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«Armipotent-Novel (Web Novel) - Chapter 932 Space Elemental Power

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Chapter 932 Space Elemental Power

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The low-rank zombies were burned into the dust by the black fire. The millions of zombie armies were reduced to hundreds within less than two minutes. The fire burned buildings and kept spreading out.

Tang Shaoyang activated his Spirit Vision and checked on the Immortal Dynasty’s army. He saw hundreds of zombies with wings in the air. They were safe from the reach of the black fire while the zombies on the ground formed a barrier to protect them from the black fire.

”You look upset? I thought you were happy that I came alone?” Tang Shaoyang looked at the purple-skinned zombie with a wide smile, mocking the latter. He was in the pose, holding down the battle-ax and the greatsword on his shoulder.

Veins bulged all over Di’s body. Veins started to resurface on his purple skin, and his eyes turned blood red as he stared straight at Tang Shaoyang. He sensed the connection with millions of zombies suddenly cut off, meaning he lost millions of subordinates with just a single skill from Tang Shaoyang. The army he had cultivated and worked up disappeared just like that.

Tang Shaoyang’s smile disappeared as his voice turned deeper, “But that’s not enough. That’s not enough until I kill you all. This is the price for killing my people!”

A giant shadow loomed over Tang Shaoyang as two Giants with three pairs of hands tried to launch a sneak attack on him. He spun around and brought the sword and battle-ax toward the giant in the air. The Spirit Vision perfectly spotted them, and his weapons sliced the two Giants into pieces. As the chunks fell on the ground, the black fire swallowed the pieces of meat.

”Attack together!” Zombie Emperor Di yelled.

Hundreds of Winge dove into Tang Shaoyang, but he used his Elemental Manipulation, creating dozens of tornadoes made of wind blades. It was as if the zombies walked into the meat grinder, and the tornado cut them into pieces as soon as they reached the tornado’s range.

At the same time, Tang Shaoyang used Attribute Shift, maxing his Agility, and dashed toward the Zombie Emperor. His speed with the Dragon Transformation with maximum Agility was barely seen by the Zombie Emperor. Tang Shaoyang passed the Zombie Emperor’s guards within the blink of an eye, standing in front of Zombie Emperor Di. He raised the Titan Blade and swung it down to the Zombie Emperor’s head.

Once more, Lue became a nuisance for Tang Shaoyang. She appeared between him and the Zombie Emperor. She used the same black hole skill. At the same time, she launched a strong kick backward, sending Zombie Emperor Di away from them.

Tang Shaoyang expected this move and activated [Mana Breaker]. The black giant sword glowed in blue and crushed into the black hole. The black hole split open instead of repelling the sword, catching the female zombie off guard. She prepared to defend against the battle-ax, thinking she blocked the sword. However, the sword split the black hole and went through toward her body.

Lue ducked to the right, but the sword still reached her shoulder, cutting through one-fifth of her body and also losing her left hand. Tang Shaoyang was about to finish her, but a giant shadow loomed over him from the back. The female zombie took the chance and leaped backward while Tang Shaoyang spun his body around.

The eight meters Giant with five pairs of hands was right behind him. The Giant tried to use its lower hands to catch Tang Shaoyang, but the latter created Slayer Blades. Four red blades formed around him, cutting everything that came closer to Tang Shaoyang. The Giant did not stop even though it lost its hand. It tried to hammer Tang Shaoyang with its remaining hands.

At the same time, a zombie with sword hands arrived right on his back. The zombie aimed the sword at Tang Shaoyang’s back, trying to pierce the heart from the back.

”I haven’t tried this, but it’s worth a try,” Tang Shaoyang muttered to himself. He held the battle-ax and the great sword tightly, raising them to the chest level. Then he spun his body along with the weapon. At the same time, he activated [Thousand Blast]. He did not know how the skill worked with two weapons in his hand. In his mind, he was thinking that the [Thousand Blast] was activated on both of his weapons.

The battle-ax moved to the Giant’s lower body while the great sword swung toward the zombie with the sword hand. The exchange blow did not happen as Tang Shaoyang was much faster than the two zombies. His weapons hit them first before their attack could reach him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Giant instantly lost its lower body, and once its upper body fell off, its upper body also disappeared along with the blast. As for the zombie with sword hand, it instantly disappeared when the [Thousand Blast] hit it.

With that, the three strongest zombies under Zombie Emperor Di died. In fact, it was just Tang Shaoyang, Lue, and Di who were around. The black fire had swallowed all the zombie horde, leaving only the strong zombies, but those strong zombies turned into minced meat in the blade wind tornado.

Zombie Emperor Di looked around at the sea of flame. The only connection he had was only Lue. The fury was obvious in its expression as his millions of armies were sent into oblivion. He was about to face Tang Shaoyang, but Lue came next to him, “No! You have to escape. We can’t win against him, Your Majesty!”

”Do you think you can escape from me?” Tang Shaoyang appeared in front of the two. He raised the Titan Blade. Titan Blade from the front, Dragon Destroyer came from the side, and four Slayer Blades came from the backside of the Zombie Emperor.

Lue did not wait for Di to respond as she summoned a black hole right behind Di at the same time. The black hole sucked the Zombie Emperor as the Titan Blade cut through The Zombie Emperor’s waist, “Come back later and avenge us, Your Majesty.” Lue sent off the Zombie Emperor with a smile.

The black hole disappeared along with the upper half of Zombie Emperor Di, leaving behind Lue. [Mana Breaker] was on cooldown, so Tang Shaoyang could not break the black hole. He immediately turned toward Lue, who fell on her knee. The last black hole depleted all her mana, causing her to suffer mana exhaustion.

Tang Shaoyang put his right foot on the woman’s chest, pinning her down on the ground, “Where do you send him to?”

Lue smiled, “I don’t know. But I am sure I send him far far far away from this land. That portal sends him into a random place.” The smile on her face widened, taunting Tang Shaoyang, “Do you think I will send him to a designated place, so you can read my memories? I don’t know if you have a skill that can read minds or not, so I sent him to a place that I don’t know too. If I can’t find him, you will not be able to find him too. I am dead, anyway.”

”Is there such a skill?” Tang Shaoyang muttered to himself. Afraid of getting tricked, he activated the Spirit Vision and scanned the thousands of meters area to ensure the Zombie Emperor was not nearby. He did not find the Zombie Emperor as what he saw was the black fire engulfing the city.

[You must kill the Undead in front of you. She has Space Elemental Power, and it’s dangerous to keep her alive. Space Elemental Power is even rarer than the Light Elemental Power, and since she swore loyalty to the Zombie Emperor Di, it’s too risky to keep her alive even with Yu Shun.] Zaneos reminded Tang Shaoyang in his solemn tone.

”If Space Elemental Power is rarer, shouldn’t we keep her alive?” Tang Shaoyang felt like it was worth it to trust Yu Shun with the matter. “Haven’t Yu Shun done it once with the Stage-9 zombie where he severed their connection with the Zombie Lord?”

[But this is the Zombie Emperor, and she managed to send him to a faraway place. What if he comes back stronger and takes her back from Yu Shun? It’s too risky, in my opinion. Don’t forget, the zombie’s growth is much faster than we thought.]

”Let’s ask Yu Shun’s opinion regarding this issue. If he is confident of keeping her under control, I think it should be fine to keep her alive,” Tang Shaoyang looked at the confused Lue. The female zombie was confused about Tang Shaoyang’s conversation, but she was aware she had a chance to keep her life.

Tang Shaoyang was about to call Aerelion, but he turned around and swung the sword toward Lue. The greatsword cut her into five pieces, but she was still alive with her head intact, “Do you think I will keep you alive?”

Lue’s expression turned grim, and the last thing in her sight was the flat tip of the great sword, crushing into her head.

After killing the last zombie, he put the weapons into his inventory and canceled the Dragon Transformation. He let out a sigh and looked around. The black fire did not subside, “Did I go too far? Why the fire doesn’t disappear?”

[The Realm of Fire] was no longer active, and the fire should disappear. At least, that was what he thought.

[I think so, but why did you change your mind? I thought you were going to keep her for Yu Shun?] The last moment surprised the Demon Swordsman.

”I am afraid that she will recover before we can go back to the main base and escape with that instant portal,” He let out a long sigh, “I just wasted a territory.” With the black fire kept blazing, this territory became inhabitable for humans.

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