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Chapter 340: Operation (1)

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Zhou Jing broke in with ill intentions. This commotion quickly alarmed most of the He Residence.

There was a flurry of footsteps all around. The servants and guards in the residence put down what they were doing and rushed over.

In an instant, the front yard was filled with people. They formed a circle, and in the middle was a burly man with messy hair standing alone in the courtyard.

Seeing that it was only Zhou Jing, the many servants who had rushed over were surprised and in disbelief.

How many years had it been since someone dared to break into the He family’s residence? And it was only one person!

No way, was there really someone in this world who was tired of living?

Many servants were puzzled, but the nervousness they felt just now relaxed. They felt that this man who barged in alone was really ridiculous. He was probably a muddle-headed person.

At this moment, the butler of the He family walked out, but he did not dare to get too close to the fierce man with the weapon.

“Who are you, strong man?”

Zhou Jing glanced at him from the corner of his eye as he shouted loudly,

“Listen up, your grandfather’s name is Chen Feng! I specially came to visit your residence today to take the lives of a wealthy family like you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, many servants whispered to each other in surprise.

“Chen Feng? The outlaw with the title of Death Beckoning Yama King?”

“I’ve heard of him too. He’s the fierce person who committed the crime in the Wu Family Village, right?”

Over the past few days, the matter of the Wu Village had fermented, and the matter of Death Beckoning Yama King to die had spread throughout the city.

Because they were all in the territory of Jingzhou, many people in An Lin’s residence had also heard of this name. However, they only treated it as a topic of conversation after dinner.

No one expected this legendary ferocious person to actually barge in without any warning!

However, the many servants were not afraid. The impression that the He family was powerful had long been deeply rooted. Moreover, the enemy was only one person, but they had hundreds of people on their side, including many outstanding guards. There was no need to worry no matter how they looked at it.

When the Butler of the He family heard this, he said angrily, “So you’re a powerful person who committed a crime. You trespassed into my He family and still dare to boast shamelessly. You’re really courting death! Why don’t you ask around who the He family is!”

Zhou Jing hefted his spear as he snorted,

“Hmph, you’ve occupied the state capital for many years. You’ve bullied the citizens and committed evil. The local people and the merchants have all been exploited by you! You’ve colluded with the government and done some low-quality deeds. If anyone reports it to the officials, you’ll set up a trap and take revenge.

You’ve also bought food at low prices all year round, hoarded it, and forced the price of food high. You’ve even secretly instructed the ruffians to help you bully the people and occupy territory… When I see a tyrant like you, I’ll kill!”

His words were powerful, but he deliberately did so in order to cause a commotion.

The commotion here had already alarmed the street. Many of the nearby citizens had gathered outside the door and formed a circle, craning their necks to see the commotion in the He family.

Naturally, when the surrounding people heard this, they cheered in their hearts, but they did not dare to shout it out.

The four noble families were deeply intertwined and had been operating in the state capital for many years. The people in the city had long known that these noble families were rich and heartless, but they could not do anything to these rich families and did not dare to provoke them. They could only curse in private when they heard that the four noble families had done new evil things.

It was unknown how many people in the state capital were looking forward to the He Residence getting into trouble every day. Now that someone was looking for them to create trouble, many people could not help but feel happy.

However, when they realized that it was only Zhou Jing, many of the citizens were shocked. They felt that this person was simply too bold.

“It’s over. The He family is powerful. He’s only one warrior. How can he be a match for them?”

“He’s a good man, but too reckless. Aren’t you just courting death by coming here alone?”

The surrounding citizens whispered to each other, causing a commotion. They could not help but sigh in pity.

Although they admired Zhou Jing’s courage, many citizens did not dare to praise his rash actions.

Many of the He family servants did not react and even sneered in disapproval.

At this moment, a few middle-aged men in luxurious clothes finally walked out of the residence. They stood on the steps and looked at Zhou Jing in the courtyard.

The He family was a large family clan. These few people were all important figures in the He family. They were in charge of different matters or the branches of the family.

Soon, one of the middle-aged men with a goatee took a step forward, his face full of indifference,

“Where did this busybody come from? He’s just another ‘Guo Haishen’. Even that person doesn’t dare to come knocking on the door. I didn’t expect to meet a rash person like you.

Since this person came to harm people, he has violated the laws of the Imperial Court. What else is there to say… Since the Old Master is not around, I will give the orders in the family. Listen to my orders and seize this madman to hand him over to the authorities.”

The servants agreed and were about to surround him.

At this moment, a burly guard took a spear from the weapon rack and stepped out of the crowd.

“Why do we need so many people to attack? I alone am enough! Watch me take down this madman!”

This guard’s surname was Zhao, and he possessed good spear techniques. He was quite famous in the residence and was considered an expert. However, he was a gambler. He stood out now because he wanted to take this opportunity to contribute to the He Residence and ask for some rewards.

Many of the servants knew his ability, so when they heard this, they stopped in their tracks and surrounded him. They only cheered and flattered him.

Guard Zhao stood in front of Zhou Jing, the spear in his hand shaking as he shouted, “Infidel, come forward and die!”

Seeing that most of the servants had been attracted over, Zhou Jing finally stopped shouting.

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