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«Bank of The Universe (Web Novel) - Chapter 346: Daughter-In-Law And Father-In-Law

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Chapter 346: Daughter-In-Law And Father-In-Law

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Flood Dragon left to search for the dragon gate. Li Xiandao left a mark on him, so he could pay attention to him at any moment. When it was approapriate, he would try to help him.

After all, he was his Master.

The Flood Dragon wasn’t a solo cultivator who needed to cultivate alone.

Since he recognized Li Xiandao as his Master, then as the Master, he had to be responsible for his subordinates.

He had to raise his strength so that they could serve him which would kill two birds with one stone!

Li Xiandao was paying attention to the Flood Dragon. On the other side, Mr. Mule, Feng Jiuer, and Tian Guangming had set off.

Li Xiandao didn’t pay attention to this bunch because he knew that Mr. Mule’s trip was perfectly safe.

As for Tian Guangming, he felt really uneasy as he was going out with Feng Jiuer to protect Mr. Mule. He felt really anxious for no reason.

After all, Feng Jiuer had just beaten him up badly and Tian Guangming remembered it all which was why he pulled his disciple along with him.

Li Wuya was pulled by his Master and he had to go. He passed his sister over to La Mo and followed his Master to protect Mr. Mule.

With the disciple by his side, Tian Guangming was confident. Now, when he looked at Feng Jiuer, he wasn’t afraid anymore.

Feng Jiuer looked at Tian Guangming and smiled in disdain. She couldn’t be bothered with him.

“Disciple, does this woman look down on me?” Tian Guangming had such a bad temper, so how could he accept that?

“It seems like it.” Li Wuya said helplessly.

“Then, let’s work together to beat this woman up. Your Master was beaten up badly by her before.” Tian Guangming suggested.

Li Wuya asked his Master, “This time you called me along because you planned on attacking her together?”

Tian Guangming nodded his head, “Of course. I will always take revenge. This woman beat me up until I nearly died. I have to take revenge.”

“Master, this time Master Li gave us this mission.” Li Wuya said helplessly.

Tian Guangming was stunned. Since this matter affected Li Xiandao, he didn’t dare to do whatever he wanted.

“Moreover, this woman doesn’t have a strong ability to recover like you. If we join hands and beat her up badly, it will take a long time for her to recover and Master will definitely be angry. Worse still, Master might even take your Celestial Artifact.” Li Wuya reminded Tian Guangming.

“You are right!” Tian Guangming sucked in a deep cold breath. This was something he hadn’t thought about. If Li Xiandao got mad and took back the Celestial Artifact, he wouldn’t even have time to regret it.

“Then, let’s let this girl go.” Tian Guangming said regretfully.

At that moment, Feng Jiuer swept her eyes toward Tian Guangming. Tian Guangming was terrified of her.

“Coward!” Feng Jiuer muttered. Although she muttered to herself, everyone present heard it.

Tian Guangming was angry; he wanted to attack her.

“Think about your Celestial Artifact.” Li Wuya pulled Tian Guangming and said softly.

Tian Guangming was furious, “This mission is important, so I won’t lower myself to your level. Next time, I will totally show you how amazing I am.”

Feng Jiuer smiled in disdain and didn’t say anything. She provoked Tian Guangming and he looked like he was about to explode.

Mr. Mule and Feng Jiuer watched the show all the way through. The two of them were the protagonists this time, but along the way, it was Feng Jiuer and Tian Guangming who were bickering.

“We are about to reach the Gold Family, so stop quarreling. This concerns my life’s happiness. If you mess it up, I will hate you for the rest of my life.” Mr. Mule warned.

“Don’t worry brother, I will definitely settle it for you.” Tian Guangming said confidently.

“Don’t worry, with my understanding of the Gold Family chief, there is no problem regarding this matter at all.” Feng Jiuer said calmly.

Mr. Mule heard this and smiled. With his pink shirt along and peach eyes, he looked very handsome and seemed very flirtatious.

Like the rising sun shining on flower petals, the essence shone onto the petal and a bit was left on the outside.

Feng Jiuer wasn’t happy. She was using this whole marriage to leave the Bank of the Universe. She just needed her father to reject Mr. Mule and she could leave him. Feng Jiuer’s words annoyed her.

“Do you know my father?”

“How do you know that he would agree?”

Feng Longque questioned.

Feng Jiuer’s lips curled and she said very cooly, “Whether or not you believe it is up to you. If you don’t, then let’s make a bet?”

“What should we bet?” Feng Longque said unhappily.

“We bet that your father, the chief of the Gold Family, will allow Mr. Mule to be your husband?” Feng Jiuer smiled confidently.

“What should we wager?” Feng Longque was confident too and didn’t want to lose.

In front of this person from the same race, Feng Longque didn’t want to lose.

Although her cultivation was lower, she was just too confident.

“The person who loses has to respectfully acknowledge the other big sister when she sees her.” Feng Jiuer grinned and said.

“Just that?” Feng Longque was stunned and didn’t expect this to be the wager.

But thinking about it, Feng Jiuer tried her best to suppress her in all areas. If she lost and had to call her big sister, Feng Longque would feel really bad.

She was jealous of her in the past and now she had to call her big sister?

“No, I have not lost yet!” Feng Longque woke up and looked firmly at Feng Jiuer, “Deal.”

Feng Jiuer said calmly, “Don’t worry, you will call me big sister soon.”

“Scoff, my father loves me, I can chase cultivation and not marry anyone. I can choose to just serve the Gold Family for my future.” Feng Longque said firmly.

“There is no point in talking so much; we are about to arrive there. Let’s just hand the invitation over first.” Feng Jiuer didn’t want to argue with Feng Longque. Instead, she took out Li Xiandao’s invitation.

Mr. Mule was Li Xiandao’s subordinate and since he came over to ask for her hand in marriage, he obviously did so in Li Xiandao’s name. He couldn’t use his own name to write it on the invitation.


Li Xiandao’s invitation wasn’t special; it was just a streak of sword energy that could be held in the hand.

Once the sword energy invitation was sent out, many terrifying auras instantly rose up.

All the Gold Family experts sensed Li Xiandao’s invitation and woke up. They were all really solemn.




Many terrifying auras swept the sky.

This whole giant mountain range was the Gold Family’s territory and there were many seniors and elders hidden within.

Now, all of them walked out along with the Gold Family chief.

Mr. Mule and the others waited at the entrance of the mountain range but they didn’t enter. After all, they were greeting them and also had Li Xiandao’s invitation, so they couldn’t disrespect Li Xiandao.

“Hahaha, a happy magpie was chirping in the morning and I knew that something good was going to happen. As expected, my son-in-law is here to ask for marriage.” A loud laughter spread forth first before the person arrived.

This laughter delighted Mr. Mule.

He was a son-in-law just like that?

Feng Longque’s body went soft and she nearly collapsed. It was as if she had been struck by lightning and she looked at her father in disbelief.

Feng Jiuer was not surprised and said calmly, “Call me big sister!”

Feng Longque felt like she had been stabbed in the heart with a sword!

“Father-in-law!!!!” In the next second, Mr. Mule shouted and caused Feng Longque to black out.

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