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«Carefree Path of Dreams (Web Novel) - Chapter 1082: Apotheosis

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Chapter 1082: Apotheosis

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“Artifact spirit, how many otherworldly demons are there from the twentieth level and above?!” Fang Yuan asked.

He naturally realized that the first nineteen levels and the last fourteen levels were two entirely different concepts.

The first nineteen levels were similar to a trial ground. The structure of the space was simple, and it even looked as though it was deliberately created to the advantage of those who comprehended the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws.

The last fourteen levels, however, were densely covered by spatial barriers and even… sealed otherworldly demons!

To Fang Yuan, it seemed like a prison meant for suppression! Afterward, to make the best use of it, it was conveniently changed into a place to test Immortals.

“Yes, Master!” The green-clothed artifact spirit replied honestly, “There is one otherworldly demon on the twentieth level, two on the twenty-first level…! There are also Primordial Godfiends above the thirtieth level!”

“What?!” Fang Yuan was shocked when he heard that. “This trial ground can still suppress something on the level of a Grand Unity Immortal?”

“These are the captives from demon disasters all those years ago. Because they are very difficult to completely destroy, Old Master trapped them in the levels above the thirtieth!”

The artifact spirit said confidently, “With Old Master’s seal on them, they’ll never wake up nor be able to escape! Of course, as a safety measure, the Immortal trials only go up to the twenty-ninth level at best!”

Fang Yuan was now well acquainted with the ways of the constructor of this treasure. This patriarch of Mount Mengyan had probably arranged another challenge that even an Immortal could not pass.

In fact, these flaws were not loopholes. As long as Mount Mengyan was still a Holy Land, even if a monster like Fang Yuan appeared, it could have reacted in time. However, it found itself at a loss since it had no master.

“Then… the reward for passing the Immortal challenges…” Fang Yuan’s eyes glittered.

“Mainly some Dao Comprehension Stones and immortal artifacts!” the artifact spirit answered honestly. “There aren’t many immortal artifacts left, but there’s a surplus of Dao Comprehension Stones!”

“The entire Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower produces one Dao Comprehension Stone every thousand years through the stele’s suppression of the Dao Comprehension Pond! Because the trial ground hasn’t been in use for hundreds of thousands of years, a lot has accumulated. It’s enough to maintain the trial mode for a long time as long as a genius like Master doesn’t appear!” the artifact spirit revealed.

The format of the Outer Heaven Tower was definitely the higher the level passed, the better the rewards. Very few Golden Core cultivators could pass the fifth level, given its difficulty.

In fact, it was normal to end on the first and second levels.

Only a monster like Fang Yuan had managed to pass eighteen levels in one shot and obtained fifty Dao Comprehension Stones. Even Immortals would turn green with envy.

“Dao Comprehension Pond?” Fang Yuan caressed the core stone stele. Sure enough, he sensed a strange pond.

It was located in a pearl on the highest level of the Outer Heaven Tower. The pond was clear yet muddy, showing signs of a Taiji with lightning in the middle.

A hint of mysterious aura continuously traveled out from the twentieth level and above. The pond absorbed and turned it into little stones. These were the Dao Comprehension Stones!

“So this entire Outer Heaven Tower in itself is a treasure for creating Dao Comprehension Stones! The raw materials used are the otherworldly demons detained on the twentieth level and onward?”

The corner of Fang Yuan’s eye twitched after he understood. “No wonder you have so many Godfiend captives!”

A Dao Comprehension Stone was the essence of heaven and earth. Godfiends might only be one of the raw materials, and there could be many magic powers within that he did not understand yet.

He immediately knew that as long as he could understand the mechanics of the Dao Comprehension Pond, then the Grand Unity realm or above were within reach.

“No matter. Bring all of the Dao Comprehension Stones here and tabulate all the Godfiends, puppets, and so on for me!”

This place within the Outer Heaven Tower was the safest of all. Even if a Grand Unity Almighty were to come, it would be impossible to replicate what Fang Yuan had done. He was absolutely confident in this aspect and thus gave his order.

Suddenly, hundreds of Dao Comprehension Stones appeared like randomly discarded pebbles, becoming a small hill in front of him.

“A total of 551 Dao Comprehension Stones, 13 immortal artifacts, 27 otherworldly demons, 3 Primordial Godfiends, and countless other materials… This Outer Heaven Tower is truly a giant treasure!”

Fang Yuan even suspected that other than that patriarch of Mount Mengyan, other Immortals might not even know how terrifying this primordial treasure was.

“This treasure is fundamentally not a place for trials. It’s good enough to be a sect-stabilizing treasure of a Holy Land.”

He understood that riches would invite trouble, causing him to become wary immediately.

“No matter what, it’s definitely correct to improve my strength first!”

A scroll appeared in his hand with one thought.

This was one of the rewards of the Outer Heaven Tower, an array for the efficient use of Dao Comprehension Stones.

According to this array, the efficacy of Dao Comprehension Stones could increase a further ten percent. Of course, this was meant for Immortals.

“But in my case, the Nomological Laws of Time and the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws should be not much different from Great Daos!”

This time, Fang Yuan was determined to push his comprehension of nomological laws to the limit and completely comprehend the power of a set of top nomological laws!

“If there are any left over, I’ll use them to completely comprehend the Nomological Laws of Time. To be able to completely comprehend three complete sets of nomological laws, two of which are top nomological laws, during the Primordial Core Realm, I wonder if anyone achieved something similar in the history of the Mount Mengyan Holy Land!”

Fang Yuan took out fifty Dao Comprehension Stones and started arranging them in an array according to the description on the scroll.

Such an array was only passed down secretly, and even an Immortal might not be able to unleash its full potential.

After activating the Dao Comprehension Stones, a giant chaos Taiji appeared and enveloped him within.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and immediately entered a deep state of enlightenment.

“Large success in the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws… is being able to teleport… Complete comprehension should be… shattering the void? Of course… it’s only the void of this world! The more advanced Void Great Dao should be able to be applied freely in the chaos outside this world!”

The power of nomological laws had a flaw, which was being limited to this world.

For example, Fang Yuan’s Illusion Realm’s nomological laws were of great use in this Wasteland World, but they would probably be useless if the venue were changed to the chaos outside this world.

But the Void Great Dao was different!

It could be used in the chaos as well!

“If nomological laws are limited to this world, are Great Daos limited to this universe?” Fang Yuan opened his eyes as he muttered, having a certain comprehension toward the Dao Fruit realm after Demon God.

“My teleportation range is now 250 kilometers, ten times the original!” He shut his eyes. “And this increase is without my spiritual will having made great improvement!

“Unfortunately… my Illusion Realm’s nomological laws are not yet at complete comprehension!”

Obviously, it was not an easy take to completely comprehend an entire set of top nomological laws. The last lap was especially the toughest.

“Again!” Luckily, he had enough Dao Comprehension Stones. Fang Yuan chose to activate the array again.


His progress slowed on the second attempt, but a feeling of happiness was spreading throughout Fang Yuan.

“This is it… This is it…” he muttered, grabbing this hard-earned inspiration and trying a third time.

After consuming an entire 150 Dao Comprehension Stones, he opened his eyes and made a grab!


The void directly turned into powder and revealed the chaos behind it.

“The space of this Wasteland World is much more stable than that of small worlds. The ability to shatter the void should be something that only Grand Unity Immortals who have a complete Great Dao can accomplish…”

Fang Yuan was very confident about this.

The power of the complete Illusion Realm’s nomological laws was equivalent to that of an ordinary Great Dao!

The consumption of the Dao Comprehension Stones proved this point perfectly.

An Immortal would have been able to comprehend a complete Great Dao with his consumption. He squandered them only because he had obtained the Outer Heaven Tower.

“Why don’t I do the same for the Nomological Laws of Time…”

He looked at the remaining Dao Comprehension Stones with sparkles in his eyes.

The next moment, he arranged the Dao Comprehension Stone array, and the chaos Taiji reappeared.



“Failure again!”

Seeing all the Dao Comprehension Stones that had turned into ash, Fang Yuan’s expression became ugly. “Why does it feel like I’m falling just short of reaching perfection?

“Is… there some malpractice in using Dao Comprehension Stones in large quantities? I should have mastered the Nomological Laws of Time by now.”

Unfortunately, there had never been a Golden Core cultivator with such luxurious consumption in the history of the entire Wasteland World, and Fang Yuan would not be able to find any reference.

“My current cultivation might be at mid Primordial Core, but my Nomological Laws of Saber and Illusion Realm’s nomological laws are at complete comprehension. The Nomological Laws of Time have also reached their limit. I’m almost there…”

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and smiled. “My strength has surpassed my realm by too much!”

He manipulated the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws and began to absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Whoosh whoosh!

A terrifying amount of Qi condensed, even forming a tide.

“Not enough! Still not enough!”

He shook his head and threw numerous high and top-grade spirit stones into the mass of Qi.

The mass of Qi expended and formed a vortex.

“Cultivation is just a matter of time as long as the resources are enough!”

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and swallowed the vortex of spiritual energy.

This spiritual energy had no chance of going berserk under the suppression of Illusion Realm’s nomological laws. It transformed into the gentlest force and spread into all four limbs, promoting the advancement of his Water Moon Heavenly Cave Secret Manual.

From mid Primordial Core to peak Primordial Core and then to the Apotheosis bottleneck!

“Break… through!” Fang Yuan shouted. A strong power of space immediately broke through the bottleneck, and he advanced to Apotheosis!

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