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«Castle of Black Iron (Web Novel) - Chapter 1659 - A Fast Move

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Chapter 1659: A Fast Move

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Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

Zhang Tie moved too fast. In a split second, he had broken the earth immortal general’s head before the other six immortal generals approached him…

“Swords come…”

Zhang Tie jumped into the air as he stretched out his arms with gleaming eyes, shouting as loudly as a rumble of thunder. Closely after his words, the long sword in the hand of one of the six opponents had rocked as it shot towards Zhang Tie under the dumbfounded look of the immortal general as fast as a lightning bolt like how a young swallow returned to its nest in the woods.

Not until then did the six opponents’ sharp battle qi strikes approach Zhang Tie along with the counterattack of Jiang Ruoxin, Ji Yuelan and Liu brothers. Heavenly Square Building would soon become a battlefield of a brawl between immortal generals…

However, all this was dissipated into a sudden sword light.

In a split second, a sword light spread across the room on the 7th floor of Heavenly Square Building like a bright moon outside the window and a peacock fanning out its tail in a splash of colors.

The moonlight was as tender as water while the entire 7th storey of Heavenly Square Building was immersed in the glowing moonlight.

The six opponents’ strikes were held, rolled and shattered by the moonlight. When they revealed dumbfounded looks, the moonlight flew by the six people. At the same time, they jumped up, charged forward, attacked or defended, still or active… However, their movements became useless at this moment.

The sword light rose and fell, expanded or contracted while the rising bright moon also disappeared in a split second as if it was an illusion. It just blew over like a wisp of wind…

Jiang Ruoxin, Ji Yuelan and Liu brothers’ counterstrikes were also defused by the moonlight.

Zhang Tie then landed on the ground lightly like a stick of feather. The agile gestures of the six immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace became frozen on the 7th floor in a split second with a fine, bloody sword trace as long as 3 cm on each one’s forehead.

When Zhang Tie landed on the ground, all the six immortal generals fell to the ground and became quiet.

Liu brothers, Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan were all petrified by Zhang Tie’s unrivaled, brilliant sword strike.

Especially Liu brothers, who watched Zhang Tie with widely open mouths which could even contain a fist. Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan were also shocked. Watching the corpse of the earth immortal general whose head had been broken by Zhang Tie’s punch and the scarlet sword trace on the forehead of each of the six immortal generals from Star Emperor Immortal Palace, they felt having a dream.

Zhang Tie’s terrifying strike couldn’t be sensed unless being involved in it. Besides blocking the four people’s counterstrikes easily, Zhang Tie’s strike also shattered the other six immortal opponents’ attack. It meant that Zhang Tie defused ten immortal general’s strikes at the same time before killing six of them.

Why would the long sword of the immortal general from Star Emperor Immortal Palace fly towards Zhang Tie’s hand itself after Zhang Tie’s order? What the hell was the sword skill?

The warm night breeze blew over Heavenly Square Building, causing aeolian bells hung over the window ring and swayed in the air, waking up the four people at a stroke. Watching Zhang Tie who was watching the long sword in his hand with a fascinating look, their hearts raced at once.

Zhang Tie finally killed people in Motian Realm. At this moment, watching the blade as shiny as water in autumn, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh inside, ‘I’m not killing people for revenge, love or human righteousness. It’s just a different stance. Publicly, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace and Star Emperor Immortal Palace were totally incompatible. Star Emperor Immortal Palace are drooling over Heavenly Square City and gotta harm me. Privately, if I want to return to Taixia Country, I gotta promote to an immortal emperor and win the respect and gather enough human resources as soon as possible.’

‘If I cultivate for 500 years step by step in Motian Realm, I might also promote to an immortal emperor; however, by then, the holy war in Taixia Country might have long come to an end. It’s even not known whether humans in that world still exist. Even if I could return to Taixia Country, I would get nothing else but regret! In the final analysis, as is told by Elder Muyuan——Retrospecting the 5,000 years’ history of Taixia Country, few people could be successful without fame!’

‘After slashing this sword, I gotta keep going and killing everyone in front of me, deities or demons; instead of boggling at difficulties.’

As the sword was connected to his heart, Zhang Tie’s strong will made the long sword ring itself while releasing and hiding sword light alternatively.

At this moment, Zhang Tie heard the sound of “clatters…”. It was the young master of Zi clan with a footprint on his face whose teeth were quivering. Standing afar, he watched Zhang Tie like seeing a ghost as he quivered all over. He wanted to leave there; however, he couldn’t move at all.

Zhang Tie stretched out his claw before sucking the young master to his front; despite the latter’s struggles and miserable shrieks.

“Forgive me…forgive me…” the young master uttered as he kept struggling by waving his arms and kicking his feet.

Zhang Tie put his palm on the head of the young master. After reading his memory for a few seconds, Zhang Tie broke the young master’s neck, causing his head to rotate 360 degrees over his neck. Closely after that, the young master showed the white of his eyes as he slumped to the ground softly.

“Piss off!” Zhang Tie shouted at those street patrollers who had been soft all over and couldn’t even hold their weapons steadily. Not until then did the two rows of street patrollers wake up as they all dropped their weapons and scrambled downstairs, crying miserably. They even regret having two legs less.

“The head of the branch of Star Emperor Immortal Palace is in the old mansion of Zi clan in Heavenly Square City; Zi clan has determined to sell Heavenly Square City to Star Emperor Immortal Palace and choose their new owner. They prepare to destroy the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace in Heavenly Square City. Do you want to chop off the heads of the head of the branch of Star Emperor Immortal Palace and the owner of Zi clan in the old mansion of Zi clan? Let’s topple over the nest of those b*stards…” Zhang Tie carried the map as he asked Liu brothers who were still in shock.

After a short shock, Liu brothers instantly grew spirited as they answered, “Great, let’s chop off the heads of those people right away!”

“We’re gonna kill more people. This case has nothing to do with two beauties. Help yourself, hahahaha…” Zhang Tie laughed as he broke the window by a palm. Closely after that, he jumped out of the window on the 7th floor, closely followed by Liu brothers, leaving Jiang Ruoxin and Ji Yuelan alone in the entire 7th storey of Heavenly Square Building. In a split second, the two women lost their mind. They didn’t know whether they should go with Zhang Tie or return to the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace or just pretended that nothing had happened. No matter what, it was a big event for them to kill immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace…

Before the two beauties made their decisions, Zhang Tie had flashed back through the window.

“Hahaha, I almost forgot an important thing. I’m poor, and we shouldn’t waste money…” As Zhang Tie said, he ran to the front of those dead immortal generals under the dumbfounded look of the two beauties. He searched over the seven immortal generals and the young master of Zi clan as he got two space-teleportation finger rings and a weapon from the two earth immortal generals, and storage bags and wallets from the other six. After carrying them all, he looked fatter.

Before leaving, Zhang Tie threw a wallet full of crystal coins onto the table as he told the two beauties, “You’re my guest!”

After leaving the words, Zhang Tie jumped out of the window once again and rushed towards the old mansion of Zi clan.

Since Zhang Tie started to launch a sword strike, Ji Yuelan had been watching him in shock. When Zhang Tie left them for the first time, Ji Yuelan didn’t move; when he left them for the second time, Ji Yuelan gritted her teeth. After taking a look at Jiang Ruoxin, she also jumped out of the window on the 7th storey silently, closely after Zhang Tie.

Sniffing the bloody smell that was going to diffuse in the boite and watching the disordered corpses of those immortal generals and the young master outside the private room, Jiang Ruoxin let out a sigh as he followed Ji Yuelan out of the window too…

Due to the mysterious no-fly zone of Motian Realm, nobody below heavenly knight could fly with the help of chakras. Although Zhang Tie could fly as a divine dominator, he didn’t mean to expose his trump card at this moment; instead, Zhang Tie just stepped on the roofs of buildings in the downtown as fast as a lightning bolt together with Liu brothers. They strode hundreds of meters forward by each step towards the old mansion of Zi clan.

The old mansion of Zi clan was in Zi Clan Castle in the downtown, which could be easily discovered; because it was the second highest building in Heavenly Square City after the building of the branch of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace.

Ji Yuelan and Jiang Ruoxin followed up too. Zhang Tie just responded with a silent smile…

Their speed was definitely much faster than the news transmission speed from the manager of Heavenly Square Building. In a few minutes, they had arrived at Zi Clan Castle. Those people inside Zi Clan Castle still knew nothing about what happened in Heavenly Square Building.

With a sound “boom…”, Liu brothers released their battle qi as two battle qi smokes rushed into the sky. Closely after that, they rammed against the gate of Zi Clan Castle like two locomotives, collapsing it instantly. Some guardians nearby the gate were pressed and hurt by the broken pieces of the gate as their miserable shrieks woke up everyone in the castle, arousing great chaos at a stroke…

“Who dare break in Zi Clan Castle?” A furious sound drifted from the fortress. Closely after that, three people jumped out of the fortress, the garments of two of them were marked with Star Emperor Immortal Palace.

“If any one of them dares to resist, kill them…” After leaving the order to Liu brothers, Zhang Tie rushed towards the three strangers at once while launching out his sword strike.

A brilliant sword light swirled over Zi Clan Castle like a fiery dragon, causing the entire Zi Clan Castle dark and shocking the entire Heavenly Square City…

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