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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1428: Date

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Chapter 1428: Date

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Today, Song Lingshan invited Sun Jingyi from House Sun to discuss Chen Yutian’s case. Knowing that the chances were low, she was still determined to give it a try.

In a coffee shop, Song Lingshan was wearing sunglasses, sitting across a window, waiting for Sun JIngyi’s arrival patiently.

Sun Jingyi was still driving her red Audi a41. What surprised her the most was that Wu Chengtian was not harassing her anymore recently! Sun Jingyi returned to her peaceful and quiet days. She started to miss Lin Yi a little, could it be that she had fallen in love with this little man?

Sun Jingyi denied the thought immediately in her mind. Lin Yi, what was so great about him anyway? A thief, how was he worthy of her? But, it seemed like Lin Yi was not only a thief, he played many roles in life, and his strength was unquestionable as well?

In actuality, the reason why Sun Jingyi was depreciating Lin Yi now was that she couldn’t find a valid reason to date Lin Yi, so she could only remind herself not to take any interest in him at all!

Sun Jingyi parked the car nicely and entered the coffee shop to see Song Lingshan sitting right beside the window.

Sun Jingyi and Song Lingshan weren’t even close, but being the famous team captain in the criminal police department, Sun Jingyi had some impressions of her, and she had seen her on the Tv.

“Miss Sun? How are you!” Song Lingshan, naturally, had done her homework in researching Sun Jingyi before coming here, so when the moment Jingyi entered the coffee shop, she could tell it was her. She waved at her.

Sun Jingyi nodded and walked towards her and sat right across of her. “Captain Song, what’s the matter?”

Since Lingshan had chosen coffee shop as the meeting point, then the discussion was definitely not about business or formal events, but Sun Jingyi couldn’t understand why would Lingshan ask her out for a private affair, both of them weren’t even considered as friends.

“Call me Lingshan will do, we are not in the police station.” Song Lingshan smiled. “Can I call you Jingyi?”

“Of course.” Sun Jingyi felt something was wrong, why would Song Lingshan do that? What was she planning?

“Jingyi, please have a seat, do you need anything?” Lingshan smiled and asked.

“Whatever, juice is fine.” Jingyi pondered and decided to go straight to the point. Her intuition told her that Lingshan was hiding something. “Lingshan, just tell me what do you want from me?”

“Ugh… it’s like this…” Lingshan saw that Jingyi could see through her, embarrassed. “Then I’m going to be very straightforward with you, okay? House Sun’s arts, which stage are you in right now?”

“Just the first stage, why? Could it be that you needed House Sun’s support during the noble house meeting?” Sun Jingyi still couldn’t understand what was Lingshan looking for, as far as she was concerned, the only thing that they were somehow connected was the noble house meeting.

“No… I just need your help to heal a person…” Lingshan found those words were reluctant to come out from her mouth.

“Heal?” Sun Jingyi furrowed her eyebrows. “What do you mean? I’m not a doctor; how can I heal a person’s injury?”

“His meridians are all broken, ordinary doctors can’t do anything about it, so I came…” Song Lingshan said cautiously.

“Lingshan, since you are looking for my help, you should know that House Sun’s arts is special, right?” Sun Jingyi didn’t reject Lingshan’s request directly but asked back politely.

“I know…but he really needs your help, if his injuries couldn’t be healed then his house will be kicked out of the list…” Song Lingshan continued. “So, I humbly request your help now. If you are willing to help, just tell me the conditions, I’ll give you everything!”

“Song Lingshan, don’t you think that this request of yours is a little presumptuous?” Sun Jingyi felt that he had to be honest with her; this issue involved her principle so she couldn’t lie to her.

“This… I know it’s a little presumptuous, but you are his last hope…” Song Lingshan smiled bitterly.

“Please forgive me for being this straightforward. If I were to heal him, then the pure qi in my body will be transformed and can only be used by him. I’m not even connected to him if it was you, would you do it?” Sun Jingyi said faintly. “Other than my future husband. Otherwise, I’m truly sorry!”

“Never mind… I knew the result from the beginning. Jingyi, don’t be angry.” Song Lingshan saw that Sun Jingyi was a little infuriated, so she quickly explained.

“I know you are worried… but I can’t really help.” Sun Jingyi rejected. “Instead of seeking help from me, why don’t you get him a qi circulation pill?”

“Qi circulation pill…” Song Lingshan smiled bitterly. “This pill is already a treasure in the world of hidden house, how can I get that?”

Sun Jingyi shrugged her shoulder. Indeed, this qi circulation pill was so rare that even a hidden noble house could barely see one, let alone Song Lingshan. Otherwise, House Sun’s position wouldn’t be this high in the noble house ranking!

House Sun’s arts could be used to increase one’s strength, not just healing one’s injuries, but if the qi circulation pill was very common and easy to be mass-produced then House Sun wouldn’t be lifted until this high, being one of the noble houses!

“Sorry, but this is not a problem I should be concerning.” Sun Jingyi nodded. “Lingshan, if there’s nothing else, I got to go…”

“Okay, but I still have to thank you…” Lingshan sighed, and when she was about to call for the waiter for the bill, a deafening siren was heard!

Lingshan lifted her head up to see some commotions happening at the bank across the coffee shop, and the siren was coming out from the bank!

“Not good!” Her intuition told her something must be going on, she gave Sun Jingyi an apologetic face, put the money on the table and charged out of the coffee shop!

But, even as fast as she was, she was still a step late. There was a shadow-like figure running out of the bank with a sack; the speed was insane! In a blink of an eye, he was disappeared into the thin air at the entrance of an alley!

Looking at the silhouette of the shadow, Song Lingshan felt familiar, but before going into deep consideration, she ran towards the alley. However, to no avail, there was no one there anymore, where was the shadow?

Witnessing the whole crime scene, from the siren being activated to Song Lingshan charging out of the coffee shop- it didn’t take her five minutes, but the robbery had already happened, and the robber was nowhere to be seen. The speed was unbelievably surprising!

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