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«Cultivation Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 522 - White Lotus

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Chapter 522 - White Lotus

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"As you should know by now, the Eternal Lotuses is a female-only cultivation faction created by White Lotus, who belongs to a Legacy Family ranked in the top 10. She is also a top player inside Cultivation Online who has recently managed to reach peak Spirit Warrior. As for her real-life cultivation, she has achieved 1st level Spirit Warrior just three days ago."

"Wow! 1st level Spirit Warrior!" Yu Rou and Xia Jingyi expressed awe upon hearing White Lotus' impressive cultivation speed.

Compared to her, they were still in the mid-levels as a Spirit Apprentice, and they were considered geniuses by many people.

Of course, compared to Yuan, she was still lacking a little, but if Yu Rou compared everyone with Yuan, the world would look less interesting and more lackluster.


"Although the Eternal Lotuses has only recently been made public, it was actually created shortly after Cultivation Online became a thing."

"Oooh, I didn't know that." Yu Rou said.

"Me neither." Xia Jingyi said afterward.

"Now let me tell you about what will happen once we arrive at the headquarters. Although we have already accepted both of you into Eternal Lotuses, you're actually still required to partake in a simple test. If you've gone to the Cultivators' Association to receive your cultivation card, then you should already know what to expect. It's mostly to gauge your talents and to see how we should train you." Grandma Yin said.

And she continued, "There are a few physical tests, but those are mostly just to see your strength and test your limits."

"Ummm… Can we fail these tests? What happens if we do?" Xia Jingyi suddenly asked.

"It's fine if you fail these tests. It just means that we will need to train you more than others so you can catch up." Grandma Yin responded with a calm smile on her face.

"Once you're officially accepted into the Eternal Lotuses, you will live within the headquarters and be assigned a leader that is usually in charge of about a hundred people. If you wish to leave the headquarters to go outside for whatever reasons, you must speak to an elder or your leader."

"This is mostly for your safety, as our headquarters are situated a little far from society."

"What about visitors? Can we have visitors? I have a brother, and he told me that he'd visit me from time to time." Yu Rou asked.

"Visitors are only allowed inside the headquarters if they're female, but they must be screened. If they're a man, like your brother, or they failed the screening, you can only meet them outside the headquarters."

"I thought so…" Yu Rou sighed.

"There will also be rules that must be followed as a fellow member of the faction, but we'll get into more of that once we actually arrive."

About three hours later, the limousine stopped right outside an unknown wilderness.

"We're here."

Grandma Yin said to them.

Once they got out of the car and retrieved their luggage, Grandma Yin led the two girls inside the wilderness, where they continued to walk for another half an hour before they arrive before a large gate that was guarded by a group of female guards.

"Welcome back, Elder Yin." The guards greeted Grandma Yin with respect.

"I have returned with the newcomers," she said to them.

"Elder Yin… You know the leader doesn't like it when you go outside for these minor tasks that could be done by the others…" One of the guards said to her.

Grandma Yin laughed and said, "I was bored."

"Anyways, let's take our newcomers to the welcoming area."

Once the gates were opened, Grandma Yin led Yu Rou and Xia Jingyi inside the place and then to a spacious area that had around 40 other people gathered, all of them newcomers just like them.

After waiting for another hour for a couple more people to show up, a beautiful young woman with white hair appeared before the newcomers.

When the newcomers saw this beautiful young woman, they all greeted her with respect.

"Good morning, Senior White Lotus."

'That's White Lotus?' Xia Jingyi looked at her unique white hair with interest, as this was her first time seeing her in person.

It was the same for Yu Rou, but she knew how White Lotus looked beforehand due to the internet.

"My name is Bai Lianhua or White Lotus. I'd prefer it if you addressed me with the former while we're in the real world and the latter whenever we're inside Cultivation Online." Bai Lianhua said to them in a gentle voice that didn't fit her seemingly cold expression.

"I will speak with you all again later, but for now, let's get your living quarters situated. And since many of you have just experienced a long journey, we will be starting the examinations tomorrow. With that being said, you're not allowed to wander the place without supervision since you're still not part of the Eternal Lotuses. If you're caught sneaking around, we'll immediately send you home."

After saying a couple of sentences, Bai Lianhua turned around and disappeared.

"Senior Bai is really cool…"

"Right? I think I am in love…"

The newcomers were definitely in awe of Bai Lianhua's overwhelming presence.

Sometime later, the ladies that came from all over the world were led to the living quarters and were assigned their room.

Everybody had to share a room with another individual, and since Yu Rou came with Xia Jingyi, they were automatically assigned to be in the same room, which was exactly what they wanted.

"We will call you tomorrow when it's time to do the examinations. Until then, you're free to do whatever you want with the exception of roaming. If you wish to go somewhere, you can speak with a member wearing this white uniform, and there will always be someone guarding outside."

The members instructed the newcomers.

Once that was done, the newcomers retired inside the room for the rest of the day.

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