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«Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 694: Shadow

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Chapter 694: Shadow

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According to the legends, the Shadow Legion was also followers of gods.

However, these gods probably were not kind and friendly gods.

It was a tranquil small border town in the northeast of the Orc Kingdom.

It was evening. The setting sun shined on the small lanes in the fields, and the sunlight seemed to spread dark red blankets over them.

Some kids were frolicking tirelessly at the entrance of the village, and a butterfly lightly landed on a nearby fence which was covered by vines of morning glory.

Most of the busy villagers had walked back home after a long day.

A middle-aged shepherd hummed an unknown song while he herded a group of sheep through the fields.

Also, the hunters returned, chatting and laughing after a day of hunting magic beasts in the forest. Right now, giant grey wolves were draped over their shoulders.

Suddenly, like a dream, black winds swept across the land, and lightning bolts and thunder tore open the sky, shattering the tranquility of the small town. A thin and tall demon-like figure walked out of the darkness.

Another figure wearing a wide black mage’s cloak walked beside him. Under the cloak, nothing but a dark void could be seen.

They walked up as if they had brought death with them.

“You… you’re…” a farmer froze and asked uneasily.

“Ah… we need some…sacrifices.”

“You mean these cows and sheep?” The farmer looked at the horrifying figures with confusion and fear.


In the shadows, it seemed like a monster opened its giant mouth.

A shrill scream rose and didn’t stop for a long time, as if this person who just screamed was being cruelly tortured. It didn’t stop even when the voice turned hoarse.

Blood sprayed all over the ground.

All the people in the town, regardless if they were civilians and warriors, screamed in fear and fled as if they had become crazy.

“Don’t waste our time,” the figure dressed in the black robe said.

“No.” Seeing the people struggling in pain, the thin and long figure said, “It’s fun, isn’t it?”

“No… don’t come closer!” Two knights drew out their longswords and demanded.

“Don’t you… want to run?”

“We’re not afraid of you!” While shaking, the two knights stood their ground with cold sweat drops sliding down their heads. They looked as if they would turn and run in the next instant.

“You are looking for me, right?” At this moment, a middle-aged knight walked out from the crowd.

“You are…” The two knights studied the bearded man whose face looked like a lion. In disbelief, they looked again to confirm and shouted, “Lion’s Heart! Are you Lion’s Heart Sutifaer, a level 9 knight?!”

“You guys back off!” The middle-aged knight looked grim.

But in the next instant…

“Uh…” With a snort of pain, the level 9 knight looked down at his chest in horror and saw that his heart was gone! Only a black claw-shaped hole was left in its place.

“Level 9… knight?” The thin and tall figure smirked and tossed away the knight’s corpse as if it was a piece of garbage. “What garbage is that?”

As if countless horrifying monsters and evil creatures struggled out from the darkness, screams and howls filled the small town which had been tranquil a moment ago. Even the frolicking kids at the entrance of the village were turned into corpses with distorted faces as if they had experienced things that were extremely painful.

The whole place was turned into a living hell of blood and death.

“We… only need a little sacrifice…”

No one knew about the event that was taking place on the other end of the continent.

Canglan City was as bustling and busy as usual.

It must be noted that in the period before Fang Qi traveled through time and space, the max level in World of Warcraft was level 60, and every class had its class quests every ten levels.

The quests explained each class’s code of conduct, beliefs, and the meaning of its existence. From doing these quests, the players learned that their classes weren’t just different in name; there was more to it.

Having come to this stage of their quests, the golden griffin knights had the last person to save, and it was a dwarf. The dwarf who they had saved in the Cathedral told them that some dwarves had overheard the scheme of the Defias Brotherhood by Stone Cairn Lake in the east of Elwynn Forest and tried to stop them. They were attacked during the process, and their brother, Henze, died while he tried to hold off the mages of the Defias Brotherhood.

Coming to Stone Cairn Lake, the golden griffin knights started to breathe rapidly.

“Can we really use this…” Commander Elven was uneasy while he held the Symbol of Life that the best paladin in Stormwind City had handed to him. “Can we really bring people back to life with this…?”

Chilly rain was falling in Stone Cairn Lake. At this moment, the Defias rogues had been driven away, and only a cold corpse lay in the center of the small island.

It was a stout dwarf whose clothes were soaked by the rain. With a ton of blood washed away by the rain water, this dwarf obviously had been dead for some time.

“Use this thing?” Under the gazes of other golden griffin knights, Commander Elven activated the Symbol of Life with Holy Light in his body.

Soon, his palms and body were engulfed by a wave of warm light.

The golden light seemed to have spread to the dwarf’s corpse. Then a hole appeared in the dark clouds in the sky, and a beam of golden light shined on the corpse.

Then, they watched as the ‘corpse’ recovered his senses and got up from the ground!

“Miracle! It’s a miracle!” Seeing this scene, the knights were greatly amazed and deeply touched while they witnessed the miracle under Holy Light with their own eyes!

This amazing power, and this terrifying miracle. Is this what paladins are?!

No! Even saints can’t bring the dead back to life. It was the forbidden privilege of gods!

They were elated and thrilled that they could bring a person who had been dead for a long while back to vibrant life.

They felt as if they had grasped a giant horrifying secret. They felt like it was probably the biggest miracle in the world! No thing could top it!

“Thank you.” When the dwarf stood up, most of the wounds on him were all healed. “Thank you for saving my life. Not everyone can use the Symbol of Life. The fact that you can activate it means that you have enough faith.”

“Oh! Really?!” Commander Elven looked around in disbelief.

“I also think that Mr. Elven is a humble and friendly person.”

“Oh! Hahaha! Does it mean that I can learn this ability?” Commander Elven said in elation.

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