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«Beauty and the Bodyguard (Web Novel) - Chapter 1026 - Successful Retaliation

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Chapter 1026 - Successful Retaliation

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Shu, how could you say something like that?” Mengyao was right beside Shu- she gave her a glare upon heraing her words.

“Hehe, I know, Yao Yao!” Yushu stuck her tongue out.

“You!” Xiaoxiao was so pissed, her heart almost exploded. She glared at Shu, “I’ll beat you for sure at this short distance running- those two balls on your chest will be a big burden, you’ll have the time of your life when you start running later! You’d better cut them off if you wanna win!”

“You’re jealous, huh?” Yushu didn’t mind, “Don’t you see how your Yin Yin sis is already trying to fatten up her breasts? You’re still too flat, Shield Bro doesn’t like small boobs.”

Mengyao frowned. Lin Yi didn’t like small ones? Then… Was it time for her to do something about her boobs? Even Tang Yin was taking steps, she couldn’t fall behind…

The Miss had never even considered trying to nourish her breasts before. After all, the only friend in her life was Yushu, and she had no reason to think about who she should make her boobs bigger for, or anything like that… But now… Mengyao realized that she seemed to care about these things now!

No… As she grew up, she started to think about looking pretty! Mengyao made herself an excuse. That’s right, she grew up, and she became an adult, that’s why she thought about these things!

“Says who? Lin Yi touched mine, he said it felt great, he said he likes to touch them!” Xiaoxiao said, frustrated.

“He touched you? When?” Yushu paused.

“A while back, in Yanjing, when I sat with him at an auction!” Xiaoxiao had proof, and she wanted to make sure Yushu knew this was a fact.

“Oh, so just that once, then?” Yushu breathed out, a smile on her face, “Shield Bro touches me all the time when he’s home, you know! He’s touched me plenty of times already!”

“You’re lying!” A smile tugged at her lips as she watched the teacher raise her flag- the run was about to start!

“You’re the one who’s lying…” Yushu was about to make a retort when she realized something was wrong- Xiaoxiao was already running, and so was Mengyao, and everyone else!

“Haha, big dumbass Shu! See ya!” Xiaoxiao waved her armos happily as she ran, “I’ll win this one for sure!”

“Wait for me, hey! You cheater!” Yushu started charging after Xiaoxiao, but this was a hundred meter run, and Xiaoxiao was already so far out… No way Yushu would be able to catch up. She even held her chest together to be able to run faster, but Xiaoxiao was already at the finish line seconds before her!

“Hahahaha…” Xiaoxiao had tears in her eyes from laughing, “Hahahaha… I won!”

“Stop laughing! I hope you choke! No wonder you’re called Feng Xiaoxiao!” Yushu was pissed, “If it weren’t for you cheating, I wouldn’t have lost!”

(Xiao means laugh in Chinese)

“Cheat? The teacher raised her flag, so I ran- how did I cheat? It’s your fault you didn’t look, you’re just the type of person who blames society for her failures!” Xiaoxiao completed a perfect retaliation for what Yushu said to her earlier.

“You!!” Yushu wasn’t expecting Xiaoxiao to be so tough- she couldn’t get the upper hand during their battle at all, and the two seemed to be equals clashing against each other!

“Hahahaha! Oh my god…” Xiaoxiao was stiill laughing, but all of a sudden she stopped- she held her stomach as she knelt down in pain…

“?” Yushu looked at her oddly, “What’s wrong?”

“I laughed too much after running… It hurts…” Xiaoxiao said as she knelt there, her strength leaving her.

“Ah?” Yushu’s eys went wide- she almost laughed! This was what karma was, a pure example right in front of their eyes! But, remembering Xiaoxiao’s condiition, Yushu naturally wouldn’t laugh. She knelt down and pulled her up, “Come, I’ll bring you to the bench!”

The teacher realized that something was up, too, coming over to ask what was wrong when Mengyao explained to her that Xiaoxiao laughed too much after running, spraining her sides. The teacher left, relaxing. After all, she had responsibility as a teacher.

Xiaoxiao looked at Yushu in shock! The two were still enemies just earlier, so she didn’t believe that Yushu would really be that nice to bring her to rest.

“You… You’re really bringing me to the bench for me to rest?” Xiaoxiao looked at her in disbelief.

“Oh…” Yushu’s brain quickly worked- she wasn’t being herself, after all, since she should be laughing loudly at Xiaoxiao’s pain as she looked at her suffering… That was what she was expected to do, but Yushu couldn’t! Though, she finally managed to come up with a reason, “We’re enemies, so of course I can’t let you die like this. I am a just woman, after all. I won’t take advantage of my opponents! We’ll continue a proper duel after you rest- now it’s one to one!”

“Haha, I see…”Xiaoxiao nodded- the explanation made sense, “You’re a pretty nice person- if you weren’t fighting me for Lin Yi, we’d be able to be quite a team.”

“Mm hm, I was thinking that too,” Yushu nodded.

The two sat there, resting as Xiaoxiao recovered. She didn’t dare do anymore intense sports, “Looks like I can’t compete with you today, I still feel sick, I don’t want to hurt my sides again!”

“It’s okay, we can always use our brains instead of our brawn!” Yushu said casually.

“Brains?” Xiaoxiao blinked.

“Let’s see who’s better at messing with people!” Yushu said.

“Good idea! But, who could we mess with? Let me just say that I wouldn’t want to mess with Lin Yi…” Xiaoxiao’s butt hurt at the thought of attempting something on Lin Yi. Plus, she also didn’t want to do anything to him anymore.

“Oh, we can’t do anything to him, Shield Bro’s too strnog. Only idiots would mess with him,” Yushu shook her head as she suddenly looked at Xiaoxiao, smiling evily.

“Hmph!” Xiaoxiao naturally knew what she was laughing at- she was making fun of her for being a naive kid and trying to mess with Lin Yi, resulting in her own humiliation! She blushed, “That was because I didn’t know the situation, stop laughing!”

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