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«Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 945: The Detective Who Could See Ghosts (25)

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Chapter 945: The Detective Who Could See Ghosts (25)

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The Host’s business had a website and she had some referrals from her past customers too. Even without the people that Yao Ying sent to disturb her, she had a few customers who wanted to ask for her help during this period of time.

However, she was busy helping the police so she didn’t have the time to take these cases.

But now…

She needed to earn money!

For the sake of justice!

For snacks!

Ming Shu met the client at a milk tea shop.

The client was a young girl. She didn’t seem to be in a good mental state but from her actions, she was an educated and cultured person.

The girl’s voice was soft and weak. “I want you to investigate my father. I think that he murdered my mother.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows.

The girl lowered her head so Ming Shu couldn’t see her expression. She took out an envelope from her school bag. “This is the down payment.”

The envelope was thick.

“I just need to investigate this?”

“…” The girl bit her lips. She hesitated for a while before nodding firmly. “Yes.”


She confirmed some basic information with the girl before going to the girl’s house.

The faster she finished the business, the faster she could have her snacks.

This was a villa district. The girl’s father was called Mister Peng. He was a wealthy businessman. He was not from a wealthy family. He was a new figure in the wealthy people’s circle.

The girl’s mother and father started a business together and achieved the results they had today.

However, her mother was diagnosed with depression within these two years. Every time her father came back home, her mother would quarrel with him.

Hence, her father started coming back less and less. Her mother’s temper got weirder too.

Not long before, her mother had an accident. She fell from the stairs and died.

“I’m sorry, Miss. We can’t let you in without the owner’s permission.”

She met a setback the moment she started.

Ming Shu was blocked by the security at the entrance of the district.

It seemed like she had to use her ultimate weapon—climbing the walls.

There were no walls that she couldn’t climb.


A clear voice sounded from behind her. Then, the stupid little boy hugged her leg. “Sister, are you here to see me?”

See your head!

Female protagonist! Your child ran away again!

“Huh… Zichen, when did you go out?” The security looked at him strangely too. “Where is your mother?”

Hang Zichen pouted. “Father took Mother away. I came back secretly. Uncle, don’t tell my mother. She will scold me.”

“Let me call your nanny to come and fetch you. Stand there and don’t move!” The security called the Meng family’s villa while reminding Hang Zichen not to move.

Hang Zichen looked up with his small face. “Sister, look, I bought a lot of good food. Shall we eat together?”

Ming Shu realized that there was a bag of snacks beside Hang Zichen.

Hang Zichen pulled Ming Shu to drag her inside.

The security hung up the call and hurriedly came out to stop Ming Shu.

“I know this sister,” Hang Zichen said clearly.

The security sized up Ming Shu. This girl looked harmless. She didn’t look like a bad person. Since Hang Zichen said that he knew her, the security registered her name and let her in.

They met Hang Zichen’s nanny halfway along the journey.

The nanny was puzzled, but she didn’t dare to ask much about her master’s personal life.

According to what Hang Zichen said, he got sick a few days ago so Meng Han brought him to his house.

The female protagonist came along with him.

As expected of the male protagonist.


Ming Shu had things to do. Even if Hang Zichen had snacks, she needed to leave.

Hang Zichen came out and followed her when his nanny was not looking.

Ming Shu: “…”

This stupid little boy could be exchanged for a lot of snacks.

“Call your mother. If not, I will get locked up.” Child trafficking was illegal.

Hang Zichen obediently called Hang Hang with Ming Shu’s phone.

Once he finished the call, Ming Shu brought him to squat outside the Peng family’s villa.

“Sister, are we playing a spy game?” Hang Zichen squatted with Ming Shu. There was excitement and curiosity on his face.


“What are we playing then?”

“Catching ghosts.”

Hang Zichen blinked. “Sister, you can see them too?”

Ming Shu turned her head and looked at the child beside her.

Hang Zichen’s eyes were shimmering. He seemed to have found someone who had the same hobby as him.

Ming Shu answered, “Yes.”

Hang Zichen pouted. “Mother and Father don’t believe me, but I know that they exist.”

“When were you able to see them?”

The female protagonist’s son can see ghosts?

This was not written in the storyline… but if it was her gold fingers, that would be reasonable.

Hang Zichen thought for a while. “Ever since I was very young.”

“Are you not afraid?”

“They will not harm me. They even play with me,” Hang Zichen replied in a clear voice.

They just met not long ago so Ming Shu didn’t probe further. She turned and looked at the villa.

Mister Peng was not at home now. However, there was someone moving in the garden. It seemed to be a woman.

The girl got suspicious because her father brought a woman home soon after her mother died and she saw this woman around her father before.

Also, her father acted strangely after her mother died. He would be absentminded and sometimes even jumped in fright when she called him.

The little girl got even more suspicious so she decided to find someone to investigate the issue.

Ming Shu brought Ming Shu to the back of the villa.

“Sister, there is a brother there.” Hang Zichen pointed at a dark corner.

Ming Shu saw the ghost too. She carried Hang Zichen as she walked to the corner.

The ghost didn’t move. He just stared at them.

He thought that the two people would walk past him but they stopped. The girl was even smiling at him.

“Brother, can I ask you something?”

The ghost: !!!

She can see me!

The ghost was as excited as Little White. He asked her after he calmed down, “What do you want to ask?”

“Do you know how the female owner of this house died?”

The male ghost shook his head. “I just died recently. However, there is another ghost in this villa. He’s been here for a long time. I can take you two to him.”

The male ghost said the ghost only stayed in the villa.

They needed to go inside to find him.

Ming Shu climbed over the wall with Hang Zichen. They dodged the servants in the villa and followed the male ghost to find the old ghost.

The old ghost was much calmer. When Ming Shu asked him about the death of the female owner, he said his conditions.

Ming Shu could gain strength from completing requests from the ghosts so she didn’t reject him.


“You died 100 years ago. Where am I supposed to find your bones!”

According to what she observed, ghosts did not have to stay beside their bodies after they died. The places where they appeared as ghosts were chosen randomly.

Hence, who knew where the body of this ghost who died 100 years ago was? It might be a few thousand miles away from here.

“My bones are buried under the villa,” the old ghost said. “You can just dig for them.”

“This is someone else’s house and you want me to dig for your body here? Are you crazy?”

“You don’t want to do it?” The old ghost suddenly smiled. “Has the Qian family learned to reject us now? Are you not afraid of the wrath of heaven?”

Ming Shu narrowed her eyes. “You know the Qian family?”

Rejecting a ghost would result in the wrath of heaven?

What is that? Can it be eaten?

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