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«Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1727 - A Heroic Person

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Chapter 1727: A Heroic Person

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The jade tortoise that Zhang Tie gifted them was the very target of the two girls since they attended Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace. It was an important item in Yin-Yang Sect.

Although it looked like a jade tortoise, actually, it contained the original version of a secret method which was of great significance to Yin-Yang Sect.

Was it a coincidence that Zhang Tie gifted it to them? Of course not. It could never be so accidental in this world. Now that it was not a coincidence, it could only be interpreted that Zhang Tie had already known that they were from Yin-Yang Sect.

The sudden pleasure and fear brought by the jade tortoise made Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan change their faces in a split second.

“Alas!” Ji Yuelan let out a long sigh as she moved her eyes onto Zhang Tie from the jade tortoise. In a complex mood, Ji Yuelan couldn’t stand dropping off tears. She then revealed a bleak yet beautiful smile towards Zhang Tie, saying, “Ruoxin and I both come from Yin-Yang Sect. Given the fact that our sect was abhorred by the rest of the world, we could only hide our identities. We didn’t mean to cheat you. Unexpectedly, you’ve known that. It seems that this is a farewell drink. After a while, this elder sister prefers to die in your hand. Given that we are bosom friends, please don’t let others spoil our corpses. If Your Majesty still treasures the friendship between us, please burn us up. After that, throw our ashes into the river outside the Apricot Blossom Courtyard. The river is crystal with apricot blossoms on its banks all the year round. It’s a good destination…”

Just now, Jiang Ruoxin was intense all over. After hearing Ji Yuelan’s words, she became relaxed at a stroke. She had seen Zhang Tie’s great battle force. It was pretty easy for Zhang Tie to kill them. Not to mention that there were so many powerhouses in the Forbidden City. She preferred to accept her fate frankly than die in an embarrassed manner.

Suddenly, Jiang Ruoxin felt more complex as if she felt that the faint hope and aspiration were completely shattered by Zhang Tie at this moment.

After hearing Ji Yuelan’s words, Jiang Ruoxin also dropped off tears as she said, “I agree with Yuelan. If Your Majesty buries us together, we could be partners in the afterlife.”

“Have you really determined to go there?” Zhang Tie asked as he looked up at the sky, letting out a deep sigh, “It’s said that there’re always monsters and goblins in rivers. Besides being ugly, they’re all strong and like beauties. If the natives don’t offer sacrifice to them by throwing beauties into the rivers, they would arouse heavy wind and billows to hurt the local people. If you want to settle in the river, it’s nothing different than presenting yourselves to them.”

Hearing Zhang Tie’s words, Ji Yuelan’s and Jiang Ruoxin’s face turned pale. The two people both felt scared out of their wits. Though they didn’t find that Zhang Tie’s tone was weird, it sounded like a ghost story. Additionally, Zhang Tie revealed a faint smile.

“Just…just bury us in the mountain in the opposite of the Apricot Blossom Village then…” Ji Yuelan said slowly and gloomily.

“I can’t. There’re more spirits, goblins and ghosts in the mountain. If you settle down there, it’s nothing different than sending sheep to tigers’ den. Many spirits, goblins and ghosts would drool and smirk obscenely at you. If you’re buried in the mountain, you might be rat spirits’ wives today and wolf spirits’ wives tomorrow. Even brown bears would think about robbing you away all day long…”

“If so…if so, we two couldn’t even be buried anywhere while being scolded by everyone when we’re alive?” Jiang Ruoxin asked while sobbing…

After heaving a sigh, Zhang Tie said, “You two whiny beauties do not need to think about death. It would be pitiful if you die. Additionally, some ghosts, spirits or goblins would take advantage of you after your death. You’d better think about living well. Just be my female immortal generals. In the daytime, you could help me deal with public affairs. In the evening, you could dress up and have a drink with me while appreciating the moonscape. I prefer you over others to take care of me. At least I’m not that terrifying. Am I right?” Zhang Tie said as he wiped off tears for the two girls. After that, he draped around their waists together and kissed their cheeks.

When Zhang Tie kissed them, Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin finally realized that Zhang Tie was only having fun with them just now. He didn’t even mean to hurt them at all.

With great pleasure and grief, the two women suddenly broke into laughter. Watching Zhang Tie with complex mood, they didn’t know what to say.

“This item belongs to Yin-Yang Sect. After the old man took it away from Yin-Yang Sect, he didn’t return it to you. But I’m returning it to you today. If you want to report on your mission with it, I allow you several months’ leave. You could make an arrangement for free!” Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh as he added, “If you don’t want to go back; nor return to Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace anymore. I don’t blame you. Nor would the immortal palace hunt you. I will just remove your names from the rolls of the immortal palace…” Zhang Tie couldn’t stand lightly pinching their cheeks as he complained, “We’ve known each other for so long, how could you not trust me at all? At the sight of the item, you’ve thought that I wanted to kill you. Am I that terrifying and vicious in your eyes? I gifted you something so that you could complete your mission easily. How could you think that I wanted to kill you? I just invited you for a drink on such a beautiful night, but you think I’m bidding farewell to you. That really makes me sad…”

Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin felt bashful at once.

“Don…don’t you mind our real identities?” Ji Yuelan asked him as she leaned against Zhang Tie’s shoulder.

“I’ve already seen the secret cultivation method of Yin-Yang Sect. Although the male-female cultivation skill was weird, it originates from the universal law of coexistence of yin and yang. If there’s no yang, yin would not take shape; if there’s no yin, yang would not take shape. Additionally, don’t you advocate that only couples or a male and a female who loves each other could cultivate it together. It’s fine. You could cultivate in any form that you want. It has nothing to do with others. The bad reputation of Yin-Yang Sect was caused by some bad guys in your sect. The others of Yin-Yang Sect shouldn’t be involved. It’s normal for a big sect to have some assholes! Compared to the dirty things that some righteous sects could do, this is not worth mentioning.”

“Do you really think so?” Jiang Ruoxin asked as her eyes glittered.

“You bet. After sending it back to your sect, you could tell the elders and directors of your sect that if they could barely find a place to stay outside, all of them could go to Dragon Emperor Big Domain. As long as you comply with the disciplines in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, I promise they will be safe here!”

Ji Yuelan exchanged a glance with Jiang Ruoxin.

“We cannot make a decision about it. We could only tell our masters what you said. As for the details, it depends on them. Over these years, as Yin-Yang Sect is hunted everywhere, our masters are very skeptical. Even if I tell them about that, I’m afraid that they would not make any response right away…” Jiang Ruoxin replied as she had gradually become composed.

“It’s fine! It’s just my suggestion. Just take it as a choice. It depends on them. Additionally, even if they really come here, they don’t need to notice me at all. They’re free in Dragon Emperor Big Domain. As long as they don’t do anything in a big way which would arouse the attention of Force Emperor Immortal Palace, they could do whatever they like!” Zhang Tie said as he covered the lid and foisted it into Jiang Ruoxin’s hand as if nothing had happened before. “Come, have a drink!”

After getting the No. 1 treasure of their sect, the two girls were so thrilled that they both thought about staying with Zhang Tie tonight. However, Zhang Tie didn’t make them drunk; instead, when they were tipsy, Zhang Tie had already persuaded them to leave.

“Do you really want us to leave?” Jiang Ruoxin asked Zhang Tie audaciously while being tipsy.

“If you stay in the Palace of Heavenly Purity tonight, many people would keep an eye on you if any one of you left Dragon Emperor City in a few days. Do you still want to stay here?” Zhang Tie asked with a smile. The two girls then became silent; because they knew that it was not good for them if they caught the attention of the public given their identities; especially when they wanted to find an opportunity to send the item back.

When they left the Palace of Heavenly Purity, the two women revealed an extremely gloomy look at Zhang Tie as if they were going to melt Zhang Tie.

After the two girls left, Zhang Tie continued to drink in his garden until midnight.

Watching the bright moon rising to the highest point in the dome, Zhang Tie suddenly had a complex mood as he missed his family members pretty much.

“After putting a flagon of liquor on the table in the flowers, I start a drink myself with no friend on my side. Raising my cup towards the sky, I invite the bright moon to join me and my shadow. Pitifully, the bright moon couldn’t understand the pleasure of a drink; and the shadow could only keep me company silently. I could only enjoy the beautiful nightscape together with the bright moon and the lonely shadow. When I make poems, the moon lingers about. When I dance, the shadow moves elegantly with me…” Zhang Tie drank, sang and laughed alone while his song reverberated across the Forbidden City. With his song, Zhang Tie trembled all the way to Jiaotai Palace. He then closed the gate and entered secluded cultivation…

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