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«Crazy Detective (Web Novel) - Chapter 966: Perpetrate a Gigantic Fraud

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Chapter 966: Perpetrate a Gigantic Fraud

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Take it? Of course! But How?

Zhao Yu reacted quickly. He almost unconsciously clicked the Invisible Voice-changer in the device bar of his system. After activating the voice changer, he pointed the voice pickup at Jiang Ke. When the green light lit up on the display screen, he started to speak with Jiang Ke’s voice. Since the phone belonged to Jiang Ke’s, he needed to use Jiang Ke’s voice to answer the call. Zhao Yu also used a Hacker’s Command. If the caller was the mysterious man, he would immediately start tracking his location.

After Zhao Yu finished all of this, he gently pressed the answer button, then said. “Hello!” His voice was the same as Jiang Ke’s.

A man’s rough voice came from the phone. “Boss, Boss! Is that you speaking?”

Zhao Yu cleared his throat, then mimicked Jiang Ke’s tone and said, “Yes, it’s me!”

“Oh, thank God, thank God…Boss!” The man sounded relieved, then asked eagerly, “What the h*ll happened? How did the seafood supermarket catch fire? Why are there so many policemen? Have you been caught? Where are you now? Are you safe?”

Not the mysterious man. Zhao Yu was disappointed. This voice and this tone was not the mysterious man.

The man on the phone said with a worried tone, “Hey, boss, don’t be so quiet! What happened? We’re all waiting to pick you up!”

Zhao Yu guessed that the person who was calling was probably Jiang Ke’s fellow. He pinched his eyebrows and carefully recalled the two names which Jiang Ke had mentioned before.

Zhao Yu hesitated and asked, “Is Tongqi speaking?”

The man said anxiously, “This is Sanlong, boss! Can’t you hear my voice? Tongqi is finishing the job for you! You’re on time now. We’ll have to push hard!”

Others might not understand what Sanlong was talking about, but Zhao Yu understood his jargon. ‘The job’ was how Jiang Ke escaped, ‘on time’ meant that Jiang Ke was now a wanted criminal, and ‘push hard’ meant leaving secretly. It looked like that this fellow was responsible for picking up Jiang Ke and helping him escape.

Where do they want to go? Their base? Zhao Yu thought for a moment and said, “The seafood supermarket was blown up! Tian Xudong is dead!”

The man named Sanlong hurried to ask, “Boss, who did it? The police?”

“No!” Zhao Yu suddenly remembered the name that Jiang Ke had shouted and said, “It was Cao Sifeng!”

Sanlong was shocked and asked quickly, “How is it possible? Cao Sifeng is in Halongjiang. How could he possibly come here? Besides, how could he possibly know that you’ve escaped from prison? Oh! Is there a hook (undercover spy) from Tian Xu’s side?”

“How would I know?” Zhao Yu’s quickly thought as he spoke. He looked at Jiang Ke lying on the ground. He felt that this was a rare opportunity.

Sanlong hastily replied, “Right. Where are you now? Let me pick you up! Boss, you don’t know what happened while you were in prison. Everything is a complete mess. Big Bear Zhang spread a rumor that you sold us out to the police and wanted to take over our property. Then Hesheng came to collect what we owed him and threatened to report us to the police…”

Pick me up? Big Bear Zhang? Hesheng? Zhao Yu felt these names sounded so familiar. He looked at Jiang Ke’s cell phone and touched his cell phone. A bold idea popped into his mind.

He looked down at the comatose Jiang Ke and thought. It’s going to be completely fraudulent, but, if I want to be him, who should he be. What’s the best way to deal with him?

Zhao Yu was silent for a long time. Sanlong couldn’t wait and said again, “We are waiting for you to return! Where on earth are you?”

Where am I? After hearing the question, Zhao Yu looked outside and saw a big red sign that told him that he was 8.3 kilometers away from the Haidu International Film and Television City. That name sounds familiar. Oh, I see!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s eyes lit up. He grabbed the phone tightly and said, “Sanlong, I left the supermarket, and I’m driving now. I hit my head in the explosion, and I’m feeling dizzy. I don’t know where I am.”

Then Zhao Yu said, “I just saw a road sign. I’m 8.3 kilometers away from the Haidu International Film and Television City. I’ll be there soon, so let’s meet there.”

Sanlong said, “Boss, the movie city is in the east. Which road are you taking? I’m not that far from you. Wait for me, and I will be there soon.”

Zhao Yu scolded him, “Did you hit your head in the explosion too? Don’t you know that there are police everywhere? The police will capture me if I stay here.”

Sanlong gasped and said quickly, “All right. I’ll get in touch with the others right now, and we’ll go to the movie city to pick you up! Since the movie city is so big, exactly where will we meet?”

“I’ll contact you when I find the right place!” Zhao Yu looked at his cell phone and saw that there was an incoming call.

Sanlong said, “OK. When you find a safe place, call me right away. See you in the film and television city!

After he hung up, Zhao Yu heard his heart pounding. He was frightened by his crazy idea.

He slapped himself hard and said to himself. Do you want to do this? It’s probably the road of no return. Is it necessary?

Apprehensively, Zhao Yu restarted the car and drove rapidly toward the Haidu Film and TV City. Although he felt a little crazy, he took out his new phone and made a call.

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