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«The Charm of Soul Pets (Web Novel) - Book 2, Chapter 1532: Flattened Nightmare Mountain Range

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Book 2, Chapter 1532: Flattened Nightmare Mountain Range

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Yu Suo remained quiet. She clearly did not want to talk about anything related to Heaven Palace.

“I know you came from there, I saw the place you jumped down to,” said Chu Mu.

Yu Suo’s expression turned dark. Her eyes stared at Chu Mu and spoke a little angrily, “Are you trying to mock me?”

Chu Mu shook his head and spoke, “I just want to know what exactly is Heaven Palace.”

“I don’t know!” Yu Suo turned her face away.

“How can you not know?” Chu Mu knew this woman was throwing a tantrum.

“Can’t I have amnesia?” said Yu Suo.


Chu Mu did not argue with Yu Suo. Some things would naturally be known once he was strong enough. At least, the things he came into contact with were gradually approaching the deeper level.

“Era’s strongest, do you know this?” asked Chu Mu as he recalled something else.

Yu Suo usually kept quiet in front of Chu Mu if possible. Actually, she was already reluctant to follow Chu Mu to Southern Forbidden Region.

However, when Chu Mu mentioned Era’s strongest, Yu Suo no longer ignored Chu Mu. She looked at him and spoke, “Where did you find out about that?”

Yu Suo noticed Chu Mu’s knowledge was constantly increasing.

Back in Wanxiang City battle, Yu Suo mentioned Chu Mu had been a really ignorant person, because this world was far larger than he could imagine. She knew very well just how large this world was.

However, the things Chu Mu knew unknowingly increased, and not just common knowledge, he knew about various major races, Heaven Palace, Heaven Boundary Monument, Era’s strongest…… such knowledge which should not be known to people.

“What? You have nothing to say?” asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had always been doubting the things Yu Suo had done. This woman gave off a feeling that she wanted to dominate the entire human race. Chu Mu also did not know why she was so ambitious.

“What do you want to know?” asked Yu Suo.

“Who is this Era’s strongest?” asked Chu Mu.

“The result isn’t out yet, but a group of people are already competing over it. For example, Divine Sect’s Vice Sect Master Du Xian, Wupan Navy’s Chief, Royalty’s Family Master Tao…… These leader rank people all wanted this position. Unfortunately, they aren’t qualified,” said Yu Suo.

“Who is qualified?” Chu Mu was really curious just who would become this Era’s strongest.

“Era’s strongest may not be a human. In the current wheel, not a single human has become Undying rank. This similar meant there had never been a human Era’s strongest,” said Yu Suo.

When Yu Suo pointed that out, Chu Mu realized it. The examples of Era’s strongest Elder Li made had no humans.

“If the human race does not occupy a position in this last era, what will happen?” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t know,” answered Yu Suo.

“Again?” Chu Mu was certain Yu Suo still had many secrets.

Yu Suo took a glance at Chu Mu and showed a despising expression, “When you saw me in Sacred Holy Region, I was only fifteen, how much do you think I could know? I’m similar to you on various matters, slowly searching for clues and answers.”

“You deceiving method doesn’t seem like fifteen, nor did your growth,” Chu Mu deeply suspected Yu Suo’s age. After all, a fifteen-year-old girl could not have grown so well.

Of course, Chu Mu really disliked her arrogant attitude, so he tried to be sarcastic.

Yu Suo turned to him and coldly spoke, “Why don’t I show you now? Many people want to see.”

Yu Suo’s proportions were certainly perfect. Her curvy lines were filled with abundance. Any man would fantasize after seeing her.

Chu Mu purposely examined her from head to toes. Seeing her stubbornly arrogant attitude, he crackled, “Sure.”

Yu Suo took a quick glance at Chu Mu and noticed his smile contained evilness. She immediately panicked in her heart.

Is he really going to do something to me?

After Yu Suo was in Chu Mu’s control, she would often get confined by Chu Mu and had to follow his orders most of the time. It was fortunate that he did not have such thoughts about her.

However, if this shameless man really wanted to, unless she committed a double suicide, she had no way of resisting him.

“If you dare to touch me, I will make sure you die without leaving anything behind!” Yu Suo glared at Chu Mu ferociously.

Chu Mu completely ignored her words. His gaze turned to the mountain range in the distance, because he knew that the Southern Forbidden Region’s Nightmare Mountain Range which stretched from Edge of the World to Sequence Land should be right ahead……

However, he did not see that majestic Nightmare Mountain Range!

Chu Mu had been to Southern Forbidden Region many times. Everytime he flew to this point, he could see the mountain range in Southern Forbidden Region. They erected high into the sky and stood between the grey sky and black land. They stretched towards the darker region further into the distance and the end could not be seen.

However, it disappeared!

This Southern Forbidden Region’s Nightmare Mountain Range bizarrely disappeared. Chu Mu saw a piece of chaotic burnt land and the flattened ground which underwent desertification.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Suo looked at Chu Mu confusedly.

Chu Mu pointed at the barren land in front and spoke with disbelief, “This Nightmare Mountain Range is flattened!”

The entire mountain range was vast. Even with Chu Mu’s current strength, the area he could destroy was limited.

However, the entire mountain range disappeared. They became a pile of black desert. The black powder was swept up by the wind and floated in the sky. It was desolate and barren!

Chu Mu clearly remembered the entire Southern Forbidden Region’s Dynasty should be living on this Nightmare Mountain Range……

If those Nightmares did not migrate, did that mean the entire Nightmare Dynasty in Southern Forbidden Region disappeared from this world?

Chu Mu’s heart was in great turmoil. He soared up and flew even high into the sky. He wanted to know what exactly happened here.

Yu Suo hurriedly followed after Chu Mu. She vaguely guessed a disaster might have occurred in Southern Forbidden Region. Hence, she scattered countless pollens and spread out towards this zone which should originally be the Southern Forbidden Region mountain range, in order to sense this entire zone.

“How can this be…… What happened here?” Chu Mu flew in the sky, but never saw a single Nightmare.

It was as if this vast Nightmare Dynasty suddenly vaporized from this world.

“Chu Mu, Dark King smelled a very powerful evil presence which once appeared here,” Yu Suo informed Chu Mu.

“How powerful?” Chu Mu took a glance at Dark King in Yu Suo’s arms.

“Stronger than it,” Yu Suo slowly voiced out this sentence.

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