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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1217: Er Goudan’s Confession

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Chapter 1217: Er Goudan’s Confession

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“It’s… It’s nothing! You’re really okay now? It doesn’t hurt?” Yu Ren still didn’t believe it.

“What kind of question is that? Can I be walking around if I wasn’t fine, can I be tidying up the house?” Miss Yu said, a bit irritaetd.

“Did Er Goudan’s boss really fix it? Isn’t that too much of a miracle?” Yu Ren still couldn’t believe it.

“Weren’t you there? Can you stop asking me these dumb questions?” Miss Yu didn’t know if she should be amused.

“Wow, it’s really fine now, it’s a miracle!” Yu Ren exclaimed, “Er GOudan’s boss really is too amzing, we’ll have to treat him to a good meal at our place when he has time!”

“Are you planning something bad again?” Miss Yu glared.

“Of course not- I was just thinking, Er Goudan’s boss is so strong that we should let him get Er Goudan and Yuanyuan together!” Yu Ren explained.

“That’s fine- I thought that you wanted to Yuanyuan to get together with him!” Miss Yu breathed in relief.

“Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t be interested in our Yuanyuan! Didn’t he say he had a girlfriend already?” Yu Ren shook his head, “I’ve thought things through after the time in the arena- one needs to be grateful for what he has, and treasure what he has instead of fantasizing about unrealistic things! Yuanyuan finding someone like Er Goudan really is an amazing thing already- as for someone like Lin Yi, Yuanyuan might not even like his type, either.”

“You- You finally became practical! If you had been like this from earlier, you wouldn’t have gotten scammed!” Miss Yu shook her head helplessly.

“If I hadn’t gotten scammed we wouldn’t have met Er Goudan, and we wouldn’t have such a great life now!” Yu Ren said gleefully.

At the same time, in Yuanyuan’s room, Goudan was putting on a serious look. It was time to talk to Yuanyuan seriously about this!

Goudan did not seem like it, but he understood what was going on- he was no idiot!

“Zhou Jiaming, what did you call me for?” Yuanyuan was a bit shy, her head lowered as she avoided eye contact and tugged at her shirt, nervous. The two were in the room alone, and she was afraid that Goudan might even cross the line.

“I… I have something imporant to tell you!” Goudan said seriously after a pause.

“What… What is it…” Yuanyuan tensed up- he wasn’t planning to confess, would he? The two did have that sort of vibe going around them, but it never came to light. Was today the day…?

“Yuanyuan, after a while, I still need to go back to my old place…” Goudan spoke up.

“Huh?” Yuanyuan didn’t expect that Goudan’s first words would be annoucning his departure! She didn’t know how to react- she didn’t want him to leave! She had already developed feelings for him!

“Yuanyuan, there are reasons why I must go back. I have one question- in the future, would you be willing to come back with me?” Goudan said as he looked at Yuanyuan.

“Ah? I…” Yuanyuan was at a loss of words- this Goudan was being too direct, wasn’t he? Who talked to a girl like that, he hadn’t even confessed yet, and he wanted her to go back with him? Wasn’t that too fast?

“I… I know that, a girl like you who grew up in the city- of course you wouldn’t want to go back to some small village with me…” Goudan smiled a little self-mockingly once he saw Yuanyuan’s reaction, “It’s fine, let’s pretend I didn’t say anything…”

With that, he stood up, leaving.

Goudan was no idiot, but he did rush to conclusions because of his straightforward nature. Yuanyuan’s silence was seen by him as a refusal, and in order to prevent awkwardness, he decided to leave as soon as possible, lest they couldn’t even be friends in the future.

Yuanyuan was stunned- what on earth? They didn’t even get two sentences going and he was leaving? What did he mean, she wouldn’t want to? How did he know what she wanted, was he answering his own question before she could?

“Zhou Jiaming, you bastard!” Yuanyuan was panicking, “Stop right there!”

“I…” It was Goudan’s turn to be stunned- never would he have thought that the gentle Yuanyuan would get angry, even yell at him! He quickly turned around and looked at her carefully, not sure what was going on.

“How did you know if I’d want to or not, you think you have a special ability? You can read minds?” Yuanyuan glared at Goudan.

“Then… Then you want to?” Goudan blinked and smiled- so that was why Yuanyuan was angry?

“You… You didn’t even confess yet, why would I go back with you?” Yuanyuan scoffed and stayed silent.

“Heh…” Goudan, naturally, understood her stance on this. It seemed that he had misunderstood! He scratched his head,”Yuanyuan, actually, I like you, I want you to be my wife…”

“What are you talking about, do you know how to confess?” Yuanyuan couldn’t help but roll her eyes- this guy was ruining the romantic atmosphere!

“Well, that’s… As long as you understand. I’m not good at words, you know that…” Goudan said helplessly.

“Fine, you’re not good at romance!” Yuanyuan had no choice- this was how Goudan was, and so she didn’t mind. She even felt quite sweet- honeyed-up words weren’t as strong as what Goudan just said, he said he wanted her to be his wife!

Nowadays, couples got together all the time, but the idea of marriage always turned that to crap! Some boys only wanted to play, some girls didn’t want a guy with no car and house… In basic terms, even though Goudan wasn’t romantic, he was substantial and solid!

“Then… Are you willing to go back with me or not?” Goudan was getting worried- Yuanyuan didn’t answer properly yet!”

“But, what about my parents?” Yuanyuan said.

“That’s…” Goudan remembered then that Yuanyuan wasn’t alone- she may say yes, but what about her parents? This was a bit of an issue, but Goudan didn’t panic, “I’ll go discuss with my boss about that- as long as you agree to come back with me, it’ll be fine!”

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