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«Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 1239 - Sense Of Crisis!

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Chapter 1239 Sense Of Crisis!

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“I informed you just in case my prediction is true. Who knew that none of them could guess Boss’s intention?” As his old friend, Zhao Jun could hear the arrogance in Li Lanfeng’s voice.

“You stimulated our Little Brother Jijyun again.” Zhao Jun couldn’t help but sympathize with Han Jijyun. Han Jijyun was a good adviser. However, he was too straightforward. Thus, he was at a disadvantage when he faced Li Lanfeng who was well-versed in scheming. He would probably suffer for a few more years because of Li Lanfeng.

“Han Jijyun still has a long way to go before becoming a qualified strategist. It is beneficial for him to meet some setbacks.” Li Lanfeng didn’t pity Han Jijyun. He just hoped that Han Jijyun would be able to take over his position soon.

Ever since he realised his feelings for Ling Lan, Li Lanfeng knew that he wasn’t suitable for the position of Ling Lan’s strategist. An outstanding strategist must always remain calm and composed in every situation. He must be ruthless and emotionless when making decisions that could affect millions of lives. Sometimes, he might need to be heartless and ‘sacrifice’ some soldiers for the greater good.

However, he couldn’t bear to let Ling Lan be in any danger so he would naturally choose the safest option of any plan. Most of the time, this was the worst version of the plan. In the end, Lingtian and Ling Lan would be hurt by his feelings for Ling Lan.

Since he knew his problem, Li Lanfeng gave up his original plan to become an adviser and decided to groom his successor. The best candidate was Han Jijyun. Thus, we could predict that Han Jijyun would continue to receive setbacks until he satisfied Li Lanfeng’s requirements.

Zhao Jun raised his eyebrows in surprise. He understood what Li Lanfeng meant. “Did you give up on your goal?” Zhao Jun knew that when Li Lanfeng entered Lingtian, his aim was to become the best strategist for Lingtian.

“No. I just altered my goal a little. It will definitely be harder to achieve my new goal.” Li Lanfeng smiled bitterly. If he had a choice, he wished that he was still the emotionless Li Lanfeng. That way, he wouldn’t be in so much pain everyday. He wouldn’t need to be tortured by his emotions and lose the calmness of a strategist.

“What goal is more difficult than becoming an adviser?” Zhao Jun was puzzled. He suddenly thought of something and exclaimed in fright, “Are you trying to usurp the throne?”

“What nonsense are you saying? Do you think I can usurp the throne under Boss’s rule?” Li Lanfeng shook his head in a fluster. His goal wasn’t Ling Lan’s position, but to be beside him. He wanted to get the position of being Ling Lan’s queen.

“That’s good. I just want to remind you that our boss is a bugged character. You might be a very smart guy but I believe that no one can fool Boss. Even if they manage to do it, they will have a terrible ending.” Zhao Jun firmly believed that nothing could defeat Boss. Hence, he felt that Li Lanfeng had no chance of succeeding if his goal was the throne of Lingtian.

“Don’t worry. I can betray anything but him.” Li Lanfeng’s voice was so soft that Zhao Jun had to ask, “What did you say?”

“Nothing. I might not be able to contact you anytime soon. You’ll have to rely on yourself from now on.” Li Lanfeng quickly ended the conversation and hung up.

Ling Lan put the file in her hand down when she heard Li Lanfeng ending his call. She looked up and said, “Is that Zhao Jun?”

Li Lanfeng made the call in her office so it was hard for Ling Lan not to listen to his conversation. She didn’t listen to it purposely but there were still a few sentences that floated into her ears. From these sentences, she knew who Li Lanfeng was talking to.

“Yes.” Li Lanfeng smiled brightly. He was smiling like a cat that just finished eating a huge fish.

“Are you pressuring Jijyun again?” Ling Lan knew of Li Lanfeng and Han Jijyun’s competition. She silently consented to the competition. She hoped that they would be stimulated by each other into improve further due to the sense of urgency that their competitor might surpass them.

“No.” Li Lanfeng denied it instantly. He could admit blatantly in the past because he didn’t know his feelings for Ling Lan. Now, he needed to cast away his scheming image and create a virtuous and gentle image so that Ling Lan would consider him as a potential partner.

“Aren’t you the one who wrote the message?” Ling Lan smiled as she glanced at Li Lanfeng. He talked to Zhao Jun openly in front of her. How could she not know what they were talking about? Wasn’t it a little fake to deny it now?

“I am just worried that they will misunderstand your goodwill.” Li Lanfeng’s tone suddenly turned serious. His beautiful eyes were brimming with emotions. The anticipation in them seemed to be urging Ling Lan to compliment him.

Ling Lan touched her head helplessly. She asked Little Four about recent oddities in Li Lanfeng’s actions but he said that Li Lanfeng was fine. If Little Four didn’t sound so firm, she would have suspected that Li Lanfeng’s soul had been sucked away by some stray dog who craved for attention.

“Fine. You did well.” Ling Lan couldn’t do much to Li Lanfeng. However, her compliment was made whole-heartedly. She knew that Li Lanfeng made this arrangement to help her. He was afraid that this misunderstanding might affect the plans she made.

“Thank you.” Li Lanfeng shamelessly accepted Ling Lan’s compliment.

Ling Lan felt speechless. She controlled her desire to kick this person out of her room.

“Let’s be serious now.” Li Lanfeng suddenly became stern. His presence had totally changed from it was before.

Li Lanfeng knew that Ling Lan might chase him out if he continued seducing her. He didn’t want to be known as the first person to get kicked out by Ling Lan, as it would ruin his image as Ling Lan’s potential suitor. Thus, he quickly changed his attitude. It could be said that Li Lanfeng was the only person who understood Ling Lan well, with the exception of her parents, Little Four, and the instructors in the learning space.

“Why have you come?” Ling Lan was curious why Li Lanfeng came to look for her too.

“Did you detect something?” Li Lanfeng asked.

He noticed that Ling Lan had no intention of answering to him so he continued, “After entering the titled domain stage, we will become more sensitive to danger. Since I managed to feel a sense of crisis, you should have felt it too as you’re in the imperial stage now.”

“Yes. I never experienced this feeling of constant dread before. No matter what plans I made, this feeling won’t disappear. It became stronger instead.” Ling Lan knew that she couldn’t hide it anymore so she told Li Lanfeng her true feelings for the past few days.

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