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«Complete Martial Arts Attributes (Web Novel) - Chapter 998: The Real Purpose Is Revealed In The End!

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Chapter 998: The Real Purpose Is Revealed In The End!

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Nangong Residence!

As a baron’s residence, naturally, its architectural specifications were built according to the empire’s standards.

Despite being low in rank, lodgings of normal martial warriors couldn’t be compared to it.

The building looked high-tech like it came from a science fiction movie. At the same time, it had the aura of an ancient sculpture. It looked extraordinary at a single glance.

There were more than ten planetary-stage martial warriors guarding the entrance. Standing in two rows, they gave off a fierce and sharp aura. Their backs were straight like spears. These were martial warriors who had killed before.

They weren’t ordinary planetary-stage martial warriors. They were at the peak of their level.

Wang Teng and An Lan walked toward the entrance.

“Please stop!” a planetary-stage martial warrior blocked their path and ordered in a low voice.

“Why is Cao Hongtu putting on this show? Doesn’t he find it embarrassing?” Wang Teng sneered as he scanned the two rows of martial warriors.

Was he planning to frighten him with these ninth-level planetary-stage martial warriors?

What was he thinking?

He had killed a few celestial-stage martial warriors, so the ninth-level planetary-stage martial warriors were nothing to him.

It looked like Cao Hongtu’s foundation wasn’t very strong.

“This is the baron’s residence. No outsiders are allowed,” the ninth-level planetary-stage martial warrior said coldly.

“Tell Cao Hongtu that I, Wang Teng, am here,” Wang Teng snorted. “I’ll give him ten seconds to appear. If he doesn’t, let him play alone. I’m leaving.”

The planetary-stage martial warrior’s expression changed.

An Lan shook his head. He scoffed at Cao Hongtu’s actions.

Low class.

This wasn’t what a heaven-stage martial warrior should do. He would never do this.

Besides, his opponent was the sly little fox, Wang Teng. He was asking for humiliation with this simple act.

The ninth-level planetary-stage martial warriors were acting on orders, so they couldn’t make decisions. They didn’t know what to do.

“Hahaha…” Peals of laughter were heard at this moment.

The ninth-level planetary-stage martial warriors heaved a sigh of relief.

Wang Teng stood at the entrance and peered inside. He saw a figure appearing ten meters ahead.

This was a lofty and muscular middle-aged man. He had brown curly hair and a stern but sinister face. There was a sharp glow in his inverted triangle eyes. It was impossible for anyone to look directly at them.

The aura he exuded was powerful. There seemed to be frightening energy encased within. This was a true heaven-stage martial warrior.

This person was Cao Hongtu!

“I should call you junior brother, right?” Cao Hongtu walked forward. His voice was loud.

“I’m just an inheritor. I didn’t formally acknowledge him as my master,” Wang Teng said calmly.

Cao Hongtu’s expression froze. But it only lasted for a second. He immediately gave a smile and said, “Same, both of us inherited our master’s legacy. It’s not wrong to call you junior brother.”

“Alright then, Senior Brother Cao,” Wang Teng said. However, his expression remained indifferent.

“I apologize for what happened just now. My subordinates were careless and stopped you. Please come in.” Cao Hongtu didn’t get angry. He raised his hand to welcome Wang Teng inside warmly.

Wang Teng didn’t harp on the topic. With a nod, he walked inside.

“This is?” Cao Hongtu noticed the person in the gray gown following behind Wang Teng. His gaze turned sharp.

“This is my bodyguard. I’m a timid person. Many people want my life now, so I feel more at ease with a bodyguard,” Wang Teng said in a meaningful tone.

An Lan felt frustrated. He was indeed a bodyguard, but as a heaven-stage martial warrior, he had his ego. Could this brat give him some respect during the next introduction?

Cao Hongtu didn’t get awkward. He laughed and said, “Who dares to touch you in Great Qian City? You must be thinking too much.”

“I don’t think so. It’s better to be careful. No one knows what can happen if you push a dog into a corner. Don’t you agree, Senior Brother Cao?” Wang Teng chuckled.


Even with Cao Hongtu’s composure, he felt the corners of his mouth trembling. This young brat had a sharp tongue!

He was scolding him indirectly. Was he calling him a dog?

A heaven-stage martial warrior like him was called a dog, yet he couldn’t offer a refute. He felt so exasperated that he wanted to vomit blood.

“Senior Brother Cao, what’s wrong with you? Are you alright?” Wang Teng pretended to be ignorant.

What’s wrong with me?

Don’t you know the answer?

Cao Hongtu felt like cursing, but he maintained his calm expression on the surface. “… I’m fine.”

“That’s good. I thought you were sick. When you get older, you should take good care of your health. Don’t be embarrassed just because you’re a heaven-stage martial warrior. This is human nature,” Wang Teng said.

F**k! The word got stuck in his throat. He couldn’t say it out loud.

An Lan had a hard time controlling his laughter.

Wang Teng was so evil. He made it sound as if Cao Hongtu was really sick!

Cao Hongtu hurriedly changed the topic. If he allowed Wang Teng to continue, he didn’t know what he would hear.

“Your bodyguard isn’t simple!” He glanced at An Lan intently.

“He’s just okay. I found him at random,” Wang Teng replied.

An Lan: …

Cao Hongtu didn’t know if Wang Teng was acting to fool him or if he was honestly confident.

This bodyguard hid his ability well. Even he couldn’t see through him. This made things harder to grasp.

In the universe, there were many treasures that could help one to conceal one’s strength. This bodyguard might be using one of them.

Was he a heaven-stage or a cosmos-stage martial warrior?

Based on his research, he knew that Wang Teng came from a faraway planet and had no background. How could he find a heaven-stage martial warrior as a bodyguard?

Thus, this bodyguard was probably a cosmos-stage martial warrior Wang Teng found by offering a heavy reward. He hid his ability so that others couldn’t see through him and remain fearful.

Cao Hongtu felt that he had guessed the truth. He felt more confident about tackling Wang Teng.

This was the effect Wang Teng wanted, hence the reason he asked An Lan to hide his ability.

At the rock gambling den, An Lan hadn’t revealed his strength in front of Cao Guan and Cao Jiaojiao. Thus, they had the upper hand.

After that, Cao Hongtu started talking randomly as he brought Wang Teng to the living room. The Cao family was waiting for them there.

Cao Jiaojiao and Cao Guan were present too, along with other youngsters. They were all Cao Hongtu’s descendants.

When Cao Jiaojiao and Cao Guan saw Wang Teng, their expressions changed. They had just suffered in his hands.

“Come, let me introduce everyone. You have met Jiaojiao and Cao Guan. As for the rest…” Cao Hongtu introduced the other youngsters.

Wang Teng’s gaze paused on two people. One was a cosmos-stage martial warrior called Cao Wu. The other was only at the seventh or eighth level of the cosmos stage, but he didn’t seem like a good person. This young man was called Cao Ling. He looked harder to deal with than Cao Wu.

Wang Teng wasn’t afraid though. After all, compared to him, these were all a generation smaller.

“Yes, all my junior nephews are outstanding.” He nodded in a composed manner and commented like an elder.

The Cao family: …

There was an eerie silence. They knew that Wang Teng was taking advantage of them, but they couldn’t do anything.

An Lan gave Wang Teng a strange look. He stood quietly beside him with his head lowered, perfectly playing his role as a bodyguard.

“Have a seat.” Cao Hongtu broke the silence.

The atmosphere became lively. Everyone took their seats. Wang Teng was asked to sit beside Cao Hongtu.

“You can have a seat too.” Cao Hongtu looked at An Lan standing behind Wang Teng.

“No need,” An Lan replied coldly in his hoarse voice. After saying these two words, he closed his eyes and remained quiet.

A flash of anger appeared in Cao Hongtu’s eyes after he got rejected. Though he hid it well. He smiled and nodded. “I won’t force you.”

“Serve the dishes!”

Very soon, pretty ladies walked over with the food.

Some of these ladies were orcs while others were humans. All of them were around 18 years old and beautiful.

Wang Teng felt that Cao Hongtu knew how to enjoy his life. He bought so many beautiful servants to serve him.

Soon, delicious food and wine were served. Cao Hongtu asked Wang Teng to have a taste.

He kept finding topics during the meal. He was trying to figure out Wang Teng’s background.

Wang Teng answered all his queries, but he was talking nonsense most of the time. With his skill in bullsh*tting, it was a piece of cake.

“I heard about what happened yesterday. Jiaojiao and Cao Guan were in the wrong,” Cao Hongtu suddenly said.

“It’s alright. They’re just immature kids. I understand,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly. They couldn’t do anything to him, so he didn’t care.


The Cao Family: …

Cao Guan’s face turned red. He felt his peers looking at him mockingly.

Cao Jiaojiao gritted her teeth. She wished she could tear Wang Teng into pieces. This bastard treated her like a child. This was a humiliation.

“I’ll definitely punish them.” Cao Hongtu felt his teeth hurting, but this was all he could say.

“Yes, you need to teach a child if he’s disobedient. Otherwise, he will cause huge trouble, and it will be too late to punish him at that time.” Wang Teng nodded in agreement.

F**k! Cao Guan was fuming in his heart.

“Cough, even so, you still offended the Parkers yesterday. This won’t benefit you in any way.” Cao Hongtu coughed awkwardly and changed the topic. He sounded as if he was worried about Wang Teng.

“It’s fine. I took four trillion from them, so I won’t have to worry about my future. I can enjoy myself and stay in Great Qian City until I die. I won’t be going anywhere,” Wang Teng said casually.

Cao Hongtu was stunned by Wang Teng’s words. He didn’t know how to reply for a second. He raised his wine glass and took a sip to suppress his exasperation and anger. A smile reappeared on his face.

“It might be alright for you, but you should think for your parents and your mother planet.”

The atmosphere froze immediately.

The real purpose was revealed at the end!

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