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«Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 785: Take the Ancestral Master to Origins Internet Club!

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Chapter 785: Take the Ancestral Master to Origins Internet Club!

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Due to some reasons in the early years, the East Continent didn’t have as many people and wasn’t as vast of a land as the West Continent, but it was still very big.

Masters from different places gathered in the major factions in the grand blessed cave abodes and famous mountains. As for the average mortals and warriors, they lived in human nations under the rules of big families.

There were also spirits and wild mountain beast demons who lived in the hidden blessed cave abodes.

These factions had deep roots in this land and knew everything happening on this continent.

- In the Xiaoyao Cave Abode -

If the Dongxuan Cave Abode was only a city-like gathering place for cultivators, then the Xiaoyao Cave Abode was absolutely a cultivator nation inside a small world.

Under the leadership of the Abode Master, Lingxu Zi, it had prospered.

“This Heavenly Faction…?” In the Xiaoyao Cave Abode, the spiritual essence gathered like a vortex in the deep and tranquil spiritual mountain that was covered in all kinds of blooming spiritual flowers, and a grand palace hovered in the air in the support of an invisible force. It looked like an immortal abode.

A few ethereal-looking Daoists gathered here.

“Have you found out the information about the so-called Origin Internet Immortal Palace?” In the center sat a Daoist appearing to be in his thirties. Wearing a pale purple Daoist robe and a grand silver dragon headpiece, he looked very elegant.

Although the others had white hair and ancient faces, this purple-robed Daoist emitted a presence that made others sure of his identity; he was the core figure in this group.

“What’s this Heavenly Faction up to anyway?” an old man sitting beside him said in bafflement, “Usually, even if a supreme master built a so-called internet immortal palace named Origins which offers better cultivation results than cultivation rooms, cultivation towers, or some internal mystical realms of factions…”

“How come even their Grand Elder Zhuge Qingyun came out of seclusion?! He even led their elders and disciples to that place in person?”

Even if it is a cultivation mystical realm built by a supreme master, it is still a cultivation mystical realm!

It is used to train disciples! We’ve also sent some disciples to try the mystical realm as well, but…

You’re a peak Ascendance Realm master, which is the top level for cultivators. Why are you going there and cultivating in this mystical realm?

“Even if he becomes the No.1 Master in the world, can he really ascend and become a god?” another old man said in disbelief with widened-eyes and a bristling beard.

At this moment, a middle-aged man walked up in a hurry. “Abode Master! Elders.”

After greeting them, this man said in a low voice, “Our disciples found the key information by accident. Grand Elder Zhuge Qingyun and other elders of the Heavenly Faction are cultivating in a mystical realm named League of Legends in order to become… god-like!”

“What?!” The elder who had been talking froze for a second before saying, “You… say it again!?”

“Become… god-like,” the middle-aged cultivator repeated.

“Ridiculous! The Heavenly Faction has always kept their secrets well. How come you got this information? This critical information!”

“This …?”

- At this moment, in the new shop at the East Continent -

“Elder…” Faction Master Feng Xuehe asked in a low voice, “This is a big issue; shouldn’t we keep it a secret?”

“Xuehe…” Grand Elder Zhuge Qingyun stroked his long beard and said mildly, “First of all, Palace Master Fang has generously told us this method. Do you think he would like us to keep it a secret?”

“Second of all, have you understood the true meaning of the stories that Palace Master Fang told us?”

“Meaning…?” Faction Master Feng Xuehe looked at the Grand Elder curiously.

“No one is perfect.” The Grand Elder’s deep eyes looked out of the shop. “Each step we take improves our minds, physical bodies, cultivation strength, eye sharpness, and spirits… With continuous improvement and constant purification, we’ve come to the Ascendance Realm…”

“You mean…”

“The more imperfections we have, the more improbable that we can stand out from the many ultimate masters!” A glint flashed in Zhuge Qingyun’s eyes that had never been seen before.

“So…” Feng Xuehe concluded, “Only the god-like figures can do that! However, the god-like figure isn’t a title that we give to ourselves; they are people who stand out from countless ultimate masters! Just like Demon King Faker and the God-like UZI that Senior Fang mentioned.”

While saying that, Feng Xuehe felt uncomfortable and thought, How come these names are so strange?


“This…” Feng Xuehe was still uncertain. “Is it believable?”

“I’ve reached the pinnacle stage 1,000 years ago. I’ve diligently pursued this for almost 1,000 years.” A trace of indescribable loss appeared in Zhuge Qingyun’s turbid eyes. “Our ancestors had pursued this for countless years… Only the golden scroll left by the ancestral master records a clue, and it refers to that war long ago…”

“It would be better if we believe that it’s true…”

Meanwhile, in the Xiaoyao Cave Abode, Lingxu Zi solemnly stared at the middle-aged cultivator who had just delivered the information. “Li Wu, I know you’re always reliable. How did you acquire this information? Is it true?”

Lingxu Zi’s eyes slightly squinted, feeling uncertain for the first time in his life.

In the Xiaoyao Cave Abode, there was an ancient sacrificial shrine, and no one knew when it was built. It had the most concentrated spiritual essence and was very close to the place where Lingxu Zi and his companions were sitting.

The shrine was guarded by layers of arrays which had been left from the ancient times. These arrays were intact since they were maintained each year.

However, no one knew that this ancient and insignificant shrine had a huge ice palace under it.

There was a legend circulating in the Xiaoyao Cave Abode. Their Ancestral Master from the prehistoric time would return and lead them to true ascendance.

Of course, not many people truly believed it.

After all, it had been so long ago. Even peak Ascendance Realm masters would have turned to dust.

However, in the center of the huge ice palace under the shrine, there was an ice coffin completely sealed by 10,000-year-old ice.

Suddenly, a huge noise came from inside the ice coffin!

Even Lingxu Zi felt it distinctively.


It was another huge shake!

“What’s happening?!” Lingxu Zi exchanged a look with others.

“It seems to come from underground…” one elder said fearfully.

Lingxu Zi said in a cold voice, “Come with me, and let’s have a look!”

Complicated arrays covered the space under the shrine. Like an underground palace, it extended to the depths of the underground.

In the depths was a huge palace.

“Open it!” Lingxu Zi said calmly.

The ancient palace’s gate which had been sealed for many years was opened.

In the center was a huge ice coffin.

“Ancestral Master!” an ancient voice said shakily, “The lid of the Ancestral Master’s coffin is moving!”

The moment he said it, the coffin lid broke open!

“Ah-!” They had never felt so uneasy and anxious before.

At this moment, a blue-robed white-haired young man who looked to be in his thirties floated up from the coffin.

Everyone, including the elders, was shaking violently.

Only Lingxu Zi’s expression looked a bit better.

After all, such an existence was like a myth for them!

At this moment, this mythical figure appeared before them alive!

“Good! Good! Good! After countless years, I’m surprised that you’ve come to this stage!”

At this moment, all the spiritual essence in the whole spiritual mountain seemed to come toward him. “Have you heard any information about gods or immortals?”

He calculated with his fingers and said, “It’s about time to come out…”

“Yes!” Lingxu Zi immediately remembered the previous conversation.

“Lead the way!” This young man’s eyes seemed to be devoid of any human emotions.

“But… but…”

“But what?!” The young man asked coldly, “I said, lead the way!”

“Yes!” Lingxu Zi gritted his teeth and yelled, “Take Ancestral Master to the Origins Internet Club!”

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