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«Black Tech Internet Cafe System (Web Novel) - Chapter 693: The Greatest Power of Holy Light: Redemption!

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Chapter 693: The Greatest Power of Holy Light: Redemption!

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“Where are you guys?!” Having turned into a soul, Yue Yan yelled in the group channel.

In the complex mine tunnels, other disciples of Nanhua Faction had fled for a good distance.

“Let’s see if that big guy is still there…” Having watched Yue Yan instantly getting killed by one hammer strike, Mo Xian suggested with unease.

“Um… it seems like it’s not chasing us,” a disciple of Nanhua Faction said.

The moment he said it, they heard heavy footsteps coming from the nearest corner in the mine tunnel.

A huge figure appeared at the end of the tunnel.

“My goodness… it is chasing after us!”

The group ran out of the instance, and they were out of breath.

In a huff, Yue Yan put down her virtual reality headset and said, “You bullied and deserted me, a cute and smart little junior sister! Are you still human?”

Mo Xian replied, “We chose the human race… Of course, we are human.”


Meanwhile, the brothers in the Royal Clan Guild were beaten so hard that they almost fell below a table.

“Big Sister… Big Sister… How come this big guy is so powerful?” After a while, Fifth Prince Ji Yang finally found a chance to change the topic while raising his arms to protect his head.

“Powerful?!” After all, she had been killed with three hammer strikes. “If you helped me, we could still fight it!”

“The problem is… If we did, we would still have to deal with the other two elite mobs…” The Fifth Prince said with a troubled expression.

At this moment, the people who had entered the Deadmines came out one after another.

They either came out shaken after having a tough time, or they came out as souls, waiting to return and pick up their corpses.

“Should we…” Fifth Prince Ji Yang said with a dark expression, “Should we find two more teammates and try it again?”

“What are you doing here?” A voice came from the nearby crowd. Nalan Hongwu glanced around the crowd with a sword in his hand, seeing that many people had gathered here.

“This mine is impossible to pass,” said Fifth Prince Ji Yang.

“Should we call the shop owner?” Ji Yu complained, “I feel like it’s not a quest for players who are level 16 or 17. There must be a problem with this quest.”

With a frown, Nalan Hongwu thought for a moment and said, “Don’t call him. I’ll go in and try it with you guys.”

When he watched and played the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 4, Nalan Hongwu was deeply stunned by the human cultivators’ spirit of independence and self-improvement.

Regardless if what they did was right or wrong and what the ending was, the unyielding determination touched him more than anything else that he experienced.

It was a sensation different from the amazement he felt when playing the previous games in the Legend of Sword and Fairy series. In the past, he had only been amazed by the novel sword techniques, spiritual spells, and the great powers exhibited by the immortals and demons in the games.

Those powers didn’t belong to mortals after all. One would be extremely fortunate to learn a sliver of it.

But the spirit and the determination of overpowering the Mandate of Heaven shown in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 4 gave him a different feeling.

Mortals were born insignificant, but perhaps this willpower and spirit were what made them great.

“I think we must find a solution by ourselves this time,” said Nalan Hongwu.

“But…” Yue Yan complained, “That monster can’t be frozen, and we will be killed or severely wounded by one touch of that big hammer. I don’t know what other skills it has…”

“I think Senior Nalan is right,” Liang Heihu said in a loud voice, “Each time we meet some difficulties that seemed impossible to solve, we would ask Mr. Fang, and he would solve them with ease. What does it tell us? It means that the designs are reasonable, and we just didn’t find a way to deal with these difficulties. Knowing this, why not try it ourselves?”

Yue Yan and the others froze.

“You’re right…” Liu Ningyun suddenly nodded deeply.

Why can Mr. Fang do it? Because the mysterious senior gave him private lessons?

Why do we always think that other people, who can solve problems that we can’t, must have had private lessons or even cheated?

Mr. Fang’s proficiency in the game and familiarity with each detail couldn’t simply explained by having private lessons.

Perhaps he had experienced the same hardships and had even thought that these issues were impossible to overcome. However, he had kept working on it to accumulate experience and finally found a way to solve the seemingly impossible problems.

Perhaps it is just that we don’t know about his hard work?

Yue Yan wiped sweat off her forehead while blazing determination appearing in her eyes. “You’re right! Today, we’ll explore by ourselves! Like the people in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy 4, we must strengthen ourselves and take our destiny into our own hands!”

“Then…” Liang Heihu said with enthusiasm, “Senior Nalan, Princess Ji Yu, Fairy Liu, Mo Xian, and I will form a self-improvement team today.”

“How about me?” Yue Yan stared at them and gaped.

“Um…” Mo Xian said in a hurry, “Junior Sister, you just wait here. This self-improvement must be very tiring. When I get tired, you can take my place, okay?”


The knights in this world were more noble than ordinary warriors. They were usually personal guards of different forces or protectors of a certain area. For example, the Golden Griffin Knight Legion was one of the guardians of Canglan City.

In fact, even the Stan Kingdom, the nation of knights, didn’t have a clear definition for knights. Perhaps they were warriors who sat on mounts.

At this moment, a group of paladins in the Canglan City Shop finally earned enough money to learn skills.

“This… it seems like there’s a quest?” Having learned new skills, the knights chatted with the trainer who usually only shouted, “May the Holy Light be with you.” They found that they had another quest left to do. At this moment, the prompt for the quests on the interface were about to turn grey. In this online game, the grey-colored quests gave no experience points.

“If you agree, I’ll give you a book. With this book, you’ll understand what Holy Light is and its expectations for you,” the trainer said, “After understanding it and proving your abilities, you’ll obtain greater power.”

Soon, Commander Elven chose to accept it and received the quest for the Tome of Divinity, which was a special quest only for paladins.

“What’s this…?” Other knights moved over to Commander Elven and took a look.

It was an ancient and thick book with a dark green cover. The content of the book seemed to be the ancient beliefs and code of conduct for paladins.

“In all things, paladins must reflect the Light, which supplements our strength. To strive to be divine for one of our kind does not mean we strive for godhood-we strive to be good in all actions.”

“Although called upon to smite evil in these harsh times, you must always remember that it’s aiding others that will truly set you apart from the other citizens. Compassion, patience, bravery-these things mean as much to a paladin as strength in battle. Know this well, and never forget it…”

After reading this book, the paladins followed the instructions of the quest and helped pure-hearted people in difficulties. While they did these good deeds, they began to consider the meaning of being a paladin.

They felt as if they were engulfed by the warmth from the friendly smiles, sincerest blessings, and heart-felt gratitude. They felt as warm as if they were bathed in Holy Light.

Finally, after they had proven their compassion and patience, they came before the trainer again.

At this moment, they received a quest to rescue a dead person.

“It’s already a corpse… and we need to go and save it…?” The paladins exchanged a look, reading the shock and alarm in each other’s eyes.

They had heard from the trainer that he would teach them the greatest power of Holy Light. Could it be that the greatest power was…

“!!??” Their horrified expressions turned into shock!

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