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«Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1907 - Reunion

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Chapter 1907: Reunion

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

The information that Zhang Tie had finished the secluded cultivation was a big event for everyone else, especially those members of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. As Liu Meng exclaimed, the entire Dragon Emperor City, even Motian Realm as a whole had known that news.

When the bird was still capering and twittering on Zhang Tie’s hand, Long Jiutian, Ying Gucheng, Luo Yunshang, Hou Moyuan, Guan Minjun, Xue Zhongkai, Huang Baimei and the other three new presidents had already come to Dragon Emperor Pavilion.

After hearing the footsteps from outside the courtyard, Zhang Tie pouted his mouth toward the bird on his hand. Closely after that, he raised his hand and said with a smile, “Well, I got it. Many people came to Dragon Emperor City these days. There were many airboats in the sky. Some people even knelt outside the Dragon Emperor Pavilion for many days while being sun-scorched and rain-drenched without eating or drinking anything. They’re not even afraid of being starved to death. That’s what silly people usually do. You can go and play…”

After getting Zhang Tie’s reward, the bird flapped its wings and capered off Zhang Tie’s hand cheerfully. In the blink of an eye, it had flown out of the courtyard.

“Let elders and presidents go to Heavenlysafety Building…” Before that footstep entered the courtyard, Zhang Tie had talked to him. The footstep then stopped and left.

‘This position of Dragon Emperor is too occupied… now that I’m the incumbent Dragon Emperor, of course, I cannot avoid something; especially that I’ve just done such an earthshaking thing in Nine Heavens Big Domain.’ Zhang Tie muttered as he shook his head. After that, he left the courtyard for Heavenlysafety Building.

Outside this courtyard, Dragon Emperor Pavilion had long been covered with immortal generals on duty in each 3-5 steps. Watching Zhang Tie coming out of the courtyard, those immortal generals immediately straightened up their bodies as they all watched him pass by with great admiration and excitement. This man in front of them was not only the incumbent Dragon Emperor of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, but also a legend and the most revered and respected among humans in Motian Realm.

When he came to Heavenlysafety Building again, he found all the people inside Heavenlysafety Building were standing there and waiting for him. Those elders and presidents inside Heavenlysafety Building looked as thrilled as those immortal generals outside when they saw Zhang Tie again.

“Our respects to you, Your Majesty!”

Those elders bowed towards Zhang Tie deeply with great admiration, excitement and honor.

When he watched them in Heavenlysafety Building again, Zhang Tie felt a bit complex too. A few years ago, when he met these people in Heavenlysafety Building first, he played tricks to confine them as the new Dragon Emperor in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. But now, he didn’t need to play any tricks anymore. His great battle force meant everything. At this moment, he became the real undisputed Dragon Emperor of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

Heavenlysafety Building remained unchanged. However, the Forbidden City had been destroyed. When he entered Heavenlysafety Building again, he found that most of the people inside there had been changed. Some had already been killed; someone had already sacrificed for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace gloriously.

Zhang Tie became silent for a short while as he glanced over these faces. Then, he said calmly, “Sit down!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

After those elders and presidents sat down, Zhang Tie also walked to his throne. Watching Zhang Tie who looked such calm, those elders and presidents who were familiar with him felt that their Dragon Emperor was not the same Dragon Emperor a few years ago any more. This Dragon Emperor was really formidable. Nobody had any fluke mind to challenge his prestige.

“Where’s Leng Manxue?” Zhang Tie asked Huang Baimei.

“I appreciate Your Majesty’s concern for her. Leng Manxue has been in secluded cultivation for many years. She’s trying to break through the 7 changes realm of shadow knight. I’m afraid that she will come out in 2 years…” Huang Baimei said with respect.

Compared to Zhang Tie, what Leng Manxue was doing was normal for all the immortal generals on the road of cultivation. Each scale and each change realm forward could only be acquired through hardships and lonely ascetic cultivation.

After knowing that Leng Manxue was still alive, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh at once as he nodded and said, “Good, good, glad to know she’s alive…” At the same time, he took out a vial of medicament from his portable medicament container. Under Zhang Tie’s control, the vial of medicament floated to the front of Huang Baimei. Zhang Tie then said, “Here is a vial of regeneration medicament. After drinking it, you can get a new arm. Appreciate your hardwork over these years…”

After hearing Zhang Tei’s words, all the others in the surroundings fixated onto that vial of odd medicament with amazement.

Some resources in Motian Realm were not as bountiful as those in that world where Zhang Tie was. For instance, there was no regeneration medicament in Motian Realm at all. Few people in Motian Realm could enable people to regenerate limbs. Bian Heng was one. However, the price was very high, which couldn’t be afforded by commoners. After losing his arm, Huang Baimei stuck to his post and continued to safeguard Dragonsea City as the commander-in-chief of Dragonteeth Army. He didn’t even have time to receive medical treatment in Emperor NvWa City. Therefore, he had not got a new arm till now.

Huang Baimei’s long eyebrows quivered as he took the vial of medicament and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty, you were mired in Infinite Immortal Prison a few years ago. Versatile Demon Emperor raided Dragon Emperor City three times. The presidents of Military Department, Personnel Affairs Department and Supervision Department and Elder Wang fought to death. We couldn’t contact Your Majesty at that time. However, given that someone had to take charge of the three departments in case of chaos, we made a decision to appoint Peng Tainwu, Ji Wubing and Ying Teng as the deputy presidents of the three departments without your consent. Please punish us, Your Majesty!”

Zhang Tie was Dragon Emperor. Only Zhang Tie could appoint the presidents and deputy departments of the five departments. Those elders had already acted beyond their authority too much. After Long Jiutian’s explanation, all the other elders stood up and asked for Zhang Tie’s punishment. Those deputy presidents also stood up and followed Zhang Tie’s arrangement.

“Elders, you’ve been racking your brains for Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. It was an emergency. You had to do that. You’re innocent, innocent!” Zhang Tie took a look at the four elders with a smile. Then, he looked at the three deputy presidents who behaved a bit reserved in front of him and nodded, “Now that you were favored by the four elders, received the order at the critical moment and managed the three presidents orderly and conscientiously over these years, I think the word “deputy” could be removed from the title of Peng Tianwu, Ji Wubing and Ying Teng!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Although they had already guessed that Zhang Tie would not lose his temper on this event, they had not imagined that Zhang Tie could praise and reward them. Therefore, all the seven people became thrilled as they hurriedly appreciated Zhang Tie for that.

Closely after that, the atmosphere in Heavenlysafety Building became absolutely easy and lively. Those elders then started to report what had happened in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace recently to Zhang Tie and waited for his decisions.

“I will meet the envoys of Star Emperor Immortal Palace, Force Emperor Immortal Palace and Emperor NvWa’s Palace tomorrow. As for others, I will not meet them!” Zhang Tie flicked at the desk as he continued calmly, “As for the reconstruction of Forbidden City and Dragon Emperor City, I take your advice. The recovery of those cities and land in Dragon Emperor Big Domain and the establishment of the new city in Brokenstars Sea confirm to the routines!”

Zhang Tie fixed the overall plan about the development of Dragon Emperor Big Domain with only a few words.

“Here’s the atlas of the 110 cities that Star Emperor Immortal Palace compensated to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and the list of populations and resources of these cities. Please take a look at it, Your Majesty…” Luo Yunshang said as she took out a booklet and continued, “As Your Majesty had already made an appointment with Star Emperor on it, soon after Your Majesty returned to Dragon Emperor City and entered secluded cultivation, Star Emperor Immortal Palace had already arranged people to bring the atlas and the list of populations and resources of these cities to us. The 110 cities included 46 cities from Nine Heavens Big Domain which belonged to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace previously and all the 64 cities in Juntian Small Domain which Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace occupied before…”

It was absolutely a big, glorious event for those elders and immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace that Star Emperor Immortal Palace admitted defeat and ceded cities and gave them to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. Even though they had already known that before. When they saw the atlas and the booklet that Elder Luo Yunshang presented to Dragon Emperor, they all became such spirited.

“I don’t need to see them. Elders and presidents can make arrangements in receiving them. This time, Star Emperor Immortal Palace definitely dare not play any trick any more. Otherwise, I will break Star Emperor’s head!” Zhang Tie didn’t even take a look at the 110 cities. He only waved his hand and implied Luo Yunshang to take them back. Zhang Tie even doubted that Star Emperor dared not see him any more. “Oh, what is Star Emperor doing now?”

“Ahem, ahem… it’s said that Star Emperor has been in secluded cultivation after the battle in Deities Plain. Those who scrambled for the land of demons in Nine Heavens Big Domain are the grand justices of Star Emperor Immortal Palace!” Elder Hou Moyuan said in a low tone. All the other at present revealed a faint smile.

Since Zhang Tie came back, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace’s immortal generals had already become a big force in Nine Heavens Big Domain. Nine Heavens Big Domain had already been covered with battle flames. By ceding land and giving it to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, Star Emperor Immortal Palace didn’t suffer a great loss; because Star Emperor Immortal Palace had already occupied a lot of cities and land of demons in Nine Heavens Big Domain when demons retreated. As a result, Star Emperor Immortal Palace had almost fixed its loss.

“Do you have any intelligence about Dark Emperor Immortal Palace?”

“It’s said that someone found some human lackeys being wanted who relied on Dark Emperor Immortal Palace after Your Majesty killed Versatile Demon Emperor. However, all of their heads have been blown up. Dark Emperor Immortal Palace is absolutely over…”

That was what Zhang Tie guessed before. However, he had not imagined that Versatile Demon Emperor could be so resolute that it even turned itself into the parent worm of puppet worms. After his death, all the lackeys being affected by Golden-Soul Runed Virus who relied on Dark Emperor Immortal Palace would die. That really saved a lot of trouble.

When he thought about Versatile Demon Emperor, Zhang Tie instantly ran his spirit. Right then, he found the Tadpole Runes Sutra was still floating in his mind sea. Zhang Tie had not imagined that Tadpole Runes Sutra itself existed in the form of golden secret item. As Zhang Tie was in secluded cultivation for recovery these days, he had not got a chance to take a look at the contents of Tadpole Runes Sutra …

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