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«Coming of the Villain Boss! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1130: The Forbidden Rose Song (40)

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Chapter 1130: The Forbidden Rose Song (40)

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Liu Wanyue was scared to death. Chu Yue pulled her up and looked at this dusty young girl… in a complicated mood.

He looked for her for a long time, but it turned out she had been lured here to the graveyard to do such things!

“What are you digging for?”

Chu Yue knew that Ming Shu had been behaving a little strangely due to Su Mian in recent days, but she came to dig up a tomb… This was far beyond strange.

“Hey, Chu Yue, what perfect timing. Come, help dig up for me for a while, I want to take a rest.”

Chu Yue watched Ming Shu pull Liu Wanyue over and hand the iron shovel to him.

I’m here for Liu Wanyue, who wants your shovel!

Chu Yue looked at Liu Wanyue who was obviously tired and held back his emotions, then jumped down into the pit. “Have you found any solution? What’s in here?”

He also learned about the sacred cups.

At first he was surprised, as after all, sacred cups only appeared three times in the vampires’ nearly 2000-year history. The possibility of its showing up again was extremely low.

The key was that three awakenings all failed…

“Su Mian said this place made him sick, so I came to dig and see what is going on.” Ming Shu shrugged. “Nothing happened so far. How could I know what is in here?”

Chu Yue: “…” Why does this sound so irresponsible? If he said the police station made him uncomfortable, would you go dig up the police station?

Chu Yue helped dig deeper yet still found nothing.

But Ming Shu insisted he should continue. Little Beastie said it was here, so it must be right here, and they just hadn’t reached deep enough.


The shovel hit something. Chu Yue used the iron shovel to knock around and removed the soil above, revealing a layer of black stones.

Ming Shu approached to have a look. “It should be what we are looking for. Dig it out and see what the hell it is.”

Chu Yue tried to knock around again. The revealed part looked the same, so probably the whole thing was quite big.

He looked up at the nearly three-meter deep pit…

So, Tong Ye was also called here later to dig up the tomb… the pit.

Tong Ye stood on the edge of the three-meter deep pit. “Little ancestor, when did you get this hobby of digging other people’s graves?”

“Shut up.”

Tong Ye made two more jokes before joining the digging squad.

But the longer they dug, the larger the thing revealed itself to be. It seemed there was no end to it and it spread in all directions.

Tong Ye gave a look to Liu Wanyue who sat beside the pit. “Why doesn’t she do this?”

“How can you compare yourself to my little snack?”

“How can you compare yourself to her?”

Ming Shu and Chu Yue spoke almost at the same time.

Tong Ye felt he was hurt ten thousand times in his heart. Why did they bully him, because he was not a female?

“Why can’t we hire other people to do this?” We are not short of money.

“Do you expect the headlines tomorrow to be that Sheng Ning’s school beau was in the graveyard…”

“Okay, okay, stop, I’ll do this, I’ll dig,” Tong Ye murmured. “Why aren’t there coffins in the graveyard? Have they turned into spirits and run away?”

Liu Wanyue: “…”

Why was a vampire’s way of thinking so bizarre.

“If there is really something under here, the graveyard should be set up to cover it up. With so many tombstones standing all around, it doesn’t look like an important graveyard and that will prevent it from being targeted by grave robbers.”

The digging lasted for two days. Thankfully, no students came to the graveyard and no one discovered that there were several people digging up the tombs here.

They cleared out a round platform which was nearly six meters in diameter.

The platform was black and spilling out a bloody scent. It was a color that only appeared after being watered in blood.

The whole platform had been watered with blood.

“Fu Yu, check this.” Tong Ye pointed at the edge of the platform. “Does it look like the shape of the Blood Bell?”

Ming Shu turned to that direction and saw it was a pentagram pattern engraved on the platform, five angles corresponding to five holy relics.

And in the middle was a pattern of rose vines winding around bats.

Perhaps the World Salvation Society didn’t choose randomly and set up their base in Sheng Ning… They were actually guarding this.

Was this used to awaken Su Mian?

Ming Shu hadn’t figured out the use of the platform for mow, but it was definitely related to Su Mian.

Tong Ye asked Ming Shu, “Since we’ve dug it out, what next?”

“I don’t know.” Ming Shu looked at Liu Wanyue with glittering eyes. “Little snack…”

Chu Yue pulled Liu Wanyue into his arms immediately. “I’ll go back and look it up for you, and interrogate the World Salvation Society again.”

After finishing the sentence, Chu Yue left with Liu Wanyue.

Ming Shu: “…” Monster! He eloped with my little snack!

“Speaking of which, why isn’t Su Mian here? Isn’t he a key involved party?” Tong Ye suddenly reacted. “We are here doing all this tiring work, but where is he?”

“How can you compare yourself to him?”

Tong Ye: “…”

He might accept that he couldn’t compare with Liu Wanyue as she was a female, but Su Mian was a male, so why couldn’t he compare himself to him? Why?

“Don’t tell this to him.”

Tong Ye was not convinced. “Why? You’ve done so much for him, why don’t you tell him?”

Ming Shu smiled. “No reason. Listen to my order and don’t tell him anything.”

Tong Ye: “…”

Had Su Mian saved the galaxy in his former life?

Ming Shu drew the platform and showed it to Jason, but Jason also didn’t know what it was used for.

There was no news from Chu Yue, either. Instead, Ying Xiu took the initiative to contact her and make an appointment with her.

Or you could say it was not Ying Xiu who wanted to meet her, but Cecil.

Cecil was still a graceful and decent girl, but there was tiredness and sorrow that she couldn’t hide on her face.

Cecil lowered her head and didn’t say anything until after Ming Shu had sat there for a long time. “Please let me meet him, please… Let me see him just once.”

Ying Xiu sat beside her with an expressionless face. Hearing what Cecil said, he drank a whole cup of coffee a little nervously.

Ming Shu said, “He is not here. You should go beg Chu Yue.”

“Mr. Chu didn’t allow me to see him…” Cecil said. “Please, take me to see him, just once, I will not speak to him… I’ll just see him once.”

“You have someone better than him with you.”

Cecil looked at Ying Xiu, and Ying Xiu put away the coldness on his face and rested his caring eyes on Cecil. Cecil clenched her hands and said with difficulty, “I know. I just… want to make a clean break with him.”

Probably Cecil herself didn’t even understand what her feelings for that person were.

But she couldn’t manage to just leave.

Ming Shu didn’t want to get involved in this matter and hadn’t gotten a clue for her own matter, so she refused.

“Fu Yu.” Ying Xiu followed her out. “What should I do to make you take her there?”

“He is your rival in love, how can you let her go see him?” The rival in love should be killed in the cradle.

Ying Xiu murmured in a low voice, “I don’t want her to be sad.”

Ying Xiu suddenly knelt to Ming Shu. “Please take her, I will do anything for you.”

Ming Shu looked at Ying Xiu and was silent for a long time. The people passing by pointed and talked about him willfully, but he didn’t seem to feel anything.

Qi Yu was a bossy lover. He could accept that she didn’t like him, but he couldn’t allow anyone to destroy their relationship and wouldn’t accept that the one accompanying her was not him.

He was probably the kind of person who would occupy your whole life even if he couldn’t get your heart.

Ming Shu never doubted that if she resisted to go along with him, he would definitely do crazy things.

But Ying Xiu…

He had been tolerating, forbearing, and giving…

He was as humble as dust.

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