said, “I want to listen to the prince and princess’ stories.”

Annie nodded too.

“You already know about the prince and princess’ story at such a young age. That won’t do.” Mag rubbed his chin. The princes in the fairy tales usually led a life of luxury and debauchery.

For example, the prince who harbored evil intentions towards the unconscious Snow White. For example, the lecherous prince who was searching all over the country for Cinderella with a slipper. And for example, the heartless and “blind” prince who failed to recognize the Little Mermaid…

He had to impart and establish proper life values for the two little girls from a young age. He couldn’t let them wallow in such unbalanced stories.

“We won’t be telling prince and princess’ stories today. Let’s listen to ‘The Little Horse Crosses the River’ today,” Mag said with a smile.

“Alright.” Amy nodded, and immediately curiously asked, “Why is the little horse crossing the river?”

“We have to start the story from the stables. A mare and beautiful little foal lived in this stable. One day, the mare told the little foal, ‘You are already big enough. Can you help Mom do something?’ The little foal pranced around as it answered, ‘Why not? I am very happy to help you.’ The mare…”

Mag told them the educational yet entertaining story with a gentle voice. The two little ones were also listening very attentively.

“The little foal finally crossed the river. So, the river wasn’t as shallow as the old buffalo said, nor was the river as deep as the squirrel said.” Mag ended the story.

However, the two little ones were still staring at him without any hint of sleepiness.

The silence persisted for a while.

“And then?” Amy couldn’t help asking.

“And… the little horse crossed the river,” Mag answered instinctively.

Amy blinked, and said, “So, a little horse crossed the river became a story. Are you trying to make us sleep by cheating?”

“Errrr…” Mag murmured. He found that the little one was getting harder to teach now, so he had to use the tone of a primary school teacher as he said, “Therefore, what is the moral of this story?”

“We have to learn how to swim so that we won’t become stories that will be used to make children sleep,” Amy said with a serious expression.

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