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«Cultivation Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 1754 - Making great efforts

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Chapter 1754 Making great efforts

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Wrong answer…? Wasn’t this a textbook answer, how could it be wrong?My mind is going to explode from this!

While he was in thought, № Hamster in the Divinity Show continued, “Although there are seven kinds of psychic energy attacks, all in all, there are actually only two basic offensive forms—the direct and the indirect psychic energy attack. The seven common offensive forms are all founded on these two types. In addition, there are various special psychic energy attacks, but in general, they can be summarized into three basic offensive forms. As such, there are a total of five kinds of basic offensive forms which constitute the foundations of psychic energy attacks.”

In the hamster wheel, № Hamster’s voice sounded. “This was such a simple question, and you still got it wrong?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

His mind had already exploded!

In the next moment, the spinning speed of the hamster wheel increased by another degree.

“Aaaah~” Song Shuhang could only increase his speed unwillingly.

“Hehehe~” Behind him, Fairy @#%×’s small waist twisted back and forth as she slithered on the wheel happily. Her pleasant-sounding laughter and Song Shuhang’s screams intertwined—were they happy or sad?

Fairy Creation shouted, “Stupid, stupid!!”

She was stuck in the gap between the rails of the hamster wheel. Her body rapidly rotated with the running wheel, her voice full of unwillingness as she shouted.

“I’m dying, hahaha~ Woof~” Doudou was rolling all over the ground laughing. He’d been deliberating about whether he should ‘help’ Song Shuhang by answering the questions first. But in the end, he didn’t even need to nudge him; Song Shuhang had already made two mistakes on his own.

“Senior Song, you got this!” Only Soft Feather continued to conscientiously encourage Song Shuhang. “Finish the questions early so that we can switch.”

“Another day of joy and peace.” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword fell on the bed, found a place with a wide view, and watched the event silently.

At the side, Lady Onion was motionless. It was unknown what was on her mind.

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked curiously, “Little Lady Onion, you’re free, so why don’t you seem happy?”

Lady Onion responded, “Hm, I’m thinking about my life.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Mind telling me about it? No matter what’s said, I’m still an Immortal-level divine weapon. Although I’m not as good as your Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber, I’ve still accumulated a lot of experiences over my life. If you share your mind, perhaps I can give you some help.”

Lady Onion asked, “Senior, now that I’m free, do I have to shop online, pay for loot boxes, obtain cultivation resources, explore secret realms, and find blessed lands all by myself?”

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

So you don’t want freedom anymore?

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Freedom is very precious.”

Lady Onion inquired, “Is it more precious than the ‘Saber-Nurturing Technique’?”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “These are two different things, and I can have both.”

Lady Onion said, “I want that too.”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “If that’s the case, then I will use my experiences in life to give you a suggestion.”

Lady Onion’s eyes suddenly lit up. She stared at Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword intently, its bright sword body reflecting her slightly withered self.

“You can sign a contract with Song Shuhang that is similar to that of a ‘part-time worker’. You can work for him for something in return. If you do something like this, you’ll retain your freedom,” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword suggested. “If you choose to do this, what skills can you offer? Besides giving out green onion sprouts.”

Lady Onion hesitantly said, “I’ve got… a lot of them, I guess?”

In terms of skills, she had over 200 unique ones. For example… the ❮200 Must-have Skills for a Monster Spirit to Survive❯.

Besides that, she could also take care of spirit plants. She was unexpectedly talented in this field. This should be a hidden ability of hers as a plant-type monster spirit.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Then the rest is easy, you simply need to display the skills you’re proud of and sign a contract with Song Shuhang. By doing this, you should be able to get some pretty decent benefits.”

Lady Onion silently touched her onion sprouts—as expected of a senior, he was especially reliable at critical times.


Meanwhile, Song Shuhang focused on doing two things at the same time, watching the demonic hamster’s speech while making blind guesses when answering the questions.

№ Hamster had asked ten questions, and so far… Song Shuhang had not answered a single one correctly. The speed of the hamster wheel was already at the 10th gear, seemingly having no limit.

Doudou was already out of breath from all the laughing. He directly lay on the ground, patting the floor feebly.

So dumb, Song Shuhang can’t even answer a single question right!

Doudou hadn’t even gotten involved yet, but Shuhang had already accumulated ten consecutive mistakes.

Seven or eight minutes later…

When № Hamster asked the 20th question, Song Shuhang was already in despair.

Every time a question was asked, what was being asked for was a few paragraphs ahead of the ‘speech’. So far, every time the № Hamster asked a question, it was on content that hadn’t been covered yet.

The speed of the wheel had been raised to 20th gear. Even Song Shuhang, who was at the Sixth Stage Realm, couldn’t keep up with this rhythm.

№ Hamster’s dignified voice sounded. “Next, Question number 21.”

“Are there multiple-choice questions or true-or-false questions?” Song Shuhang cried. “Exams these days at least have multiple-choice questions. We should keep up with the times, right?”

“Unfortunately, no. In the Netherworld Realm, we don’t have things like multiple-choice questions,” № Hamster said. “I tried my best to ask you the simple questions first. I didn’t expect you to be unable to answer even a single question correctly.”

“Then let’s change the order!” Song Shuhang shouted. “Ask the hardest questions first since I don’t know the answer either way. Moreover, I can make use of that time to listen to the ‘speech broadcast’ and catch up. Like this, I should be able to answer some of the simple questions.”

“Are you sure?” № Hamster looked at the nearly 300 questions in its hand.

Song Shuhang shouted, “Yes, I’m sure!”

And so, seven minutes later, the 30th question ended.

Song Shuhang still hadn’t got a single question right.

The speed of the wheel was already in the hopelessness-inducing tier.

Song Shuhang lay on the wheel like a salted fish, letting the wheel spin him around frantically. Likewise, Fairy @#%× stretched her snake tail out, and stuck to the wheel.

№ Hamster said, “31st question.”

“Hurry up and ask me the question,” Song Shuhang said tremblingly—whether or not his answer was right didn’t matter anymore. Now, he just wanted to quickly finish the 50 questions, and get out of this hamster wheel.

After the 40th question, Song Shuhang, who was dizzy and nauseous, finally got two questions right.

When the 50 questions were over…

In total, Song Shuhang got five questions right.

№ Hamster’s voice sounded. “This concludes the exam.”

Song Shuhang said, “Blegh~ I’m about to vomit… Can you let me out now?”

He got the feeling that his fear of high speeds and fast rotations was back to being a serious problem.

The demonic hamster said, “Unfortunately, the threshold set by my master was ten questions. I didn’t expect you to not be able to get even ten questions right. As punishment, you can only get out of this running wheel using your own strength.”

“???” Song Shuhang.

№ Hamster prompted, “Hint… If you want to get out of this running wheel, you can use ‘psychic energy’ to do so.”

In order to get № Tyrannical Song to learn ‘psychic energy attacks’, its master really had gone through a lot of trouble.

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