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«Custom Made Demon King (Web Novel) - Chapter 451: Immortal Soul

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Chapter 451: Immortal Soul

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Mundus was not stupid. After hearing what Roy said, he immediately understood that this unfamiliar demon lord was here to find trouble with him.

He knew very well that as Sparda’s seal weakened, many demons would enter here from the Abyss. And because of the misleading information he put out, the Ouroboros Marks obtained by these Abyss demons would ultimately transfer to his soul and continuously strengthen his mark.

This powerful mark was the foundation of his immortal soul, but it caused these new Abyss demons to lose their protection.

Mundus could hide it from the other demons of the Demon World, but Sparda was one of the insiders. Since this unfamiliar demon lord was involved with Sparda, it meant that he knew about this matter and came to find trouble with him to get the mark back.

But how could he spit out what he had obtained? Mundus had just defeated the Sparda family in one fell swoop and was in high spirits. How could he take Roy, this demon lord, seriously?

“Die, despicable sneak attacker!” Mundus roared arrogantly. Dozens of clawed legs on his body shot out light, and these light rays gathered together to form an even stronger light wave that shot at Roy.

Roy spread his wings and flew up to avoid the light wave. Mundus began to move the light wave along Roy’s flight path, continuously chasing after him to knock him down.

However, because his attention was focused on Roy, he did not notice a figure flying down behind him.

Junia swooped down from the sky. When she arrived above Mundus’s head, she threw her demon sword burning with dark golden flames and plunged it into Mundus’s body.

Boom! As soon as the blade pierced into Mundus’s body, the violent flames immediately spread all over his body.

Mundus screamed, and the light wave attack came to an abrupt stop as he twisted his body desperately in the flames.

“Bastards, what damn flame is this?!” If Mundus had a face, it might have been burned and distorted by the flames. Although he knew how to use flame power, and it was not weak, the dark golden flames were something he had never seen before. Not only did it have an extremely high temperature, but it directly broke through his resistance to flame power and caused immense damage to his body. It even burned away a lot of his magic power in this short period of time!

That’s right. In addition to inheriting the ultra-high-temperature characteristic of Julia’s destruction flames, Junia’s dark golden flames also had a special ‘magic burning’ effect. During the burning process, it would quickly ‘dry’ the enemy’s magic power!

Mundun waved the clawed legs all over his body desperately, trying to extinguish the flames. This action was just his subconscious reaction, but it was actually useless. Fortunately, he reacted quickly enough and immediately grabbed Junia’s demon sword and pulled it out of his body.

When he threw away the culprit’s demon sword, the flames on his body finally extinguished.

But after this burn, most of the densely-packed clawed legs on his body had been burned into charred ashes. As soon as he moved, they turned into powder and trickled down.

“Ah!!!” Mundus roared angrily, and his voice was so loud that the entire Demon World could hear him. The three eyeballs on his head were full of ferocious blood vessels as he stared intently at Junia, who had just taken back her demon sword.

A burst of lightning flashed in the three eyes. The next second, intense light pierced through the dark sky of the Demon World, and a red lightning bolt that was more than a hundred meters wide fell from the sky toward Junia!

This lightning bolt was so powerful and so fast that Junia could not avoid it at all.

But at this moment, Roy suddenly flashed and appeared above Junia. He spread open his arms and demon wings and directly hugged this enormous lightning bolt!

The sizzling lightning danced in the sky like a giant snake. Junia looked up at Roy’s tall figure in surprise and saw him blocking the lightning with a ferocious expression and trying to gather it together.

If it were anyone else, it was likely impossible for them to be able to do this, but Roy was also an expert at playing with lightning. Powerful magic power gathered in the palms of his hands, and he gradually seized control of this lightning from Mundus. The lightning snake running around in the sky gradually gathered, as though it had been tamed.

His arms slowly closed, and Roy condensed this powerful lightning into a huge lightning ball. Then he turned in the air and kicked the lightning ball at Mundus with his right foot.


Mundus did not expect Roy to return his attack in this way. Before he could react, the lightning ball hit him.

With a loud sizzling sound, an intense flash like a nuclear explosion erupted on the horizon. It was the scene of the powerful force contained in the lightning ball being released in an instant. The lightning produced the Tyndall effect, drawing a bright, straight line on the left and right, bursting out and extending for several kilometers.

After the Tyndall effect of light slowly dissipated, the surrounding environment returned to darkness.

Mundus’s body had become a charred black object exuding the disgusting smell of roasted meat…

Roy landed beside Junia, who heaved a sigh of relief. “That was close. This guy suddenly erupted. Was he trying to kill me in a flash?”

Looking at the black fallen angel wing on Junia’s back, Roy said, “I’m afraid this guy saw your wing… He seems to be very sensitive to the identity of angels.”

“Really?” Junia was stunned when she heard this. “Didn’t he make his own statue look like an angel?”

“Maybe because he only allows himself to be an angel?” Roy looked at Mundus’s charred body with a strange expression and patted Junia. “Don’t attack anymore. Your time is almost up. To prevent any accidents from happening, in case the fusion suddenly releases during the battle, you should retreat to the side first.”

With that, a few bottles of red potion suddenly appeared in Roy’s palm. He said to Junia, “Take these recovery potions and wake Sparda and the others up.”

“Okay, be careful!” Junia nodded. “Mundus’s magic power pressure hasn’t decreased. It seems like he’ll recover soon.”

Junia turned and left. Roy walked forward, came to Mundus, and looked at his charred body.

He could sense that under this charred black shell, Mundus’s body was constantly regenerating. This was not surprising. For any demon lord, this powerful self-healing ability was the foundation to ensure the immortality of the body.

Of course, just like how he had eliminated Kha-Beleth, he actually had a way to annihilate this immortal body. He only needed to use the Black Domain of Silence once. But what really gave him a headache was how to deal with Mundus’s soul.

Sparda said that Mundus’s soul was immortal. This was the power that came from overlapping countless Ouroboros Marks. In other words, Roy could not devour Mundus’s soul like he had devoured Kha-Beleth’s soul! Even if he obtained Mundus’s soul and swallowed it, not only would he not be able to digest the soul, but it might even cause Mundus and Roy to fight over control of his body!

But if he ignored Mundus’s soul, this guy could resurrect in the blink of an eye through possessing a body…

This was the most troublesome aspect of demon king-level immortal souls. In the entire Abyss, it seemed that there had never been any hearsay of a demon king truly perishing. Facing such troublesome opponents, their enemies could usually only suppress them by sealing them.

But if Roy sealed Mundus’s soul, he would be unable to take back everyone’s imprints…

I have to find a way to separate the Ouroboros Marks in his soul first… Roy thought. I might be able to use the system to create a tool for this, but there are at least hundreds of millions of Ouroboros Marks in this guy’s soul. How can I find my, Julia’s, and the other’s marks among so many?

Just as Roy was thinking about this, there was a cracking sound coming from Mundus’s charred black shell. Several cracks appeared on the burnt fragile shell, and new claws dug out of these cracks, giving people the feeling that Mundus had finished molting.

“Hahaha.” Mundus’s voice followed the arrogant laughter. “As I said, you can’t kill me! As long as my soul is in this body, even if my body is destroyed countless times, I can recover again! But what about you? How much magic power do you have to consume with me?”

Hearing this, Roy could not help but grin sinisterly. “You shouldn’t speak in absolutes…”

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