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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1427: Two Choices

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Chapter 1427: Two Choices

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Having a temporary bodyguard- Wu Chengtian wasn’t a bad idea at all, so Lin Yi decided to take him as part of his gang.

Wu Chengtian’s expression finally relaxed when he heard Lin Yi’s agreement. “Thank you very much, big boss!”

“But, I’ve nothing to teach you as a physical master, I don’t have any special arts that can teach you, either.” Lin Yi waved his hand and said. “However, I do have some special liquid that can change your body structure; I’ll make one for you later. Soak your fists into the liquid; I believe your iron fist training will be twice as effective as it is now!”

Lin Yi was considered a double practitioner, but he focused more on the spiritual style than the physical style, and he didn’t have any physical arts to train. He could only rely on his old man’s medicine to transform his muscle and bone structure- this was also one the reason why he was stronger than many practitioners.

“Awesome, thank you very much, big boss!” Wu Chengtian thanked him excitedly. Initially, he thought that he would require to pass the probation period before receiving any benefits from Lin Yi but who knew that he got one the first day he joined!

In fact, Lin Yi wanted to test Wu Chengtian, but the time wasn’t allowing him to do so- he needed to find the fire spirit fruit as soon as possible. Naturally, it meant that he wouldn’t have much time left in Songshan city before leaving for a new journey!

So since Er Goudan had already tested him- there was no need for Lin Yi to be extra. At the very least, there was sincerity in Wu Chengtian’s eyes!

“You don’t have to thank me, stop being an idiot next time, and get scammed by others.” Lin Yi eyed Wu Chengtian. “You were scammed by Feng Xiaoxiao many times, but be smart next time- stop trying to show off and be cool.”

“Ugh… Feng Xiaoxiao, isn’t she sis-in-law? Since we are a family, it doesn’t count.” Wu Chengtian awkwardly explained. “But big boss, don’t you worry about me, I’ll be careful next time!”

Lin Yi nodded and put the topic aside. “So Zhao Fafa brought someone who called himself Master Zhu to look trouble from Tang Yun? Was Zhao Qibing getting bored of staying alive?”

“I discussed this matter with Miss Chu after that; I think Uncle Zhu didn’t know that Tang Yun was big boss, your girlfriend, and while Zhao Fafa didn’t explain to them everything honestly, so they assumed……” Wu Chengtian started explaining.

“Big boss… this name is so weird, just call me Boss Lin Yi next time.” Lin Yi said.

“Sure, then I call you Boss Lin Yi then!” Wu Chengtian called out happily. If that was what Lin Yi wanted, naturally, he would follow.

“Didn’t know? That’s not how things work here, but the person injured was you. No matter what’s your decision, I’ll respect that.” Lin Yi lifted his head and looked at Wu Chengtian. “You want some benefits, or will you let them step on them yourself the day you recovered?”

Wu Chengtian was not Tang Yun- he couldn’t help him to make the decision. Yes, he was his follower, but comparing to his woman, it was different.

“I can do that? Boss Lin Yi! I can step on them myself?” Wu Chengtian was all fired up when he heard Lin Yi; his eyes were burning with enthusiasm. “I want to step on them myself!”

“Okay, I’ll let you do that yourself!” Lin Yi hesitated for a moment and decided to increase Wu Chengtian’s strength now! Once he left this place with Er Goudan, only Uncle Fu was available; he didn’t feel safe just leaving all the responsibilities to Uncle Fu alone. The only person that could help him now was Wu Chengtian.

“Boss Lin Yi, I’ll wait for that day! No matter how much pain and struggling I’ll have to endure, I’m willing to sacrifice as long as I can mess that old man up, let me have the opportunity to show off even for a second, I will be satisfied!” Wu Chengtian clenched his teeth!

“…” Lin Yi was speechless towards Wu Chengtian’s desire to show off. “How many days do you still want to wait? You want to go through pain and suffering? Even if you’re willing to wait, it doesn’t mean I am!”

“Ah?” Wu Chengtian was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing, in particular, mess Uncle Zhu up tomorrow, then return to the villa and be a bodyguard, protect Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu, and Tang Yun!” Lin Yi said.

“Tomorrow?” Wu Chengtian’s jaw was on the ground, looking at Lin Yi in disbelief, he wondered if his ears were working perfectly- he was still bed-ridden, how could he get his revenge tomorrow? His injuries weren’t even recovered yet. Besides, his strength was no match to Uncle Zhu at all.

“Yes, tomorrow!” Lin Yi nodded.

Wu Chengtian was puzzled- he didn’t know what Lin Yi was thinking, he could have his revenge tomorrow? “Boss Lin Yi, my injuries… and my strength…?”

“I’ll heal your injuries, and upgrade your strength.” Lin Yi continued. “We’ll talk about this later; I’ve to send Er Goudan back first!”

“I’m fine; I can still hold on for a few more days.” Er Goudan shook his head.

“We can’t drag this any longer, have you told Yuanyuan about this? I can’t just let you go back alone; I’ll send you to the train station and have Yuanyuan accompany you back the village?” Lin Yi asked.

“I did tell her about my injuries but following me home… I haven’t asked yet, do you think that she’s willing to follow me home?” Er Goudan scratched his head, embarrassed. “Boss, I’m afraid that she will reject me…”

“How would you know if you didn’t ask?” Lin Yi had experienced this before, so he knew. “She will follow you definitely.”

Previously, Lin Yi didn’t know if Tangyun would follow him home or not, but she didn’t even hesitate and chose to follow him.

“Then… I’ll ask her now?” Er Goudan pondered and decided to give Yuanyuan a call.

Chen Yutian didn’t allow Song Lingshan to spread the news about his injuries, of course, Lin Yi wasn’t informed as well! First, he didn’t want his sister to know about this; if he were to tell Lin Yi, he believed Lin Yi would tell his sister without question.

The brother and sister were very close. Chen Yutian didn’t want his sister to worry about him.

Second, he didn’t want Lin Yi to get trouble from House Yu! Everyone knew how strong was Elder Yu from the tomb; getting him involved was not a wise decision. Besides, Lin Yi had his priority to focus on.

So, Chen Yutian forbade Song Lingshan to tell anymore. Since he had already made it clear, he didn’t want Lin Yi knowing this, no matter how much Lingshan wanted to inform this to Lin Yi, she could only hold back the urge silently.

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