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«Astral Pet Store (Web Novel) - Chapter 842: The Four Best Academies

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Chapter 842: The Four Best Academies

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“The Universe Geniuses’ Contest has begun…” a Star State warrior mumbled.

The others looked at the profound universe above their heads in shock.

“It sounds like Supreme Mu Shen’s voice…”

“Is Supreme Mu Shen going to supervise this contest again? This is the power of the Celestial State…” said someone earnestly.

Su Ping was stunned for a moment upon hearing the unexpected voice and the whispers of the guys nearby. Was the person speaking a Celestial?

The man could compare to the four Superior Gods in the Demigod Burial!

Even Joanna’s original self was much weaker than him!

“The power of the Celestial State is truly immeasurable. They can spread their voices to the entire universe…” Xingyue Shen’er mumbled to herself, as it was her goal.

The Ascendant State?

For her, it was a step that she would reach sooner or later.

The Celestial State was the level she was really passionate about and was craving to reach.

However, she knew that the level was too far away; countless geniuses were born every year, but there might not be anyone in the Celestial State in a thousand years!

Any Celestial was a God of War in the Federation. They represented the greatest power!

They were valued just like the nuclear weapons human beings had when all of them used to live on the Blue Planet.

Those in the Celestial State were the nuclear weapons among battle pet warriors; they had the power to destroy everything!

“I wonder what kind of prodigies will emerge in the Universe Geniuses’ Contest.”

“The man we saw in the divine residence will surely participate and reach a high ranking.”

“Not necessarily. He might have been killed by the monsters back there.”

“It’s hard to say. Such geniuses definitely have lifesaving treasures. I don’t believe that there aren’t Ascendant State bigshots backing him.”

“Too bad we can’t participate again. I was only in the Fate State when I participated… I only made it to the top ten thousand in my region,” remarked Shennong’s Three Punches.

All the others were shocked to hear that.

“Top ten thousand? That’s so awesome!”

“There are hundreds of galaxies in each region, yet you were able to make it to the top ten thousand. No wonder you can reach the peak of the Star State!”

“Speaking of which, Brother Heaven Destroyer’s ranking must have been higher when he participated in the Universe Geniuses’ Contest, right?” asked Father Time curiously.

All heads instantly turned to look at Su Ping, who had shown a peak Star State performance back in the divine residence; he was one of the best Star State cultivators in the entire Federation.

It would be impossible for them to believe that Su Ping was unknown when he was in the Fate State.

“When I participated?”

Su Ping was stunned for a moment. After seeing everybody’s expressions, he said with a bitter smile, “I haven’t participated in that contest yet. What are the rewards if I win?”

“The rewards?”

Everybody was astounded.

Even Xingyue Shen’er raised her eyebrows and looked at Su Ping.

He seemed truly ignorant of the matter; there was no need for him to play dumb.

Playing dumb would be demeaning for someone as strong as him.

“Brother Heaven Destroyer has never participated in a Universe Geniuses’ Contest? Did you miss it because you were training in seclusion?” Everybody was surprised to find he had yet to participate; they were very much aware of the gala and its rewards!

“Brother Heaven Destroyer is truly unlike us; he didn’t even bother to participate in the contest. There are actually a lot of rewards. First of all, publicity; if you win a high ranking, such as Senior Three Punches, you may be appreciated by the lord of a star region…”

“All the lords of star regions are Ascendant State experts!” someone in the Star State remarked with envy.

The others nodded. Being distinguished and appreciated by an Ascendant equated to a promising future. The odds of becoming a Star Lord would be much higher if recruited as a disciple!

“The appreciation of the lord of a star region?” Su Ping asked curiously, “What if I get a higher ranking? For example, the championship?”

“The championship?”

Someone looked at Su Ping and explained, “If you win the championship of a star region, you will most likely be recruited by the lord of said star region as a disciple. You can easily reach the Star State and become a Star Lord with the enlightenment of an Ascendant State expert.”

“That is correct.”

The others nodded.

Seeing that he was being misunderstood, Su Ping could only say, “What if I get the final championship?”

“The final championship?”

Everybody looked at Su Ping with surprised faces.

He even dares to dream that far?

The final championship? That was a contest of all the geniuses throughout the universe!

To win the final championship meant to be the strongest below the Star State in the entire universe!

All the contestants were the top geniuses that had been picked in every star region. There were a huge number of them!

To be distinguished amongst the top geniuses and win the championship was a billion times harder than winning the lottery!

Xingyue Shen’er, however, raised her eyebrows and looked at Su Ping in appreciation. She liked his ambition; every person should aim to become the champion!

It was another matter whether or not they could achieve it, but they should start by wanting it!

If they didn’t dare to dream about it, they would never achieve it.

If you didn’t want it but accidentally made it, that would only be because you were lucky!

“The final championship has great benefits,” said Xingyue Shen’er. “For starters, you can learn under a Celestial State expert as one of their core disciples!

“Celestial experts never recruit disciples easily. If you’re taken as a disciple, it would mean that all your senior brothers and sisters would be Ascendants!

“Even the weakest among them will be the super Star Lords!

“All of them will become your new connections!

“Secondly, as a prize for the top ten, you will have a chance to enter an SSS mysterious realm of the Federation where you can peep into the secrets of the Ascendant State. That’s why at least two or three of the top ten in each Universe Geniuses’ Contest have reached the Ascendant State!

“The odds are already extremely high. The birth of an Ascendant State cultivator is one in a trillionth. Only one of them emerges in hundreds of galaxies!

“However, the odds of the birth of an Ascendant are at least one fifth for the top ten!

“Of course, only the super geniuses are able to make it to the top ten; they have already been filtered in the first place.

“Aside from that, if you make it to the top ten, you will receive offers from countless organizations. In short, you will have a Celestial as your master, and all kinds of training resources at your disposal. All you would need to do from then on is to cultivate and bring out your potential.”

Su Ping was definitely shocked.

An SSS mysterious realm?

Secrets of the Ascendant State?

He was definitely tempted.

Although he wasn’t even a Fate State warrior, he knew he would embark on the journey to the Ascendant State sooner or later!

It was very hard to reach the Ascendant State. Even Joanna who had fought for years in the Demigod Burial had been in a plateau, unable to make further progress!

The higher one was, the harder it was for them to advance.

However, he had a chance to peep into the secrets of the Ascendant State. That was definitely a great benefit!

“The only requirement to participate in the contest is being below the Star State, right?” asked Su Ping.

Xingyue Shen’er said without thinking, “Yes, your cultivation has to be below the Star State. There are always idiots who try to hide their cultivation to enter. All of them are detected in the end, and punished harshly!”

Su Ping nodded. He was authentically below the Star State; there was no need to worry about that.

“I’d like to participate. Maybe I can make it to the top ten in the finals,” said Su Ping with a smile.

He knew there were plenty of geniuses in the Federation; the purple-robed young man back in the divine residence was exactly one of them. He didn’t know how many guys out there were stronger than him, and he wasn’t confident of making it to the top ten. However, the rewards were tempting enough for him to try.

“You want to participate?”

Everybody’s mouths were wide open due to shock after hearing what Su Ping had said.

After some seconds passed, someone finally said, “Brother Heaven Destroyer, the Universe Geniuses’ Contest is reserved for those under the Star State. As the leader said, no disguise is good enough. That is particularly true during the finals, since several Celestials will be there to watch the fights. Nothing escapes their eyes.”

“Indeed, you’d better not take the risk, Brother Heaven Destroyer.”

The others quickly persuaded him. They saw that Su Ping was quite tempted by the rewards, which was understandable. But they didn’t even dare to dream about making it to the top ten in the finals, not to mention that their level had surpassed the entrance requirement.

Nobody would dare to cheat under the noses of Celestial State referees. It was impossible!

Xingyue Shen’er frowned and looked at Su Ping in confusion.

Seeing their reaction, Su Ping knew that he would be exposed sooner or later if he was to participate in the contest. He said, “Who says I’m cheating? My level meets the requirements perfectly.”


Everybody was stunned and silent for several seconds.

They stared at each other in confusion.

After processing what he had said, they gasped and widened their eyes. Father Time said with a trembling voice, “B-Brother Heaven Destroyer, you’re saying that your level meets the requirement perfectly? Does it mean…”

“You’re not hiding your level?” The nearby Xingyue Shen’er also realized what was going on. Even she lost her cool.

She had never detected a higher cultivation than the Void State from Su Ping, so she was the first one who thought of the reason.

The only reason she couldn’t see through Su Ping’s disguise was because that was his actual level!

How could she see through any disguise if there wasn’t any?

Xingyue Shen’er felt a bit dazed after thinking it through; her deputy appeared to be similarly shocked.

This young man is only in the Void State?

All of them had seen him display his strength in the divine residence earlier on. He was as good as any peak Star State warrior!

The purple-robed young man who had crushed many Star State opponents while being a Fate State cultivator was already astonishing enough.

And yet, he was defeated by Su Ping, who turned out to be a level lower than him?

What kind of monster was he?

Everybody’s mouths were on the floor as they looked at Su Ping in shock after realizing the truth.

Our revered “Brother Heaven Destroyer” is only in the Void State?

It doesn’t make any sense!

O’Neil, however, felt that his ears were ringing and his head was humming.

Void State… Void State…

Those words were being repeated over and over in his head. At the same time, he remembered Su Ping’s store; he knew that the young man was not just a battle pet warrior but also a grandmaster trainer!

He would have accepted it if Su Ping were someone who had lived countless years at the peak of the Star State, but how old could a Void State warrior be?

Besides, Su Ping’s combat ability was horrifying and unbelievable!

Not only did he have such extraordinary fighting skills, he also had time to work as a grandmaster trainer!

Am I dreaming?

O’Neil was stupefied, as if hit by lightning.

The silence was finally broken several minutes later. Xingyue Shen’er gazed at Su Ping and asked, “Do you mean it? Are you really in the Void State?”

Although she had reached such a conclusion on her own, she still found it hard to accept the fact.

Even though she was a genius, she wasn’t as strong as Su Ping when she had been in the Void State; the best she had been able to manage was to fight mid-phase Star State experts, which had already made her feel proud.

After all, there was an Ascendant State member in her family!

That was the best she had been able to do thanks to his teachings, and she was among the best juniors from Ascendant State families.

“Yes…” Su Ping was rather helpless. I’ve never kept it a secret from you. Did you never realize this?

Everybody fell silent again upon seeing him nodding.

They felt as if a storm were raging in their heads; they needed more time to process the shocking news.

Su Ping coughed to break the silence. “Well, feel free to look around. I’m planning to train in seclusion. Right, do you know where I should go to sign up for the Universe Geniuses’ Contest?”

Xingyue Shen’er came back to her senses and said, “You don’t need to sign up. I’ll take you to an academy and sign you up there, so that you won’t need to go through the elimination phase.”


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