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«Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 784: The Tutorial of the battle between Child Zed and ATM Leblanc

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Chapter 784: The Tutorial of the battle between Child Zed and ATM Leblanc

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[Note: These are Chinese terms for trash Zed and Leblanc players. Zed players got the name since many kids who are bad at the game play Zed, and Leblanc players got the name since the bad ones almost go back to the wrong distortion and feed.]

It was quiet on the rift.

It seemed like little had changed due to the loss of the First Blood.

The whole rift was full of a solemn presence.

The blue side that Nalan Mingxue was on had a Leblanc player in the mid lane, and her enemy was a Zed player.

In the most prominent place in Dongxuan Cave Abode Shop sat a white-clothed woman.

With a snow-white face and smooth skin, she looked very proud with a cold expression.

With clothes whiter than snow and a face prettier than jade, she looked like a fairy from Heaven.

At the moment, she was controlling the Deceiver to dodge her opponent’s attacks with focused attention.

This was her first time playing ‘E-Sports’.

Behind her stood a group of average disciples who were learning from her by watching.

“Watch carefully!” One elder urged them from behind. “Watch how your Elder Senior Sister plays E-Sports!”

“Yes!” The disciples behind her were full of excitement and admiration.

“Hiss-! This person is strong!”

“How come he can hit Senior Sister with shurikens…”

She didn’t dare to lower her guard.

As the Elder Senior Sister of Heavenly Faction and one of the most outstanding disciples in the faction, she had personally heard from the elders that this E-Sports could improve her so much that she would become ‘god-like’!

Therefore, she must do her best in each battle.

Meanwhile, she would set a good example to these junior sisters and brothers, so they could learn the essence of E-Sports!

This way, the whole faction could progress!

Controlling the Deceiver, Yu Yin didn’t dare to lower her guard while she fought with the Zed player.

They fought fiercely with shurikens and magic spells.

The magic lights shot out like cannonballs!

Sigil of Silence! (Old version of LeBlanc’s Q ability, which can silence the enemy)


In a flash, her opponent Zed reacted very swiftly and moved back sideways.

The yellow light flew past his ear!

“Want to hit me?” The Zed had a smug smile on his face.

At this moment, a sigil turned back in the sky, and it crashed onto his back with vicious force!

“Pu-!” The Zed player instantly spewed out a mouthful of blood. The player sitting in a corner in the Half City Shop turned grim.

“So… so strong!”

“This person is indeed a master!”

Magic light flashed, and that figure appeared before him instantly!

The horrifying magic energy exploded instantly in the tiny space. The Zed player tried to move but found that the strength in his body seemed to have been sealed, and he couldn’t use any abilities.

“Terrifying! She sealed the strength in my body while injuring me. This must be an ultimate master! Run!” In a hurry, he rolled on the ground and dashed back wildly with a horrified expression.

With repeated waves of the staff, a chain instantly shot out with a lightning-like magic attack!

The attacks in a battle between masters were cast with lightning speed.

Although two of the three attacks missed, her powerful presence of tanking three consecutive tower shots scared the Zed player witless! He didn’t dare to come up again!

Satisfied, she returned to her lane.

“Elder Senior Sister, you’re so strong!” Behind her, the disciples exclaimed.

“My opponent is also a master!” Yu Yin looked calm and modest. “He looked to be suppressed, but he showed his weakness only to make me lower my guard. As a result, I got hit three times from the tower. He’s a very experienced fighter!”

“Then, what do you do?” one disciple asked anxiously.

“How do we deal with this situation?” Yu Yin took out a bottle of red health potion. “He doesn’t know that I’ve prepared the top-quality health potion. After I take it, my injuries will slowly heal. I’ve bought five bottles of such potion!”

“Senior Sister, you anticipated this?!” The disciples standing behind her said in surprise.

“Well… you forced back a strong enemy but can still keep a cool head. In your first try with the E-Sports, you’re well-prepared with a good strategy, keeping everything in control. Excellent! Excellent!” The white-robed elder in the back clapped his hands and praised.

“Elder, thank you.”

Yu Yin’s attention returned to the game again.

“Look! The enemy has brought health potion too!” Everyone saw that Zed’s injuries were also healing slowly.

“I already said that my opponent is also a master. It seems like he thought of the potions too!” Appreciation appeared in Yu Yin’s eyes, and she got even more thrilled. “I didn’t expect that I would encounter such a great rival so easily in this E-Sports!”

The two rivals fought even more cautiously until they reached level 6 and consumed all five bottles of health potions. At this moment, their murderous spirit rose sharply!

“The final moment comes! It is about time to see who wins!” Yu Yin said.

The average disciples watching from behind her got tense up as well.

Perhaps… this is the true meaning of the sword duel at the top of Hua Mountain.

They wished that they were standing on the battleground themselves!

At this moment, Yu Yin controlled the Deceiver to move.

The move was so fast and blurry that it seemed like teleportation. She appeared before Zed instantly.

However, Zed appeared at where Yu Yin’s Deceiver had been a moment ago.

“The unseen blade is the deadliest!” The player controlling Zed murmured the line that his champion said most often. When the blade slashed out, the shadow that was staying where he had been instantly made the same move.


The magic cannonball crashed down with a booming noise.

After throwing out his shurikens, he retreated immediately and dodged the third shot from the turret!

Both opponents were highly tense. Soon, Yu Yin reacted and used Mimic. The Distortion that was as fast as teleportation helped her dodge one attack of his shurikens.

However, her opponent threw the other shuriken at the Deceiver’s landing position as if he had anticipated her next move!


“He anticipated it?!”

“So strong!”

At this moment, both people’s HPs were low, and they ran out of health potion too.

The braver warrior would triumph in a fierce battle. This was the moment to end the battle!

“Fight it out!” As long as her sigil locked onto her opponent, the latter couldn’t escape from her!

It would also seal the opponent’s strength for a little while!

Together with Ethereal Chain, she would undoubtedly kill her opponent!

She launched two magic lights instantly.

However, she saw that her opponent, Zed, vanished!

Death Mark!

Yu Yin found at this horrifying killer seemed to have snuck into her shadow and moved with her like a shadow; she couldn’t get rid of it!

“My goodness!” The disciples standing behind her stared at the scene in a daze. “So strong!”

“Don’t panic!” As the eldest disciple, Yu Yin calmed down immediately. “My Distortion can instantly return me to the previous position; he can’t catch up with me!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

“Hu…” The moment that she heaved a sigh of relief, she heard a gust with sharp whistling sound coming toward her face


“He’s still here!”

“Ah-!” While controlling the Deceiver, Yu Yin was startled and then raced toward her base.



Zed finally realized that something wasn’t right and immediately retreated.


The turret killed the player ‘Saber King’.

The Deceiver had fallen to the ground in her panic. In embarrassment, Yu Yin controlled the Deceiver to get up from the ground. “It’s over finally.”

“You won?!” Applause came from behind her.

“It seems like Senior Sister is stronger after all!”

“No! He has help!” At this moment, a glint flashed in the eyes of the elder who was watching from behind.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in a corner!

“Be careful.”

“Elder, don’t worry. I still have Flash!” Yu Yin became tense again. “I can dodge his attack the moment he uses it!”

“Good! You’re well-prepared and can keep calm in the face of danger!”

The opponent was a blind monk whose eyes were covered.

Not able to see, he intuitively kicked at the foot of the wall - Sonic Wave!

A white light wave instantly shot out!

“Flash!” Almost at the same time, Yu Yin used Flash and crashed toward the Sonic Wave that was shooting out from the corner of the wall!

[Prompt: Player ‘Asura’ slain ‘Elder Senior Sister Yu Yin’.]




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