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«Astral Pet Store (Web Novel) - Chapter 1137 Rebirth of the Old Monster

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Chapter 1137 Rebirth of the Old Monster

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“I just inherited the legacy. According to the ancient deity’s last wish, I have to run an errand for him, so that I could gain control of this residence and his treasures.”

Su Ping said the excuse he had thought of. He then spoke to Shen Huang, “Master, I cannot carry out the task alone; I hope you can help me.”

“Of course.” Shen Huang readily accepted, not bothered that Su Ping wasn’t using a courteous title.

Su Ping was already a Celestial State peer; he didn’t really care about manners anymore.

“Master, wait for me there,” said Su Ping telepathically. He then sent the coordinates of the spot in the extension of the ancient tree’s root to Shen Huang. “I’ll be there soon.”

“But if we both go, what about your residence…” Shen Huang frowned, and thought that Su Ping was too young and overly confident. He didn’t think it was wise for the latter to have publicly said he was going for an errand, or why he was doing it.

Everybody learned that Su Ping had yet to acquire the treasures in the residence, and that he only inherited the power.

“It’s all right,” replied Su Ping with confidence via telepathy.

Shen Huang thought for a moment but chose to stay silent, seeing Su Ping’s relaxed attitude.

After all, Su Ping was no longer just a disciple of his; he would have lectured him in the past. He had to carefully consider the relationship between them at that moment. They had been master and disciple for only a few years; most of his other disciples had been with him for tens of thousands of years. The other Celestials were confused when they saw Shen Huang leave. Su Ping said, “I’m off to do that errand. Please watch over my residence for now; I will open it and release your disciples when I come back.”

Su Ping then teleported himself back into the ancient tree’s root through the Hollow Array.

Then, Su Ping rushed along the root and soon reached its end, which was already in the deep space beyond the residence.

Black light flashed on Su Ping’s body; the old man appeared and examined the darkness carefully. Soon, he said, “That’s right. Your master is already outside.”


Su Ping was relieved.

The old man instantly opened the channel for Su Ping and reminded him, “There are chaos-based laws and disruptive power outside. It’s difficult for you to survive there; you’d better ask the cauldron to look out for you, or you may get exposed easily.” “I would do that even if you didn’t say anything,” said the cauldron woman with a snort in Su Ping’s body.

The old man didn’t say anything else; he entered Su Ping’s small world as a wisp of smoke.

Su Ping was quite solemn; he knew the real life-and-death test was about to begin. He took a deep breath and walked out of the teleportation array; he felt that a power surged out of his second small world and enshrouded him the moment he stepped out. Su Ping then saw his master waiting for him in the deep space.

Shen Huang’s eyes glittered when he saw his disciple safely standing in that environment. He nodded and said, “You’re here. How did you pick this place with such ease?”. “This place…”

Su Ping was about to say something—the residence behind him suddenly started to tremble, and a furious roar resounded. “Who did this? Which son of a bitch did this?”

He sounded extremely furious, and somehow familiar. Su Ping suddenly remembered it was Lin Xiu’s voice, whom he had annihilated.

Is the man not dead yet?

Also, his voice carried all the way here?


oar ca

Shen Huang also heard the roar and was slightly stunned by it. The roar came from the ruins, which were protected by the barrier; even the Celestials would have difficult to send their voices into the ruins; they certainly couldn’t shout as loudly.

They would’ve explored the ruins with echo devices if their voices could enter the residence.

Lin Xiu isn’t dead? How is it possible? Could it be… Su Ping thought quickly, and his heart pounded when he came up with a terrible speculation. Did Lin Xiu somehow pass the second test, sneak to that place, and end up being possessed by Old Monster Ye?

Otherwise, he couldn’t have uttered such a loud voice with a mere Star Lord cultivation!

Su Ping confirmed his theory as he felt the anxious urge from the old man and the cauldron in his second small world. He quickly said, “Master, there’s not enough time. Let’s get out of here.”

Shen Huang seemed puzzled; he looked at Su Ping thoughtfully and said, “If you’re in any

my best to help you. I placed my hopes on Qianhou earlier because I wanted to protect you; I hope you can understand me.”

“There’s a great devil being suppressed inside; I must accomplish the task right now to figure out a way to keep him suppressed,” said Su Ping quickly. He didn’t care about his master’s explanation anymore.

It was impossible for his master to make up for what he did anyway.

Shen Huang’s eyes glittered. He asked, “What’s this devil’s level?”

“Celestial State.”

“Then why don’t you open the residence? We’ll kill him together,” suggested Shen Huang.

Su Ping said with a bitter smile, “The devil is too ferocious; I fear he might kill someone at the cost of his own life.”

“You underestimate Celestial experts; nobody can escape or kill any of us if all the twelve of us work together,” said Shen Huang peacefully.

Su Ping slightly changed his expression; he realized that his master had noticed the flaw in his excuse and figured out he was in a rush to leave that place.


Su Ping took a deep breath and stared at Shen Huang. It was the first time he had stared at a Celestial expert as a man of equal status. “Do you trust me? If you do, please come with me!”

The expert’s expression grew thoughtful as he gazed at Su Ping for a moment. In the end, he gave a slight nod and said, “Fine, I’ll go with you, no matter where you’re headed!” Su Ping felt relieved, “Sir, I’m eternally in your debt!”

Shen Huang put on a smile. “One day a master, always a master. Let’s go. Where to?”

“To Rhea, in the Celestial Court,” said Su Ping. He stopped using excuses, since everything had reached that point.

It was no longer necessary to cover things up. His master had realized that his previous claims were untrue; he wouldn’t be safe until he returned to his store.

Shen Huang’s eyes glittered. He nodded, no longer pressing for answers.

He opened a teleportation channel in the void and stepped in; Su Ping trailed behind.

Hardly had they left when a man with unkempt hair dashed out of the residence. It was none other than Lin Xiu whom Su Ping had killed earlier.

The shabby man’s eyes were full of brutality and ferocity when he saw the Celestial experts outside the residence.

Those Celestial State experts were considering whether or not they should just break in and look for treasures, since Su Ping and Shen Huang were gone; some thought that Su Ping had purposefully lured them to do that. So, they were still giving it a thought.

When Lin Xiu appeared out of nowhere-one of the Celestial experts was both stunned and delighted. “Lin Xiu, is that you? Tell me what happened. Did Su Ping claim the legacy?” “Su Ping? The legacy?”

Lin Xiu felt dazed. Then, his bloodshot eyes emitted a dangerous vibe that didn’t belong to the previous Lin Xiu; however, he lowered his eyes and covered up the effect.

So, that brat did all this!

place? I will surely erase your consciousnesses and refine you when I catch you! ‘Lin Xiu’ roared crazily in his heart.

But his expression was back to normal when he raised his head. He said calmly, “Master, I have the legacy; I’ve passed the test. Why do you think that brat claimed the legacy?”


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