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«Astral Pet Store (Web Novel) - Chapter 1207: Looting

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Chapter 1207: Looting

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Shivalello realized what was going on. He quickly said, “I’ll make arrangements immediately. Please come to the Superior Temple with us first; I’ll ask all the people about to pass Heavenly Tribulations to hold for us.”

Su Ping nodded.

Heather instantly waved a hand, and a twisting vortex appeared; it covered Su Ping and Joanna, taking them to the Superior Temple with the three Celestial State experts.

Su Ping and Joanna remained silent from then on, considering their previous conflict. Shivalello and the others looked at each other; none of them dared to break the ice, fearing that they would provoke Su Ping again.

It was true that they didn’t really think much of Su Ping in their first meeting, but this time, they considered him an equal. Leaving aside his mysterious backer, Su Ping’s own potential was already shocking enough.

They reached the Superior Palace soon after.

Shivalello summoned an Ascendant guard upon their arrival and issued orders, all to summon all those in the Demigod Burial about to pass a tribulation.

Of course, rewards were promised. They would attend either way since it was a Superior God’s decree, but it would be an additional motivation.

Shillavelo was dead set on improving their image in Su Ping’s heart, so he offered enticing compensations. Su Ping had previously consumed one of Heather’s valuable trees; it was time for the rest of the Superior Gods to do something.

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“Guys, please wait a moment in the temple,” said Shivalello with a smile.


Su Ping nodded.

Heather suddenly said, “I don’t have anything else to do right now, so I’ll go out and look for candidates; I’ll bring them right away if I find any. You don’t have any requirements on the kind of tribulation taker, right?”


“That’s good.” Heather instantly bid goodbye to Su Ping and left in a hurry.

Avril and Eborr looked at each other, not expecting Heather to be as motivated.

After looking at the other Superior Gods, Su Ping thought for a moment and said, “Heather previously offered me a valuable tree, hoping I could help in bringing this lost land back to the Archean Divinity…”


Shivalello and the others were all stunned for a moment upon hearing that. They instantly pricked their ears and looked at Su Ping hopefully.

“But that’s just Heather’s wish. What do you think?” asked Su Ping, even if he knew the answer.

Joanna glanced at Su Ping, while keeping an indifferent expression; her lips curled, though.



Dazed for a moment, Shivalello quickly answered, “Of course, we hope that we can return to our homeland as soon as possible.”

Avril and Eborr also nodded sincerely.

“Is that so? I don’t think you’re sincere enough,” said Su Ping casually, stressing the word “sincere.”


The trio finally understood. They also realized why Heather had left in a hurry; she probably feared that Su Ping would ask for something else from her.


Still, they had already seen it coming; none of them expected Su Ping to help them for free. As their representative, Shivalello said, “What do you need, Mr. Su? We’ll try our best to comply.”

Su Ping shook his head. “I don’t need anything.”


The three of them were dazed. The puzzled Shivalello observed Su Ping’s expression carefully, then he looked at Joanna, hoping she would drop a hint. The vague smile on her face was a dead giveaway.

When he said he didn’t need anything, it meant he wanted everything!

The guy is truly greedy!

Shivalello and the others quickly exchanged their thoughts. Then, he said, “Mr. Su, your body allows you to have Gods of Rules’ pets; how about we capture a few top pets for you?”

“I can provide ancient body techniques for you, Mr. Su,” Eborr also said.

Avril added, “I have some ancient recipes and medicines able to further polish your body and help you reach higher levels, Mr. Su.”

Su Ping’s expression remained the same. “There’s no need to catch pets for me; I already have my own. However, they do need your help.

“As for the ancient body techniques and medicine, I don’t mind taking a look.”

Relieved, Eborr said, “That’s not a problem. I’ve collected a lot of top body techniques; feel free to read them whenever you want to.”

Su Ping simply raised a hand to summon the Little Skeleton, the Inferno Dragon, the Dark Dragon Hound and his other pets. Then he said, “These are all my pets. What kind of help do you think they need?”


Shivalello and the others observed Su Ping’s pets in surprise; all of them carried humble bloodlines. Su Ping could have replaced them with much better pets considering his power and combat prowess.


They soon noticed that something was off. His pets seemed unremarkable, but all of them were freely looking around, unfazed by the Superior Gods’ presence.


Such low-level pets should have collapsed and squirmed in fear because of the pressure.

There’s more energy in those pets than what is usual at their level… This surprised the godly trio, as such an occurrence was only seen on ultimate pets; it seemed that there was a reason why Su Ping kept them.

“I have an ancient dragon crystal which can help improve dragon bloodlines. I can help improve your dragon pets, Mr. Su,” said Eborr.

Shivalello said, “I can help in training them and improve their levels.”

“Me too.” Avril also showed her attitude.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He clearly knew that those offers weren’t generous enough. After thinking for a moment, he said, “I wonder if I can take a look at your treasuries. Maybe I can find something useful.”

They looked at each other in bewilderment; of course, they didn’t want an outsider to enter their treasuries.

Still, there was nothing they could say about Su Ping’s proposal. Negotiations would fall through if they were to turn him down and piss him again; it was unlikely that they could resume them later.


After discussing for a moment, Shivalello nodded and said, “Sure. No problem.”

Su Ping’s request wasn’t too outrageous. After all, he was only going to look for things his pets needed; satisfying his needs wouldn’t be difficult.


“Huh. Mr. Su, this pet of yours…”

Avril had just noticed the young Chaos Beast that had transformed into a plump boy. There was astonishment in her eyes. “I think it carries the aura of chaos.”

Shivalello and Eborr narrowed their eyes and gave the pet a look.

The young Chaos Beast glared back at them with fearless eyes. However, it moved closer to Su Ping and clung to his thigh.

“That’s right. It’s the ancient Chaos Beast; have you ever heard about it?” Su Ping wasn’t planning on hiding it; he wanted to intimidate them, so that they wouldn’t dare hide their stuff.

“The Chaos Beast?!” Shivalello and the others all exclaimed in shock. This little thing is the legendary Chaos Beast?

Such a creature was invincible even in the primordial times. It was the strongest among all living creatures, a truly ferocious beast.

Su Ping gave an order and the young pet displayed its aura in full. The concealing technique imparted by the Chaos Perception Dragon allowed it to hide even from Celestials.

Very soon, the aura of chaos pervaded the Superior Temple like the fragrance of fruits.

The three Superior Gods were breathing heavily.

That was the aura of chaos!

The authentic aura of chaos!

Gods were very proud, and always looked down upon all the other species, except for ancient beings born from chaos.

That was godly faith!

Just as mortals believed in gods and deities!

“You even have a Chaos Beast…” They couldn’t take their eyes away. Their hearts were racing; they would have killed Su Ping to snatch the young beast if not for his mysterious backer!

They recalled all the facts about the Chaos Beast, eyes bloodshot and breathing heavily.

Su Ping didn’t disturb them, simply waiting for them to calm down.

The three Superior Gods finally regained control of their feelings until a long time passed; they looked at Su Ping with conflicted expressions. The Chaos Beast alone would exceed them sooner or later. Su Ping would surely become intimidating in the future!

Such a pet could feed on God Emperors when it reached adulthood!

“Let’s have a look at your treasuries when you’re ready,” Su Ping reminded them.

They gradually withdrew their gazes. Shivalello remained silent, holding back his greed while glancing at the young Chaos Beast clinging to Su Ping’s leg. “Let’s go to my place first.”

He waved a fist, making fog appear in midair with a gate further within.

Shivalello approached the gate and opened it, showing a brilliant world.

Su Ping wasn’t the least bit courteous, simply asking all his pets to follow along.

The treasury beyond the gate seemed to be a vast world.

There was a blue sea and a blue sky. Countless treasures and infinite wealth had been piled on the mountains; there were also scrolls flying in the sky.

Stone giants as tall as hills were walking around; short and beautiful elves were also found there.

All those creatures noticed their arrival. A burst of glittering light immediately appeared before the group, which condensed into an elf with an alluring body figure. As tall as a normal human being, she had a mature and seductive presence.

“Lord Superior God.”

The beautiful elf acted humbly as she offered a respectful bow.

Shivalello said, “I…”

“You wouldn’t mind if my pets took a look around on their own, would you?” asked Su Ping.

Dazed for a moment, Shivalello said with a smile, “Of course not; feel free to take anything.”

“Great.” Su Ping instantly asked his pets to disperse and look for things they needed.

In any case, Su Ping would move the Demigod Burial back to the Archean Divinity for Joanna’s sake; might as well take advantage of the Superior Gods while he could.


The Dark Dragon Hound barked excitedly after hearing Su Ping’s indications, then ran towards one of the mountains with the seemingly shy Vast Sky Thunderous Dragon.

The Inferno Dragon had also been influenced by the Dark Dragon Hound’s shameless attitude with their long time interacting. It turned into a grinning eight-year-old boy with red hair who then ran towards the plain where countless treasures were placed. There also seemed to be gardens beyond those treasures.

The Little Skeleton dashed forward in silence, quickly disappearing from Su Ping’s sight.

“My lord, this…” The beautiful elf was dumbfounded as she saw the dirty beasts scurrying about. She wanted to stop them, but Su Ping clearly had a special identity; otherwise, her lord wouldn’t have let them.

Nevertheless, it was intolerable for her to see the treasury she had spent so much time organizing be messed up by those beasts.

Shivalello waved a hand. “It’s fine.”

Joanna put on a smile.


Ten minutes later—

Shivalello could no longer remain calm. He coughed and looked at Su Ping, only to discover that the latter was watching his pets jump up and down among the treasures with great interest.

The god could only endure it. He then happened to see a dog flying in the sky with a purple-golden vine in its mouth. There was also mud on one of the vine’s ends, clearly showing it had just been uprooted.

My Pure Bloody Lightning Vine! Shivalello exclaimed in his heart.

I wenty minutes after—the smile on Shivalello’s face was gone. He was unconsciously clenching his fists.

Thirty minutes later—he gritted his teeth with a sour expression.

An hour later…

Shivalello was shivering, having trouble standing; he seemed to be ready to fall at any time.

As for the beautiful elf servant, her face was completely dim, with tears all over her face.

The stone giants and the smaller elves in the treasury were all dazed, their souls seemingly having left their bodies.

“Good enough. Come back,” said Su Ping, once he noticed that his pets couldn’t find anything else.

The pets were chewing on stuff, while clutching secret treasures and strange crystals; their small worlds were filled with glittering items too.

Su Ping turned around and said to Shivalello,”Thank you for your generosity.”


The latter instantly felt relieved. He managed a smile and said, “That’s nothing; I’m glad your pets found useful things.”

Su Ping nodded quickly, then asked his pets to organize their loot. They left Shivalello’s treasury a while after. Eborr and Avril were waiting outside, as neither of the two had presumptuously entered the place; after all, their treasuries were private matters.

“Which one of you goes first?” Su Ping winked and asked.

Eborr said with a smile, “Ladies first is always offered, but I think I should go first this time.”


Avril watched Su Ping follow Eborr into his treasury, then found that Shivalello’s face looked somewhat off. He looked exhausted, seemingly having just gone through a great battle.



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