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«Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1072: The Superior Leader (21)

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Chapter 1072: The Superior Leader (21)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I will forgive him on behalf of the beast god.”


The shapeshifters below widened their eyes in shock. Their jaws dropped.

The beast god was their god.

Who the hell are you to decide for the beast god?

“I warn you all against stopping me. After all…” Ming Shu’s smile seemed extremely glaring under the sunlight. Her blue dress moved along with the wind and she looked imposing. “No one wants to become the next leopard tribe, right?”

The leopard tribe!

The boar leader asked his men to retreat the moment he heard what Ming Shu said.

As compared to the beast god which they couldn’t see, this female was more frightening.

Not everyone achieved the same enlightenment as the boar leader.

Blasphemy against the beast god was a serious offense to them.

They might be unable to gain the protection of the beast god anymore and this would bring misfortune to their tribe.

“Kill her so that we can ask the beast god for forgiveness!”

“Kill her…”

“Kill her! Kill her!”

The shapeshifters’ shouting got louder. Almost all of them moved toward the platform.


Wen Nuan looked at the messy platform. She clutched the gun that Ming Shu gave her and shivered in fear.

She was worried for Ming Shu. There were so many shapeshifters. Would she be all right?

Wen Nuan felt someone coming toward her and turned around instantly. She was on her guard when she saw the boar leader.

The boar leader smiled at her. “Erm… do you want to leave with me first?”

“What do you want?” Wen Nuan was vigilant.

Although shapeshifters were straightforward people who showed their true emotions on their faces, some of them were conniving.

For instance, Hu Jiu.

Wen Nuan had been fooled once so she was not so foolish anymore.

“Let’s leave this place first. Don’t worry, I will not harm you,” the boar leader promised. “You will only be a burden to Yao Luo if you remain here.”

The boar leader knew that he should help Yao Luo whenever there was a chance to.

Those shapeshifters never saw how scary Yao Luo could be.

Wen Nuan was still hesitant. She glanced at Ming Shu. She was carrying the man. If she still needed to protect her…

Wen Nuan gritted her teeth and nodded.

The boar leader asked Wen Nuan to follow her.

Little Beastie saw Wen Nuan leaving. It glanced at Ming Shu and looked at Wen Nuan. Who should it follow?

In the end, it followed Wen Nuan.

Its trash-picker didn’t need its help.

Numerous shapeshifters sprawled on the ground in their beast form. Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and looked at Hu Jiu and her partners.

Hu Jiu and Cang Xiu didn’t attack her. They were huddled together in a group with a few other shapeshifters and looked at her fearfully.

She was beautiful.

Elegant and noble like a peacock.

However, she was a devil. They didn’t dare to move.

“I will not play with you this time.” Ming Shu hefted the person in her arms. “See you next time, little cutie.”

Hu Jiu grabbed Cang Xiu’s arm. Her nails dug into his flesh.

Ming Shu walked over the shapeshifters. She said, “I blasphemed against the beast god. You all will hate me even more from now on.”

“Yao Luo, you will have retribution!”

Someone screamed.


Her voice flowed over the air and landed softly.

She held the man as she disappeared into the wilderness.

The shapeshifters in the peacock tribe knew that Ming Shu brought back a human like Wen Nuan.

Wen Nuan said that she was a human, not a shapeshifter.

She only had one form, the human form.

The person that their leader brought back was also a human.

After that day, Ming Shu brought them back into the valley.

Ming Shu glanced at the person in the rattan chair. He maintained the same position all this time. His eyes seemed empty.

“Leader, water…”

“Put it down.”

The shapeshifter glanced at the person before bending down and leaving the place.

Ming Shu took out a towel from her space. She placed the towel in the water and dried it. She walked toward the man. There was no response from him. However, when Ming Shu reached out her hand, he suddenly looked over. Strong killing intent appeared in the air.

Ming Shu blinked. The person in the chair had disappeared. He reappeared around two meters away. His body swayed.

He stared intently at Ming Shu with his black eyes.

However, the killing intent had disappeared. Ming Shu felt as though she hallucinated just now.

Ming Shu tilted her head and smiled at him. “If I wanted to do something to you, I would not have brought you back.”

The man stepped back and fell onto the ground.

Ming Shu watched him as he fell. He tried to get up but failed.

Ming Shu slowly walked forward. “If you can’t do it, don’t force yourself.”

There were no emotions in the man’s eyes. He was like a robot.

But, when he stared at you, you would feel a chill down your spine.

Ming Shu didn’t help him up. She grabbed his chin and wiped off the dirt on his face.

The blood and dirt stained the towel. Ming Shu’s actions were gentle. After wiping a few times, the man’s face was clean.

There was a strange pattern on his face. It started from his forehead and went down to his eyes. The pattern was dark red in color.

This pattern would have turned anyone ugly.

However, this man was handsome. The pattern was not big. It seemed meticulously drawn.


The face was important.

The man caught Ming Shu sizing him up. He suddenly covered his face with his hands and buried his face in his knees.

Ming Shu didn’t know what kind of character profile this person had.

He seemed a little stupid…

“What is your name?”

The man didn’t reply to her.

Speaking of which, Ming Shu realized that she never heard the man saying anything.

Is he a mute?

“Yun… Yun Huang.”

Ming Shu’s guess was proven wrong in a second.

The man’s voice was hoarse. He had not spoken for a long time. His words were muffled too.

“Yun Huang.”

Ming Shu repeated his name. Her clear voice entered Yun Huang’s ear. He shrunk his body and grabbed his clothes tightly.

“You are not a shapeshifter. Where did you come from?”

Yun Huang remained silent. Ming Shu waited patiently.

However, Yun Huang didn’t reply to her.

Ming Shu looked at the person who was hugging himself tightly. She took out her sunflower seeds and ate half of them. Then, she got up and hugged Yun Huang, disregarding his struggle.

Yun Huang was very light. It was not the weight of a normal human.

Just like how he…

Didn’t have a body temperature, didn’t have breath, and didn’t have a heartbeat.

Ming Shu placed him down and looked into his eyes. “Stay here obediently. If you dare to run away, I will break your leg.”

Yun Huang didn’t reply to her. He turned his head and hid the pattern on his face.

Ming Shu wanted to touch him. Yun Huang shivered.

Her hand stopped in midair. She retracted her hand and left.

Yun Huang slowly shifted his gaze and watched the person leaving.

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