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«Cultivation Online (Web Novel) - Chapter 521 - Bring Her Back!

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Chapter 521 - Bring Her Back!

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"Master! Master! We have an emergency!"

A servant working in the Yu Family's headquarters urgently knocked on Yu Yong's doors.

"Enter!" Yu Yong shouted from inside the room with a bad feeling in his guts.

Once the servant entered the room, he asked her, "What happened?"

"I-It's about the Young Lady! She has left the family!" The servant exclaimed.


It took a minute for Yu Yong to process those words.

Once he eventually digested the situation, he immediately frowned and said, "What the heck are you talking about? Why would Yu Rou suddenly leave the family?"

"T-This letter was left inside the Young Lady's room when someone went to notify her of your summoning!" The servant quickly placed the white envelope that had been opened on Yu Yong's desk before taking a few steps back.

Yu Yong stared at the white envelope that emitted an ominous aura for a few moments before picking it up and reading the contents inside…

[Dear father and mother, I have decided to leave the Yu Family to join the cultivation faction Eternal Lotuses. You may be wondering why I made this decision. It's simple. I disapprove of how you all treated Brother Tian and Meixiu, and I cannot get rid of this guilt as the daughter of the Yu Family that mistreated them. Therefore, I have decided to leave.]

[Don't even bother trying to convince me to return, because I won't return even if it's the last thing I do. If you're thinking about forcing me back like how you tried to force Meixiu back into the family just to sell her to Chairman Zhao, don't bother— unless you want to offend the entire Eternal Lotuses that's the number one power within their city.]

[However, as much as I despise the family, I must thank you for giving me life and allowing me to meet with Brother Tian.]

Yu Yong read the letter while his entire body trembled from anger.

"What an ungrateful child!" Yu Yong slammed the desk before him, creating a crack on the surface and knocking down the stacked documents to the floor.

"Call my wife here!" Yu Yong turned to look at the servant and spoke in a commanding voice.

"Right away, Master!"

The servant immediately rushed outside and went to notify Tang Lee of the situation.

Tang Lee arrived before Yu Yong a few minutes later with a deep frown on her face.

"Is it true— that Yu Rou left the family to join some cultivation faction?" Tang Lee asked Yu Yong who reluctantly nodded his head.

"Then why are you still sitting there?! Hurry up and bring her back!" Tang Lee shouted.

Unlike Yuan who was adopted into the family, Yu Rou was a true descendant of the Yu Family, meaning that she was worth much more to the Yu Family despite being much less talented than Yuan.

Furthermore, Yu Rou was their only child, meaning that if she leaves, they will have nobody to continue the Yu Family unless they give birth to another child.

Even if she was less talented than Yuan, she could at least fulfill her duties as a child of the Yu Family and continue their legacy.

However, that was much easier said than done, especially since Tang Lee was already past that age.

While she could still give birth, it would come with huge risks to her and the unborn baby's health, so unless she absolutely have to, it wasn't an option.

"You have no idea. This situation isn't as easy as you think!" Yu Yong shouted back at her.

"Yu Rou went to join the Eternal Lotuses! Although they're not as powerful as the Cultivators' Association, their influence is on par with them! We cannot simply force her to return like Meixiu!"

"Eternal Lotuses? I have never heard of them." Tang Lee said.

"Look them up. They're a female-only cultivation faction led by White Lotus, a famous Cultivation Online player who belongs to a Legacy Family in the top 10. There are also many descendants from the Legacy Family within their ranks. We cannot afford to offend them."

"Then what are we supposed to do?"

"There is nothing we can do right now except give Yu Rou some time to calm her head. Once she's calm, we will try to convince her to return. Otherwise, we'll have to give up on her and make another child." Yu Yong said.

"That's easy for you to say since you don't have to carry a baby around for 9 months, nor do you have to do any of the hard labor! What about my feelings?! I am no longer at the age where it's safe to conceive!" Tang Lee shouted.

"Calm down. This is only the worst-case scenario. There are definitely other methods, but for now, let's just wait and see what happens." Yu Yong said.

"Hmph!" Tang Lee didn't say anything and stormed outside the room in angry steps.

Time passed quickly, and the following day, Yu Rou and Xia Jingyi arrived at their destination after their plane landed.

Once they left the airport, Yu Rou looked around until she found an old woman holding a sign with their names, and she approached this woman.

"Hello, I am Yu Rou, and this is Xia Jingyi."

"It's nice to finally meet you, Lady Yu Rou and Lady Xia Jingyi. You can call me Grandma Yin. I am in charge of bringing the newcomers to the Eternal Lotuses' headquarters and a few other things."

Grandma Yin then showed them to the car that was a white limousine.

Once they were prepared to leave, Grandma Yin sat in the back with Yu Rou and Xia Jingyi while the driver, who was also a female, drove to the Eternal Lotuses' headquarters.

"Allow me to give you a brief introduction to the Eternal Lotuses even though I am sure that you are already aware of such information. It's mostly for formalities."

Yu Rou nodded, and Grandma Yin proceeded to explain to them about the Eternal Lotuses.

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