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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1343: At the Door

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Chapter 1343: At the Door

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“You people can do whatever you want, but us three must go as one team. Alright, if there’s nothing else, we’ll be going first.” Lin Yi stood up, not giving any face to the people in the tent and left.

Old Hei only smiled bitterly as Old Hao’s eyes turned dark. This man had no respect!

In the middle of the night, things were silent. It was all rocks here, without even plants and animals- in the daylight, it seemed fine, but at night it was a dead, eerie, silence.

Yutian and Lingshan were resting, while Lin Yi was crossed leg and practitioning.

Weiwu was lying beside Lin Yi- he didn’t know if he was sleeping.

Suddenly, Lin Yi’s eyes opened, as well as Weiwu, who raised his head.

“Don’t come out, wait for me inside.” Lin Yi said as he petted him.

This was his lifesaving trump card. He couldn’t just let it enter battle mindlessly.

The next moment, Lin Yi exited the tent, without telling Yutian and Lingshan. They were too weak and couldn’t help anyway. It’d actually inconvenience him.

“Since you’ve come, no need to bother hiding. Come out.” Lin Yi said to the empty wilderness.

No response.

“Do I need to pull you out?” Lin Yi smiled faintly. “Your body’s color is a bit different from the ground.”

Lin Yi’s sentence just finished when someone stood up. “Not bad, you have some nice eyes, doll! Since that’s the case, you should understand why I’ve come to find you?”

“You’re the one who killed that Mister Qui today?” Lin Yi answered with a question.

“Doesn’t’ matter even if I told you- yes, I’m the one, but today I’ve come to kill you.” The man laughed.

“Plenty of people want to do that.” Lin Yi smiled. “What’s your reason?”

“I’ll tell you before you die.” With that, he charged at Lin Yi, his strength bursting into the open- Lin Yi saw his strength level immediately for the first time!

So he was an Earth class, but only an early phase- although that was a big gap from him already!

“Earth class early phase?” Lin Yi took a deep breath and did not slow down. This was an Earth class, different from the opponents he’d faced before- he still hadn’t fought someone this much stronger than him before!

“Good eyes- you’ll have the honor of dying by my hand!” The earth-class laughed.

In a tent some distance away, two men watched with a worried look.

“Xiao Lengzi, Why do you think this Mister Yu wanted to help us? Just what is inside this tomb that they’re after?” A master looking man said in the tent, frowning.

“Boss, House Yu is a big house- anything that interests them must be a big treasure. But didn’t they say? They just wanted one item, leaving all the others to us…” Lengzi said.

“Yes, let’s hope so- after this thing’s done, we might be wanted by the thieves’ industry. Doing something like this, we won’t have the face to be working in this field anymore…” The boss said helplessly. “It’s all my fault for being greedy, but it’s too late- House Yu isn’t someone who would take a sudden refusal well. They might just kill me if I go back on the deal!”

“Boss, we’re just in a partnership with House Yu. If this works out then the treasures will be enough for you to spend the rest of your life! Starting a proper business would be nice too! With House Yu’s support, you might be in an even better position!”

“That’s true… We’ll have to think positively now. I wonder if that Lin Yi kid is dead yet, damn bothersome brat!” The boss said hatefully. “If it weren’t for him, I would’ve succeeded today!”

“Yeah, but with Mister Yu helping, the kid won’t see tomorrow’s sun for sure!”

Lin Yi didn’t take the hit directly- he didn’t want to die, so he quickly dodged the attack.

“Eh? Kid, not bad!” Mister Yu didn’t think of Lin Yi as a threat at all- when he killed Mister Qiu with one shot. He did it without much effort. Someone of his strength looked down on weaker people severely.

Of course, after Lin Yi dogged his next attack, Mister Yu called out, surprised.

Lin Yi didn’t say anything- he was waiting for his moment. Fighting an Earth class like this needed to be done in one hit. He couldn’t hold back. Otherwise, he’d be the one who fell in this fight!

But even so, Mister Yu still didn’t treat him seriously, playing with him as if he were a low-level fighter. His moves were arrogant as well as if it were Lin Yi’s honor to die by his hand.

Lin Yi dodged again, but his face got brushed by Mister Yu’s qi- his right cheek was red and swollen all of a sudden!

Lin Yi’s heart tightened- it was just a bit of qi! One hit from Mister Yu, and it’d be over!!

“Young one, you’re too weak- no need to dodge, killing you is as easy as killing an ant!” Mister Yu laughed as he saw the cheek. “How is it? Hurts, right?”

“Hmph!” Lin Yi didn’t say anything else, but his heart was thumping- it seemed that he needed to use the energy bomb earlier than expected! Earth class was harder to deal with than he’d expected, and even when he met stronger people before the gap wasn’t this big.

Lin Yi decided to do it now- he started channeling his Art of Dragon Mastery, compressing all of his energy. He had the jade space, but he wouldn’t dare enter it when fighting an enemy! He could only compress the qi he had.

Seeing Lin Yi not run but continue to stare at him coldly, Mister Yu felt bored. He wanted Lin Yi to run so that he could slap his back for the satisfaction, but why was this guy going against that?

“Boring. Fine, young one, give me your life!” Mister Yu was done- he was ready to end him with one shot! This kid was just a one-hit kill to him after all!

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